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Optimize Your Desktop Computer To Be A Social Machine

Whether you’re in the social media game for personal or business reasons, learning the tricks of the trade is essential to gaining—and keeping—engaged followers. Unique content is of course at the heart of any strategy. However, learning how to set up your computer for social strategies can give you a serious edge.

Making Your Computer a Social Media Machine:

Optimize Your Desktop Computer To Be A Social Machine

Setting up your computer with helpful tabs, reminders, and auto-posts is a useful strategic move. Optimizing your computer for social media can make the difference between a robust platform and unexciting content.

Once you’ve set up your computer, you can easily follow best practices to draw in traffic across all social media networks:
-> Include lead generation content: Adding in everything from downloads to offers will bring people to your business.
-> Use keywords: It makes you more searchable, and it’s easier for people to find you through search engines.
-> Post frequently: You need to make sure that your followers are regularly engaged and coming back. Reminders and auto-posts can help.
-> Be valuable: Don’t waste time with pointless information. Make sure your audience values your posts.
-> Above all…be engaging: You need to be social to succeed, so ask questions and inspire conversation. That’s why it’s called “social” media, after all!

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When setting up your computer, you need to be sure that you are doing it wisely. Use available software that allows you to make personalized decisions that work for you. These programs, available for computers like sleek Ultrabooks can help you to clean everything up and make necessary updates.

Showing Up To the Wrong Party:

Optimize Your Desktop Computer To Be A Social Machine 

Using tools the wrong way can cause you to commit a faux pas akin to showing up at the wrong party. Connecting all of your accounts to auto-post is a great strategy that allows you to save time while keeping active. But don’t overdo it–readers can tell when you’re being lazy. Facebook users, for instance, don’t want to see Twitter hashtags.
Keeping in mind tips and tricks for each network will help you engage: 

-> Always include a link back to your website and use @Mentions and hashtags when relevant. This will get you involved in conversations and link people back to you.
-> Manually retweet (by writing the tweet with RT @username) instead of using the auto retweet button.
-> Use a professional profile image and background.
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+:
-> Write coherent link descriptions.
-> Use exciting images that will draw in traffic.
-> Write an enticing lead-in. Use a stat, give the reader a reason to read, and keep it short.

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Final Tips:

Optimize Your Desktop Computer To Be A Social Machine
Moderation is key with your social media strategy. Optimize your computer to combine time saving strategy with unique content for each network and above all, keep things engaging to keep followers coming back for more.

About the Author:
Emily Green is a freelance writer with more than 6 years professional experience in blogging, copywriting, content, SEO, dissertation, technical, and theses writing. She has written more than a thousand webpage content articles in past projects. When she’s not writing for Copy for Bylines, she likes to read, bike and take her dog to the park.

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