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Tips To Strengthen Your Mobile Server Against Any Security Breach

As a mobile server provider, data security is an important part of your business. When you take into account all the data that is stored on your server in a virtual format, you will easily realise the fact that loss of such data can cause irreversible damage to your business. Data protection is however not […]

EaseUS Partition Master Pro

All In One PC Drive Partition Software- EaseUS Partition Master Review

EaseUS is a data securing company established in 2004. They are working from their first day to secure there users data and serve what they want at best. Their goal is to move on and secure there users data at all cost for that they took care of 180 countries and still moving forward as […]


Logo Evolution Of Brands – In Infographic View

Every business starts with some thoughts, vision, mission and ethics. There are some motives to be fulfilled behind every business and the prime aim of any business is to spread awareness about their motives. Ultimately people must know why a particular business is in existence, than only they will consider it. Just to make people […]


Rejected By Google Adsense? Don’t Panic

Every newbie bloggers are only aware of Google adsense to monetize their blogs. After hard work of many months and after many tries, they get their adsense account approved. After that, Some of them makes a big mistake of clicking their own ads or exchanging clicks with other bloggers to get more money. By doing […]


What Do People Use Their Smartphones For? – In Infographic View

Hundreds of things can be listed down about how smartphones have changed our lives. A few years ago we used to rant when we had look for someone’s phone number in the yellow pages. Thanks to the internet and handy apps that has made the information available and accessible wherever we are in the world. […]


The Proliferation Of Mobile Apps – In Infographic View

In a short period of time, the word ‘app’ has entered the general lexicon and we often hear the phrase “there’s an app for that” because generally there is. The major growth in the use of phone applications has been in the last half decade as more and more people acquire smartphones and tablets. We […]


Comparing Snapchat And Facebook – In Infographic View

Whoever thought that an app with disappearing images as its main feature would grow to be as popular as it is today? Well that is what happened to Snapchat and its founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. It is definitely an interesting start up story and one that at times closely resembles that of the […]