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How To Lock Your Site/Blog From Being Used In An IFrame?

Now everyone is embedding others site, blog, tool in his site and blog to get visitors that is not his work and also want to earn from that. NOw in real all load is going on your site and he is just earning ads and pageviews.


Latest/Recent Blog Posts Title List For Blogger/Blogspot

In Blogger blog, there are more handy features then WordPress and all of them are easy. As you know that Blogger use XML file to store your blog post so its easy to pic data from there using pure JavaScript. Many are using JQuery but that is not worthy because a work that you can […]


How To Convert Any Image Into Text To Display In Web Page Online?

As in the new era of web designing, the first and most important thing is to keep it speed at top instead of design. Everyone know that "A picture is worth a thousand words" and same for designers also so every designer is using images in there websites. But you know better then an image […]


Top 10 Tips For Using Grids For Good Web Design

Whether you’re using a prebuilt, responsive, grid system based on CSS or simply designing around Photoshop guides, grids provide structure and clarity for your website design. When you use a grid framework, the design process is easier and the resulting websites cleaner. Grids are absolutely crucial to good web design. In this article we will […]


How To Create A Perfect URL Or Link To Share On Facebook?

Ever start to post something to your Facebook page and run into a not-so-great link preview? Sometimes it’s missing an image when you know there are many on the page. Other times the description snippet is old and doesn't accurately reflect the current content. Of course you can edit the title and description if you […]


How To Block Author Scans In WordPress For Hackers?

As you know that WordPress security is so weak that its quite easy for every newbie to break it if you will not do some changes. There are many ways to hack a WordPress blog but most easy way is through login form by entering random password through any script.


How To Build An Affiliate Website That Doesn’t Stuck?

Affiliate marketing can be an excellent way of generating a steady income online but despite the opportunities that exist within this multi­billion dollar industry, there are many that try and fail to make it pay. Promoting a product or a service on behalf of the originator and earning a fee for successfully driving an audience […]


How To Find Your Profile’s Latest Visitors In Facebook?

As you know that there are many Apps to do this but you know better then allowing any local apps is same as putting your account in danger. So we suggest you not o use and lical and not popular apps that can cause your account banned or can hack it.