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Top 8 Most Famous iOS App Development Tools In 2023

Recent reports show that by 2023 the mobile app market is expected to earn over $930 billion from paid downloads and in-app purchases. Coming across such huge figures is impelling several businesses and entrepreneurs to develop a dedicated corporate app to expand their reach and revenue. However, kickstarting the app development process is not cake walk as you need to take care of a lot of factors in each step. The foremost vital thing is to choose the app development tool to build appealing apps packed with the finest features swiftly and easily.

Almost every business is now realizing the significance of being in proximity to its target audience. The closest thing to any person nowadays is their mobile phone. Apps are unquestionably the quickest ways to expand the reach and ascend sales. IOS is one of the major operating systems used these days. Developers should ensure that their apps are compatible with iOS to reach the maximum number of people.

Hand-Picked Tools To Build Featured-Packed Ios App Applications With Ease:

Developing apps that are compatible with iOS operating systems highly work in the business’s favor. A vast ratio of the population uses the iPhone as well as smartphones accompanied by countless applications. Apple Store has more than 2 billion apps running on it. Survey has shown that in 2008, Apple paid around $50 billion to application developers. These figures show that developing an iOS app that functions seamlessly on its operating system is a very lucrative opportunity. Let’s have a look at the most popular and helpful iOS development tools to develop fully-functioning apps.

1.) Xcode:

Introduced by Apple, Xcode is one of the best tools to create fast-performing iOS applications for Apple devices. This tool is among the most preferred ones to build iOS apps for Apple Watch, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Xcode has a text editor, a build system, and a compiler to create swift-performing iOS apps easily. Using this tool, you can reduce the time that is utilized in building iOS apps. This development environment is perfect for app builders to write, assemble, debug, and launch the application on Apple App Store. For developers who are looking for a tool that accelerates the process of iOS app development with consistency then Xcode is the right choice.

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Key features of Xcode:

  • You can easily create and assess a graphical interface without coding.
  • Ease of setting the size of the navigator font.
  • Allows you to share the encryption for widgets functioning on the operating system of iPad, iOS, and Mac.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Able to write in multiple programming languages.
  • Interface modification is easy.
  • Contains a basic to intermediate guide.
  • Developing, installing, running, and debugging applications in a Mac-based simulator with iOS SDK.

2.) Transporter:

The Transporter is another best tool that allows developers to directly upload content to Apple. This tool makes it easy for app builders to send music, apps, movies, TV shows, and books across all Apple platforms. To easily distribute your content in iTunes, Apple Music, App Store, Apple TV app, and Apple Books you will be required to set up an account in Apple Store Connect.

Key features of Transporter:

  • Easy drag and drop the content into its upload window.
  • Uploading more than one file allows fast project delivery.
  • Quickly fix issues in the delivery process including delivery logs, validation warnings, and other errors.
  • Easily check the history of deliveries including their time and date.
  • The encoding house account is needed for developers to use this tool.

3.) AppCode:

Created on the IntelliJ IDEA platform, AppCode is another advanced tool to build highly functional iOS apps. It was launched by JetBrains. AppCode utilizes plugins to expand its functionalities. You can also write your own plugin to do this task. This tool can be used with multiple programming languages including JavaScript, Swift, C++, and Objective-C. All these languages are quite popular and preferred among iOS developers. This tool makes code writing and its analysis very easy. The Editor and IDE work towards catching coding errors that enable developers to fix them right away. It helps developers in saving enough time in the app-building process.

Key features of AppCode:

  • Works with several programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and XML.
  • Code assistance allows developers to write clean code and reveals your framework and plan structure.
  • Easy integration and in-built tools enable developers to test, track and debug their iOS apps.

4.) Jazzy:

With Jazzy, developers can create easy-to-read documents for Swift code and Objective-C. This tool utilizes Clang AST and SourceKit to generate correct results with code representation. The capabilities of Objective-C and Swift code allow developers easily manage important features of iOS. They can simply know the goal of writing a particular code. The Dash documentation viewer is directly installed on the website source code. This helps in maintaining great efficiency and accuracy for iOS app developers. Jazzy is greatly preferred and loved by most iOS developers because it works very well.

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Key features of Jazzy:

  • Generating professional-looking applications manual using Jazzy is easy.
  • Highly compatible with Swift and Objective-C.
  • Allows building stand-alone iOS apps with absolute correctness.
  • Enables developers to create appealing HTML documentation and app manuals with minimal effort.


5.) Simulator:

The Simulator tool helps developers in testing their iOS apps before sending them for Apple’s approval. It is an Xcode tool that is installed on Mac that allows developers to run Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad apps in a window. Simulator is a great testing tool and iOS developers highly depend on it. This tool combines simulation software with a simulated device that offers its own files and settings.  These files and settings get automatically saved to devices that undergo testing. You escape from doing back and forth among multiple screens.

Key features of Simulator:

  • Interacts smoothly with operating systems of Apple’s watch, TV, phone, and other devices with keyboard and pointer assistance.
  • Help developers prototyping and debug iOS applications.
  • Tweaking the graphics of iOS apps is effortless.
  • Easily test and debug apps prior to submitting them to Apple.

6.) CocoaPods:

This tool is a dependency manager that simplifies third parties library integration into Xcode projects. Currently, more than 83 thousand developers use CocoaPods. This tool has been integrated into more than 3 million iOS apps. To use this tool, you set up a Podfile. A Podfile is a text file that tells the dependence of your app on other libraries. It helps in resolving the dependency and obtains source code for the libraries. Then this code is placed on the Xcode workspace to easily link it with the iOS app.

Key features of CocoaPods:

  • Eliminates the chances of inconsistency among libraries.
  • Incorporating third-party libraries is easy to do.
  • Scaling the project is easy.
  • Sturdy yet amazing features.

7.) Fabric:

Fabric is among the finest iOS app development tools available in the market right now. This tool allows developers to build a variety of apps with a lot of ease. Fabric offers a wide range of application development tool kits which is easy to integrate into the app-building ecosystem. This tool allows developers to create fully functional and great-performing iOS applications. Developers can add a new set of features to the app. It is lightweight, which allows developers easily automate the iOS app deployment process.

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Key features of Fabric:

  • All SDKs can be effortlessly managed with this one tool. This saves developers from doing back and forth to multiple accounts.
  • Code snippets can be easily tested.
  • It combines the services of MoPub, Twitter, and Crashlytics to develop stable iOS apps.
  • Very stylish user interface.
  • Executing python code on remote machine lists is easy.
  • Allows developers to run bash commands.
  • Absolutely free crash reporting system.

8.) Design+Code:

Design+Code helps developers in enhancing their skills to deliver fast iOS development. This tool provides educational videos about iOS application development. All these videos offer content related to a variety of techniques and topics about iOS application coding and design. It has tutorials for using Sketch, Framer, and Xcode. This tool is a comprehensive knowledge-based platform that enables developers to create highly efficient and fast-performing iOS applications. Developers can easily bookmark any video or content they like for reading and practice later.

Key features of Design+Code:

  • Fast-performing apps can be built with Swift and React.
  • Detailed tutorials to enhance knowledge and strengthen iOS app development.

Time To Wrap:

Investing in app development gives you that edge over your competitors. iOS app development is unarguably a fruitful endeavor for developers as well as businesses. We hope that we covered enough info to create efficient iOS applications in this post. All these efficient tools help you create top-notch iOS apps. Please note that all the tools are distinctive from each other and offer a unique set of features, functionalities, ratings, popularity, and cost.

If you have chosen the iOS platform to build your app, be sure shot that you have taken a solid step towards the betterment of your business. Pick any of the aforementioned tools and get connected to your target audience in the most effective way.

Naveen KumarAbout the Author:

Naveen Kumar is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing products to make your online business success with his WordPress plugins and iOS app development services.

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