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How To Clear Facebook Photo Verification Lock Perfectly?

Facebook photo verification is the biggest problem in Facebook that is hated by Facebook users. Sometime Facebook block the account without any solid reason and give it biggest hardest verification step that is Facebook Photo Verification.


Add Dynamic Meta Keywords Tags In WordPress Without Plugin?

Keywords are still recommended by some SEO experts for geed and targeted SEO. Many will say not to add them but as you can see that many SEO plugins still have this option. So if you will add them then it will be good to you. In WordPress, you have a lot of option to […]


Custom WordPress SEO Setting For Blogger Migrator Without Plugin

If you don’t want to use any SEO plugin then don’t worry as you can add all SEO manually yourself without any plugin and that will be also automatically dynamic update. This is best if you are a pro blogger or want to be a pro blogger.


Migrated From Blogger? Then Here Is Best .htaccess File For WordPress

Blogger to WordPress migration is not soo easy as you think but if you will go for plugins then it can make it little easy but will make your new WordPress blog soo heavy and less secure. Also it can damage your blog badly but there are many changes that you have to do with […]


Top 5 Best Free Antivirus For Your Computer To Defend From Viruses

Computer virus is a program that is not orientated towards the computer user and its activities don’t serve the investments of computer user. The virus is intended to disturb the work of the computer, degenerate the information put away on the hard circle, make access rights for different users/programmers, gather passwords and forward them, and […]


How To Make An Apps That People Actually Want It?

On the surface, making apps looks easy. After all, these days kids are making apps during after school programs! If kids can create an app in an afternoon, surely you can create The Next Big App within a couple of months, right? Wrong. Oh so very wrong: For one thing, the apps that kids are […]


How To Redirect Blogger Feeds To WordPress Feeds After Migration?

After Migrating from Blogger to WordPress, your thinking is wrong that you migrated all of your blog. You only migrated posts/comments but not the visitors. To get all visitors on your new WordPress blog you have to work hard more as you think.





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    The Comparison Of The Most Popular ECommerce Shopping Carts

    E-commerce platform can make or break your online business. In this article we will present three shopping carts, which are, in our opinion, the best in terms of quality and most competitive in terms of prices....

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    How To Personalize Your ECommerce Site?

    The term “online store personalization” sounds like a name for a fancy technique for advanced developers, but in truth, with the right set of plugins anyone can optimize their online store. In this article we will focus on useful solutions, which you can apply to make your online store more func...

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    ECommerce – What Can Go Wrong And How To Deal With The Problem?

    Even the best online retailers stumble upon difficult to solve problems. If you want to run an online business, you have to be prepared for unexpected and unpleasant events. Most of these situations can be solved, as long as you stay calm and take the necessary steps to deal with the problem. To giv...

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    3 Things To Remember When You’re Launching An Online Store

    Most people, who have never conducted any business online think that e-commerce is simple: launch a new online store, go global and increase your revenues to six figures in no time. Everyone, who has any experience in e-commerce knows that it takes a lot more to be successful in this field than to d...

  • 10-Best-PSD-To-Magento-Services-Providing-Companies-of-2014

    10 Best PSD To Magento Services Providing Companies of 2014

    The bandwagon of using open source shopping carts is blowing up today. Online shopping has reached at the extreme level and thisis the great reason that every business is heading towards it. Magento can be proven the best CMS for your organization, if you desire to provide better user-experience to ...