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What Is “Facebook Impressum” In Facebook Pages And Whats Is Its Usage?

On the off chance that you go to you Facebook page settings you will see that there is an alternative to include “Impressum” to Facebook page portrayals. As of late Facebook included this peculiarity for its pages. “Impressum” is a Latin word embraced in German; which signifies ‘Engraving’, ‘Credits’, ‘Legitimate Disclosure’, ‘Lawful Notice’ or ‘Explanation […]


Data Centers: The Insider’s View In Infographic

A data center is much more than a building with a bunch of computers and high electricity costs. Today information storage and transmission have become of grave importance – we all depend on data centers despite our different backgrounds and different needs. If you still lack knowledge about what a data center is and what it’s used […]


What Is The Importance Of Mobile Friendly Site In 2015?

Wherever you look around yourself these days, you will find people burying their heads in their favorite Android or iPhone devices. This is not just your neighborhood gadget freak who loves to stay updated about the latest developments in mobile technology or a teenager who is much into socializing through FaceBook and WhatsApp. Consumers everywhere […]


How To Setup OpenDNS Or GoogleDNS In Windows 7?

If you are experiencing internet connection errors and your internet connection is working fine then it means that there is a DNS problem and your internet service provider DNS is not working well. It also may be occur if local internet service provider probably doesn’t have the fastest DNS servers, and that can slow down […]


Quick History Of HTML5 And What To Expect In The Future?

In today’s world it is important for a business to have a website. Regardless of what you CMS system or language you use you simply cannot run out of HTML (hypertext markup language). HTML is one of the oldest set of code that developers and designers use in order to develop a website. Last couple […]


How To Launch An App That Leaves High Impact On The World?

You must have seen apps going viral these days. This is normal these days but have you ever wondered how these applications go viral? Are these apps just destined to get viral or there is some kind of strategic mind behind all this? There is definitely a planned strategy behind all this. So if you […]


Most Useful Custom WooCommerce Products Loops Snippet

As you know that WooCommerce is a free WordPress ECommerce plugin that will convert your blog into an online shopping store. Now there are many theme available that are designed by WooCommerce staff or third parties to make your store stylish and beautiful but if you want to make your own then it will more […]