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Top 10 Free Bootstrap Themes For Mobile Development

Bootstrap is a popular framework that will help your business website to grow exponentially. It has so many themes that can make the business application awesome. Therefore, it is time for you to know this article about the ten important themes of bootstrap so you can pick one and design your business application.

 What Is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap has a collection of handy and even reusable codes that one has written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is even a framework of front-end development that will enable the designers and the developers to quickly build all responsive websites. It is a framework that saves time for the developer to write CSS code in large numbers. It helps the developers spend more time on the web page’s design. One can download it from the official website.

 Benefits Of Bootstrap:

  • The open-source community is vast, and access to the developers helps them clear all their doubts. Therefore, someone is always available to answer all the queries 24×7. Furthermore, if there is any issue, then anyone in the community will always be there to solve the issue.
  • Bootstrap development depends on consistency, a framework consistent with internal applications and web pages.
  • The developers will get continuous support from the community and the team to create the best design for the business. In addition, the support helps to get answers to their queries.
  • The marketing needs of both B2B and B2C offer the time-sensitiveness, and it even offers the development option, which makes it perfect for fighting with all the essentials. The designers can build a new web page for the website with the help of codes of pre-existing.
  • The developers can customise the websites on this framework. One can easily cancel the codes that one does not need. One can even customise it so that they can meet the project needs in a better way. So, for each project, one can create a custom version of the website design that makes it useful in the long run.
  • It helps integrate the bootstrap flexibility that makes the API layer platform. The designs always work in harmony that offers pre-existing websites, applications, pages, and even the operating software.
  • It helps in the quick development of the prototype design that helps the developers to offer better solutions. It will quickly reduce the repetitions of the projects, giving the developers fast access to work in a better way. It even offers compatibility of cross-browser that will make the perfect framework for the developers to use and take the added advantage of the framework in the clients’ business.
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There are innumerable Bootstrap themes, and all the themes are responsive. In theory, they can display any size device, and themes are more effective for the mobile site.

  1. Material kit– if you have a material design business, this theme is just awesome for you. It follows Google’s material design principles, and it even has components of60 handcraft, with two customised plugins, three pages of examples, and more. The theme is available in both paid and free versions. The theme is friendly and makes the overall presentation of the application excellent.
  2. Hyperspace– if you are a freelancer or a small loan company where students can apply for education loan online, this theme is your perfect choice. It has a simple design and clean design with excellent side navigation. Also, it has a big area for the content on the rest screen. The themes are there, which have lots of predefined elements such as headings, buttons, tables, lists, images and forms. For your loan business, you can choose them and design the application with its features.
  3. Sidebar theme– The responsive, simple sidebar bootstrap theme works just fine for the small screen. This theme is great for mobiles, and you can add more features to make the website attractive but do not clutter the space and keep it minimal for its charm.
  4. House press Grid– do not use bootstrap only for static sites; you can even use it for dynamic sites. It is a free bootstrap theme with 200 plus instals. It is a perfect theme for the bootstrap site. It is a three-column theme that has a menu on the top. It is suitable for a site with more content like a mini magazine site and a blog.
  5. Virtue– if the theme has many more images, this is it. The theme is mobile-friendly. The theme has features where there are innumerable custom options with fonts, layouts and sliders. It is perfect for personal and business purposes and is even WooCommerce compatible. It has a theme that is a great help for SEO. The theme is excellent for doing the right SEO and helps make the website reliable.
  6. Kross single-page template– it is a bold template that one can use seamlessly for smooth scrolling. It helps you link the beautiful design section. You can use this template for your resume, homepage and portfolio.
  7. Barts– is a simple bootstrap template quickly needed to create a personal portfolio or even a resume site. It is easy to create and simple in design.
  8. Qexal– it has different layouts of the homepage, so almost altogether nine pages. Also, it offers pricing, service, contact, blog and many more. To launch any business, it is the perfect theme choice. It eventually helps you establish the business in a better way. Now design the business application based on this theme to make it perfect.
  9. Nantes– it is elegant, modern and lightweight and perfect for all types of applications. The theme contains features and needs a perfect function to work on and draw attention to the content. It is a responsive template perfect for marketing business profiles and applications. Being responsive makes the application functional and attractive to use for the users.
  10. Agency– it is a stylish and responsive theme with a single-page design for the perfect agencies with small businesses. It even supports the latest stable releases with all browsers and platforms. It has features with custom collapsing and navigation where there are active classes, a smooth scroll of the page and even styling of responsive design that makes it worthwhile.
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 Hiring A Bootstrap Developer:

With the above list, you can strategize a way to contact the bootstrap developer. Web developers love to work in this field because it has a responsive grid and comes with a system of its own grid. A custom-made breakpoint for the column uses breaks from small to extra-large. Also, the developer can choose the theme and meet the client’s needs. It even comes with its code that helps in authorising the situation. So, the images are all responsive.

It has different components like navigation bars, thumbnails, drop downs and progress bars. Also, it helps you add a catchy eye design to the webpage. All of them will look perfect, no matter the screen size. You will also get ready-made functions at your fingertips. The bootstrap documentation is perfect for web developers to use and follow each step perfectly.

Web developers love to work on bootstrap because one can easily customise it without much of a problem. Moreover, it makes life simple for the clients and developers.


Here is the list of themes that guarantee you to create mobile-friendly themes. But you should always check with the target device whether the theme is working correctly or not. Once you check them properly, you will get a better idea of how the theme works properly.

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