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Typical Problems & Detailed Solution For Converting WLM EML Files To MS Outlook

In this blog post, those hoping to share their emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook can find a detailed how-to. The article could examine things like:

Learning The Contrasts In File Formats Between Outlook And Windows Live Mail:

It’s critical to learn the variations in file formats each email client uses when moving from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. The file form used by Windows Live Mail is.eml, whereas Outlook uses the.pst file format.

An EML file: An enterprise standard for keeping emails is the .eml file format. The message body, headers, and attachments are all included in each .eml file, which is a single email message. Email messages are saved in separate .eml files by Windows Live Mail and are kept in a folder structure on the user’s PC.

PST File: Yet, MS Outlook uses a proprietary file format called.pst to store data such as calendar entries, contacts, and email messages. One can backup, archive, or emigrate data between machines or Outlook versions using the.pst file, which has all the data for an individual’s Outlook profile.

Total Procedures For Converting Windows Live Mail Emails To Outlook:

Step 1: Utilizing Windows Live Mail, export emails.

  • To export an email account, open Windows Live Mail and choose the chosen account.
  • When you bound the “File” tab, choose “Export” -> “Email messages.”
  • Prefer the “Microsoft Exchange.” format.
  • Connect “Next” after selecting the folder in which you desire to save the exported file.
  • Keep off until the export operation is finished.

Step 2: Open Outlook and import emails.

  • To import or export data, open Microsoft Outlook and select File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export.
  • Once “Import from another program or file” has been selected, click “Next.”
  • Hit “Following” after selecting “Outlook Data File (.pst)” as the file type.
  • Tap “Next” after selecting the.pst file you generated in Step 1.
  • Press “Finish” after setting the email account from which you wish to import the emails.
  • Hold off until the import procedure is ended.
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Step 3: Control the emails that were imported.

  • Navigate to the email account in Outlook that contains the imported emails.
  • Examine the appropriate folders to ensure that the imported emails have been imported correctly.
  • Verify the formation of the email headers, attachments, and timestamps among the metadata.

Step 4: Assign folders and email types as needed.

If the import procedure does not preserve the categories and folder structure, manually rearrange them.

By making new folders in Outlook and dragging and dropping emails into them, you may rearrange your email account.

You should be able to successfully convert your Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook by following these procedures. Consult the troubleshooting section of the conversion tool you have selected or contact technical support if you run into any problems during the conversion process.


Solving Typical Problems That Arise Throughout The Conversion Procedure:

The following are some typical problems that you could run across while converting Windows Live Mail to Outlook, along with some solutions to try:

  • Lack of attachments or emails: Make certain you have selected the proper source and goal folders if, after the conversion process, you find that any emails or attachments are skipping. Also, confirm that there is no harm or sin in the source files.
  • Folders or types not held: Try manually mixing the folders in Outlook if you find that the folder installation or categories were not kept throughout the conversion technique. In Outlook, you can rearrange your email account by making new folders and dragging and dropping emails into them.
  • Slow conversion method: Try shutting down any background-running programs or apps if the EML to PST conversion is taking too long. To grow your routine, you might also think about switching to a separate computer or purchasing new hardware.
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Messages Indicating Errors While Converting:

If you run across trial messages when converting, try looking up the separate issue message online to see if there are any viable fixes. For help, you can also get in touch with specialized support.

It’s crucial to recognize that the special versions of Outlook and Windows Live Mail being used, in extra to the computer’s setup settings, might sometimes result in conversion issues. If you run into any troubles when converting, contact specialized support or browse internet forums for advice.

Suggestions For An Easy Email Conversion Method:

The next piece of advice will help you migrate your emails seamlessly:

  • Data backup: Make sure you have a copy of all of your crucial details, including contacts, calendars, emails, and other files, before starting the transfer process. If any unexpected problems arise during the migration process, this will ensure that you can retrieve your data.
  • Verify the suitability: Verify that the email client you intend to use instead of the one you now use is compatible. Check the new email client’s specs to be sure it will function on your machine.
  • Select the fit migration tool: Select a reliable and efficient email migration (GainTools EML to PST Converter)service to migrate your contacts, calendars, emails, and other data without erasing or damaging any of it. Read reviews and conduct research on different moving software before deciding on one.
  • Observe the guidelines: Pay attention to the teaching that the migrating tool provides and follow its directions. By doing this, you can prevent sharing problems and data loss.
  • Make your data clean: Make sure your existing email client is free of any unneeded or obsolete data before beginning the transfer process. The migration procedure will go more quickly and smoothly as a result.
  • Evaluate the migration: Check that all of your data has been correctly transferred by testing the new email client when the migration procedure is finished. Verify that all of your contacts, calendars, emails, and other data are there and that accessing them is working properly.
  • Save the old data for a while: A few weeks following the transfer procedure, save a backup of your old data. This will provide you with enough time to make sure the new email client is functioning properly. If you run into any problems, you can always consult the previous data.
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You can guarantee a smooth email transfer experience with little interference in your personal or professional life by paying attention to these pointers.

In A Brief:

For people or organizations wishing to move from Windows Live Mail to Outlook and require help transferring their email data, this blog article could be useful. We recommend the GainTools EML to PST Converter program for a hassle-free conversion or conversion from Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST format.

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