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Direct Approach For Exporting/Saving Emails From Opera Mail To PST

Are you an Opera Mail user who wants to switch to another email client? Do you want to export emails from Opera Mail to Outlook or Thunderbird? Have you ever needed to generate a backup of Opera Mail emails? If any of these describe your situation, then this is the spot for you. Here we will discuss the best method for quickly resolving all of your issues and making your Opera Mail emails accessible in Outlook.

What Is Opera Mail?

In today’s technological age, the brand “Opera” is quite popular. It has provided its customers with a wide range of speedy and innovative goods. The Opera web browser program is the reason most users are familiar with this brand. In addition to web browsers, Opera created an email client called “Opera Mail.” Several people have tried this email client, achieving excellent outcomes when emailing. It also includes a variety of advanced capabilities, like POP and IMAP account settings, contact management, spam filtering, and more.

This email client obtained glowing reviews from users, but for a variety of reasons, many of them quit using it. Most users moved from Opera Mail to Outlook. The main reason for this is the rise of interest and faith in the Microsoft brand. Switching from one email client to another is simple, but doing so with existing data is complicated and hazardous. When confronted with this situation, users search for terms such as “How to Export Mail from Opera Mail?”

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If you want to find the answer to this query, this blog will help you. This article will walk you through the whole process of converting Opera Mail to Outlook. But first, let’s look at some more reasons why users should transition from Opera Mail to Outlook.

The Explanations For Moving From Opera Mail To Outlook Are:

  • Many email applications, such as Outlook and Thunderbird, have offered the same capability that Opera Mail does.
  • It is difficult to access the account of a large organization or company in Opera Mail.
  • In place of introducing IMAP and POP accounts, MS Outlook can configure Exchange accounts.
  • MS Outlook provides its customers with a more secure interface for emailing tasks that are completely safe and risk-free.
  • Users choose to migrate from Opera Mail to Outlook for the reasons listed above, among others. In the following portion of this post, we will look at how to export Opera Mail emails to Outlook.

Exporting Mail from Opera Mail to Outlook Without Software:

The entire procedure of migrating mail pieces from Opera Mail to Outlook is two steps.

  1. Locate the mail folder for Opera Mail.
  2. Import or convert Opera Mail mailboxes to Outlook-compatible PST files.


Step 1: Open Opera Mail’s Mail Folder Destination.

To export Opera Mail emails to Outlook, the user must first determine where Opera Mail has saved all inbox items. After retrieving the mail folders, pick the folders containing files with the .mbs extension and store them in a new place. To do so, please follow the procedures below:

  • Launch the Opera Mail email software on your computer.
  • Click the menu, and then hover your cursor over the Help option.
  • Select About Opera Mail from the drop-down list.
  • A new window will now load. From this window, choose and copy the mail directory location from the paths column.
  • Now, launch Windows Explorer and paste the copied mail directory path into the address bar.
  • To view .mbs files, open the store folder and any extra subfolders.
  • Users can copy or transfer these storage folders to any other spot on their system to make things easier.
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Step 2: Export/Convert The Opera Mail Mailbox To Outlook PST

Now we know where Opera Mail keeps all user mailbox data, but that’s not enough. Opera Mail saves user emails in .mbs files, which are unable to be imported straight into Outlook. The sole option for users is to convert Opera Mail .mbs to an Outlook-compatible PST file format. The ideal utility for doing this is automated software such as WholeClear MBOX to PST Converter Software. This quick method can convert any MBOX, .mbx, MBS, and MBOX files with no extensions without problems. Users can use this quick tool to export emails using Opera Mail to PST files for Outlook with little trouble.

Basic Steps For Exporting Opera Mail Mailbox To Outlook PST

  • Download and install the WholeClear MBOX to PST Converter Software on your PC (any Windows version).
  • Select the Add File/Folder button from the navigation bar.
  • In the newly created box, select the option Select MBOX Folder, navigate to the mail directory folder Opera Mail, and click the Next button.
  • Load all mail folders and examine individual Opera mail emails.
  • Select the desired folder, then click the Convert MBOX button, which will bring up a new screen with numerous options.
  • Choose the single PST or distinct PST for each mailbox option from the conversion choices, then select the destination path.
  • Finally, use the Convert option to quickly export messages from Opera messages MBX to Outlook PST files.
  • After the conversion, you will notice that all email folders have been moved to a new Outlook PST. Import the newly formed PST file into Outlook to effortlessly view all Opera Mail emails with MS Outlook.
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What are the quick and smart features of this software?

  • Users can install this app on any Windows OS version.
  • There is no need to install other software to convert Opera Mail MBOX files to PST.
  • There is a zero percent chance of data loss.
  • Tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users can also use this app to convert Opera Mail to PST.
  • Users can preview MBOX files before the conversion process.
  • Possibility to export a batch MBOX file to PST.
  • Support all MS Outlook editions, such as Outlook 2021, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002, etc.
  • There is no data size limitation.

Author Pen’s Final Words:

In this article, we’ve covered why users should migrate from Opera messages to Outlook and how to save information from Opera Mail. As a result, the only option for importing emails from Opera Mail to Outlook PST is to export the Opera Mail .mbs file to PST. The MBOX to PST Converter program allows users to convert MBS to PST files with a few simple clicks. To learn about software capabilities and features, use the free sample version.

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I’m a Mark Oliver technical writer. I have skills in email storage and moving, and I can answer technical questions about exporting emails to other email clients and cloud migration for individuals and large enterprises.

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