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Top Five Android VPNs – The Key To Ultimate Online Security

I am in love with my Android phone nearly as much as a teenage boy. Yet, the most recent Android platform vulnerability has put the techie lot, including me, on guard. The briskly swelling Android base is at risk from vulnerabilities in the Android platform, which can, at best, be described only as “built-in”.

This weakness in the platform made the news some while ago and could especially drain Android wallet apps dry if the owners don’t take preventive measures timely. Android application developers have rushed to conceive patches as well as a few updates; however, any effective products won’t be hitting the market real soon.

Another Great Fail:

Wallet apps (consider Bitcoin for one) employ classified keys in order to guard any transaction data. SecureRandom, a Java class develops such private keys (consisting of random numerals) using cryptographic characteristics. The mechanism was such that a randomly generated classified key was made and used only once. At least, that was the plan.

The Feeble Foundation:

The small glitch was detected in the process used to generate such private keys and developers realized that the program had a tendency to repeat combinations which should have been a one-time-combination by nature. Numerous app developers came up with an array of app updates to curb the potential threats of money. Yet, it will take much time before most Android wallet users become aware of such threats. To make things more bad and complex, the hacking community won’t take long to realize this weakness and jump in real soon to exploit the opportunity.

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Get Your Android VPN Before It’s Too Late:

If it occurred one time, it can definitely occur again! Saying “Android technology is redefining our lifestyle”, is equivalent to saying “we are now completely dependent on Android technology”. Courtesy of Android apps, most Smartphone holders have their entire private, monetary and social data crammed in their smartphones, since the Android applications, account for a major chunk of the whole Android experience.

The only possible measure to shield your device is to go for an Android VPN. To get you going, we’ve come up with a list of the best Android VPN providers in of the industry.

Top Five Android VPNs -- The Key to Ultimate Online Security

1.) Hotspot Shield Android VPN:

Hotspot Shield is the most famous free VPN for desktop and android devices. Unlike the other free VPNs for Android, Hotspot Shield offers unlimited VPN access for free. So, no need to worry about bandwidth limit when using Hotspot Shield VPN on your Android phone or tablet.

Hotspot Shield manages to do this since it is ad-supported VPN. If you want to get rid of ads and banners that come with it all the time, you can purchase their elite version which also offers some extra features like blocking of malicious websites, faster downloads in addition to removal of ads.

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2.) SpotFlux Android VPN:

SpotFlux, the revolutionary free VPN for Windows and Mac was released for Android few months ago. The interface of app is very much similar to its desktop version but there are some cool new features specifically designed for mobile devices like bandwidth saving and protection against malware. Though the free version also offers unlimited usage but if you want to avail pro features then you can always buy one of their paid subscriptions valued at $1.99 a month and $5.99 a year.

3.) DroidVPN Android VPN:

Droid VPN is yet another partially free VPN solution for Android devices. However, DroidVPN only allows 100MB bandwidth a day to free users and to consume more, you have to purchase their premium subscription. But that being said, Droid VPN is by far the most easy to use VPN for Android as it comes with an amazingly clean interface. The only downside of DroidVPN is that it only works on rooted Android devices.

4.) Tigervpns Android VPN:

First designed for desktop computers, Tigervpns is now also available for Android tablets and phones. Though Tigervpns Android VPN is great and offers very high speed but for free user’s base, the VPN only offers 100MB bandwidth a day. One has to subscribe for premium account to boost the bandwidth.

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5.) Hideman VPN Android VPN:

Hideman VPN for Android is good free VPN service that offer free usage per day and it also runs its own data centers which means faster speeds. It allows p2p downloading as well and provides 160-bit encryption to shine it all. You can upgrade to pro plan anytime using in app-purchase to avail other benefits like removal of banner ads and tracking systems.

About the Author:
The article is written and share by Gloria Philips on behalf of She loves to describe the necessity of VPN for internet users.

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