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3 Things To Remember When You’re Launching An Online Store

Most people, who have never conducted any business online think that e-commerce is simple: launch a new online store, go global and increase your revenues to six figures in no time. Everyone, who has any experience in e-commerce knows that it takes a lot more to be successful in this field than to do the […]


Do You Have What It Takes To Become A CEO? [Infographic View]

What makes a CEO? From educational backgrounds, to work experience, and personality traits this infographic looks at the magic formula that makes a successful CEO. When it comes to education almost all (97%) of CEOs have a bachelor’s degree of some kind, three out of 10 have an MBA and only 2.4% of CEOs have […]


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): Is Completely Accessible And Easily Reached?

Before diving into the intricacies of the Virtual Private Cloud, it is imperative to know what it essentially is. A virtual Private Cloud is very similar to a public cloud where the resources of the cloud are owned and operated by the cloud provider. However, the major difference lies in their accessibility. Public clouds are […]


Ditch Blogging And Get Vlogging! Ten Tips For Starting A Video Blog

Consumers are online, reading and sharing content.  Initially, marketers used text-based blogs to inform and intrigue the masses, but the digital age ushered more resources and associated tools, like video platform YouTube, which turned some amateurs to stars overnight. Ditch blogging and begin casting your shadow upon the digital landscape, originating videos for subsequent uploading […]


Best Websites To Download Free Beautiful Blogger Templates

Blogger is a blogging CMS by Google that is 100% free of cost for everyone and giving its all features also free of cost. Its a best blogging platform for newbies to start their blogging journey. Blogger give nearly all features under user control like other CMS and also provide some default features like Templates.


How To Add Stroke Around Text Using CSS Customization?

As in the era of CSS, every thing can be done by CSS. Now as you know that strokes was only made through Photoshop and other photo editing software but now CSS make it ore easy to do it online. Now you can add strokes around your text using pure CSS only.


How To Add Some HTML/Text In Your WordPress RSS Feed Footer?

WordPress comes with a handy features and Feed is also a common feature in blogging CMS. So visitor cant not open every blog daily so they subscribe there RSS Feed and read all different blogs from there one dashboard or email. That Feed only contain post by default but what if you want to send […]


How To Add “Featured Image” Widget In WordPress Post Editor Sidebar?

If you ever used any premium WordPress theme then you have got this widget in your post editor sidebar as then have already added it into there theme. But if you are designing your own WordPress theme from scratch then you will not get this widget in your WordPress post editor sidebar.