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What Are The Best Magento Extensions You Must Try?

Magento has become so popular across the globe that it doesn’t need to be glorified anymore.     Popular brands like Nike, Olympus, and Ford have their online stores built on Magento, and if these industry giants opted for this CMS, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. The following post emphasizes on certain Magento extensions that have the potential to give your e-commerce store the extra functionalities and push it needs!

I am pretty sure if you own an online store, you probably have given some consideration to using Magento on your site. Flexibility, user-friendliness, easy to use is some of the core reasons why everyone loves the platform. There is no denying in the fact that this technology has always been committed to keeping the platform open-source. As a result, many budding and well-experienced professionals get a great chance to entirely transform the way people use the platform. You must be wondering how? By crafting different Magento extensions. Yes, you will come across a ton of free and paid extensions; at times, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to getting the right tool for the job. But the devil is in its details.

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Best Magento Extensions To Watch Out For:

#1 Google Analytics + By Fooman (Freemium):

Because it’s both free and premium. Running an online business means you require to know what’s going on with the performance. Unless you are a crazy lunatic who’s doesn’t require doing analytics. I am sure you must have used Google Analytics if not, it’s high time you must use. The extension adds some much-needed improvements such as:

  • Filter reports by customer
  • First touch tracking
  • Track & compare multiple stores (subdomains) within the same account
  • Everything becomes easier, clearer and better

Compatible with: Magento 2 & Magento 1

#2 Metrilo (Paid):

This Magento extension, in particular, is dedicated to making your life as a Magento store owner easier, better, and more profitable. The best cookie-cutter tool, CRM and Email marketing platform by definition, and retention platform by nature, Metrilo helps you acquire & retain users on autopilot. Probably the best bit about Metrilo is that it helps you easily put a face on customer profiles.

  • Some great features:
  • Powerful segmentation
  • Complete customer profiles
  • Out of the box analytics & reports
  • Email automation

Also compatible with Magento 1 and 2


#3 LiveChat (Paid):

If you are selling anything online, I am sure you will have people asking around regarding all your products and services. To make these processes easier and faster, it is very crucial for you to make communication as easy as possible. LiveChat is at your service, people tend to spend most of their time chatting with each other, so why not have a tool that makes your end user feel closer to your brand. Live chat widgets are usually located on the bottom right of a website, so you’ve probably seen them around.

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Mainly designed to provide quick answers to customers and also deliver a personalized experience, the Magento extension also incorporates interesting features such as customization of the chat widget, analytics reports, and integrations with other essential tools, visitor tracking, feedback gathering, mobile app and so forth.

#4 Social Login (Paid):

Social Media has become a crucial part of our lives, agree? I mean we are no longer entitled to Facebook or Twitter; moreover, people are seen spending time on LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, and so forth. So creating yet another account for your store might turn a lot of potential customers off. Hence, social login comes to the rescue! Its core features include:

  • Ability to fully control the login button & customize it
  • Perfect functionality on all browsers
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple stores and languages supported

Compatible with: Magento 2

#5 Brand:

Showcasing your brands online is no less fierce competition. Brand is a free extension that lets owners display brand logos on their website effectively using blocks, templates, layouts, and widgets, thereby gaining user trust and credibility.   All you can do is, set up the brand’s logo slider on various pages with an alternate arrangement. Its core features include:

  • Empowers different brand’s properties
  • Display brands effectively using blocks, templates, and layout
  • Use widget to include the brand’s posting quicker
  • Organize the brand’s positions accordingly
  • Gives the multi-store support.
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Dave Jarvis is working as a Business Development Executive at Magento development company – His aim is to sharpen his analytical skills, deepening his data understanding and broaden his business knowledge in these years of his career.

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