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7 Ways To Amplify Your Product Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is one of the most important parts of marketing today. Digital Marketing has a wide area and if you are running a product based company, you will need a digital product marketing strategy to grow your audience.

Most of the companies have already invested a lot into Digital Marketing. However, only the right tactics get you the greater ROI. According to the recent study, around 49% of businesses that use Digital marketing doesn’t have a solid product marketing strategy. If they have a defined marketing strategy they will be able to easily track and understand consumer behavior even better and will have improved brand awareness.

As a marketing professional, you don’t just aim for the short-time conversions, but you also work with long term brand awareness with every campaign. A well oriented digital marketing strategy can help you out with your marketing campaign.

Here are 7 of the most successful ways that can amplify your product marketing strategy to the next level.

1.) Clear Goals:

Whenever you start with building your product marketing strategy you always need to make sure that you have set clear goals. Either it’s Leads, Engagement, Conversions or downloads. You will need to have a target-specific strategy set in your mind.

Without having a clear goal, Putting up a product marketing strategy can be really difficult. And measuring the ROI of your campaign can become more difficult without knowing the object of the campaign. Setting up the objectives allows you to change the marketing strategy based on the objective of your results.

The only thing that you need to keep in focus while defining an objective for your campaign is to make sure that it’s achievable. Only then it will be useful for your product marketing strategy. For example, the increase in website traffic is a hazy objective and is hard to measure. Instead, you should set a goal to increase website traffic by y%. As this is more measurable.

2.) Search Engine Retargeting:

Retargeting involves the targeting of users based on the searches they have done on search engines. This will allow you to simply connect with the people that are already interested in your niche. These users are already looking for something similar to your product and your chances of conversions grow even higher. This is why it’s an important part of product marketing strategy.

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By using this approach you can even dig into your competitor’s audience by simply using the retargeting ads to reach the people who are searching for them. Doing this will simply draw their attention away from your competitors and will bring them to you. This is a simple yet effective way to promote your business when you do have a small budget.

3.) Target Audience:

Find the perfect target audience is the most important part of a product marketing strategy. Having a perfect target audience will help you reach the perfect audience. These are the people who are more likely to convert. Not only this will increase your number of leads that you will generate, but it’ll also improve your brand awareness. This is why it’s important in marketing strategy. Not only just your product marketing strategy.

You will need to identify the user personal firstly to understand and identify your target audiences. You can identify your target audience by using the demographic and location data, and as per that you can compile your strategy more effectively.

For example, When you are running ads on Facebook, it will allow you to choose, who you want to see your ads. You can select your audience based on  Specific Location, Age Group, Gender, and Interests. This will ensure that your ads are displayed only to those people who are interested in the niche of your product or brand. This type of targeting can improve the chances of user engagement and can improve your Product Marketing Strategy.


4.) Social Retargeting:

Social Retargeting can be done in various ways. While doing the Social Retargeting you can target those people who have already interacted with your social media pages or who have already visited your website. With the help of retargeting you can also target those people who have read your emails or have searched your products over the Internet. As per our own research, we have seen around a 16% rise in conversion rate.

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Social Media Platforms like Facebook allows you to retarget your ads on the basis of certain conditions. You can retarget your audience based on people who have opened link of your website, have engaged with your ads or have liked your brand page.

Using retargeting can lead to a better conversion rate because people who you are going to target already know your brands.

5.) Social Media Marketing:

Multiple brands fail because of their non-effective social media marketing. But, why do these brands fail? because they fail to understand that Social Media is not just about broadcasting your messages to people. Social Media is also a very great way to engage and build real relationships with your audience.

A perfect social media strategy is the one which involves effective social media practices. In a perfect social media strategy, you need to take time to respond to the comments that your social media posts are getting, Make sure to thank your followers, Help them if they need helps with something. If you find that they are looking for information, be proactive and help them to find the solution.

Make sure that the content you are sharing is helpful to your audience, Engaging and informative. Always include the CTA that will encourage the people to engage with your content. You can set up the quizzes, Polls, Contests or Giveaways to increase the User Engagement.

You can also encourage your followers to create the content for your niche. For this, You can create a branded hashtag and can ask your followers to create the content using the hashtag.

Make sure to feature the content curated from users on your social media and website both.

This will motivate your users to create more content as this can lead them to get featured onto your page. This will not only help you increase the social engagement of your brand but will also help you with unique content over your website. Doing this can take your product marketing strategy to the next people.

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6.) Use Retargeting:

Retargeting can be done in different ways. You can target people who have interacted with your social media pages in the past or who visited your website. You can even target the people who have read your emails or searched for your product. Retargeting can help you convert a person who has already shown some interest in your product.

Social media platforms such as Facebook allow you to retarget your ads based on certain conditions. You can reach those who have liked your page, opened your link, engaged with your previous ads, and more. This can help you retarget people easily and promote your products to them again.

7.) Campaign Personalization:

Personalized content is best when it comes to grabbing the attention of your customers. The more personalized your campaign will be for each individual, the more chances it will have for increased conversions.

A personalized email has double chances of action to be taken as compared to a random email. Whenever it’s possible, make sure that you personalize your product campaign.  The personal touch into a marketing campaign makes a huge difference and thus it should be a part of your product marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to personalize your marketing campaign. With the help of an Influencer, you can collaborate with the people who have huge fan-followings over social media. The audience they have is usually very close-knit and are highly engaged. Any recommendation that an influencer gives to their followers are taken seriously and can increase your sales straight away.

Because an influencer speak directly with their target audience and it has a human touch in the message. This strategy can go a very long way when it comes to driving conversions and boosting brand awareness a swell.

Simarjeet SinghAbout the Author:

Simarjeet Singh Simar is a Digital Marketing Enthusiast, blogger, author, and speaker. Currently working with Talentelgia Technologies. He is a Digital Marketing Expert with 6 years of experience.

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