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How To Center A DIV Vertically And Horizontally By Valid CSS?

While building web page layouts, you’ve probably been faced with a situation where you should center a div the two horizontally and vertically using pure CSS. There are some ways to accomplish that, and in this tutorial Let me show you my personal favorite involving CSS without addition to jQuery.


The Relation Between Corporate Explainer Videos And “More” Sales!

In today’s competitive world, where companies look to establish dominance; sales play a major role. The more you sell, the more you’ll be in the competition. Darwinian theory, thus holds to be true! While companies give it their all to boost sales using marketing strategies; there is no “perfect” strategy that assures a sure shot […]


Add Confirmation Message Before Publishing A Post In WordPress

We all bloggers are fairly enthusiastic and so want to publish as many articles as you can and at the earliest opportunity. There comes the situation: at one period or other we’re able to have accidentally constrained the “Publish” key and caused this content to go reside even before it really is completed.


Checkout 15 Success Factors For An ECommerce Website – Infograph

A web marketer understands how payments could be the linchpins to the success of your ecommerce endeavor. It is important that checkout processes are made as intuitive and easy as possible. However, there are still many companies that have failed to establish an efficient process. These inefficiencies in turn have been conversion killers. For both […]


How To Encode/Decode Or Encrypt/Decrypt JavaScript Code?

First let me tell you that if you’re a programmer or possibly a web custom who like to design new templates or maybe widgets or maybe whatever and if you’re a programmer who signal in JavaScript then you should read this short article because it will help you to encrypt your own HTML and JavaScript […]


How To Add Codes Or Widgets Below First Post In Blogger?

Blogger is a free blog platform and you can blog anything on it. You are free to edit it anywhere as you want. Many customization is shared on the internet so here we are sharing another that can help you in many way.


Making Money Through User Engagement Points

While getting people to visit your site is an achievement in and of itself, it goes without saying that it takes more than mere visits in order to actually make money. This is especially true for most affiliate programs. Among the factors that determine the success of a campaign are click-thru rates, landing page visits, […]