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Significant Role Of Internet Technology In Artificial Intelligence

Internet technology is transforming our world with amazing new gadgets and tools to reduce the human effort for the benefit of the human race. It has been years since the first computer was built, and now we live in a world of hundreds and thousands of supercomputers. All these years, the internet technology evolves at a rapid rate and still its keep on enhancing and growing its productivity at a pace that we can’t even imagine. Artificial intelligence was always a part of internet technology, and it’s a critical factor in the development and growth of the human race.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Now before we know about the importance of AI in the internet technology, let’s get some idea of what AI is?  AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a concept of building a system or a machine or computer that should work and thinks like a human being. Well probably at this part, you already get the point in your brain that it is entirely impossible, and it’s normal because everyone would think like that. But I think, if you tell someone from 30 years ago that they would be able to talk to someone who is hundreds of miles away from you they would won’t believe that.

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Now in this era, these things are happening where you able to call your loved ones from all over the world from your smartphones. The point is, being able to build a machine like that who will be able to perform various tasks according to the demand of different scenarios is not impossible, but it’s quite a tough task. AI is covering this world in different forms. From Apple Siri to Facebook friend recommendations, AI is all around us in every aspect of life.

Impact Of Internet Technology In The AI Industry:

Now basically internet technology is a terminology which describes the things which are connected to the internet and able to send and receive data. Internet technology plays an essential role in the AI industry because as internet technology evolves it gives the AI industry new and creative ways to produce unique ideas to improve and enhance the capability of machine learning.

Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistant is one of the essential things in the AI industry which will help the people to remember their likes and dislikes and also can offer suggestions for different situations. Windows Cortana, Apple Siri, Amazon Echo, and Blackberry Nina are some of the current examples of a virtual assistant. Moreover, there are multiple of Hollywood movies which shows the concept of a virtual assistant like Ready Player One which completely changes the thinking of human being and presents a virtual client with a whole new world.


Machine Learning Efficiency:

Now everyone knows that to operate and create new gadgets and machine learning is fundamental. AI is also improving methods in different aspects like they are building news methods to develop websites by creating new algorithms with the help of AI. The AI assistant helps that determines the types of site and create content according to the user’s requirements. Firedrop, Wix ADI, and Grid are the live examples of these AI assistants.

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Voice AND Face Recognition Gadgets:

Now everyone knows that face recognition is one of the many things that you see in new upcoming smartphones because people need more security for their devices and they don’t want to face any data breach problems. Along with face recognition, vocal commands for different gadgets are also handy for users which allow them to perform various tasks with their voice. Smart Cars and Smart Homes are the live examples of both of these technologies.

Importance Of Internet Service In AI:

As long as high-tech industries and huge firms don’t have decent enough internet service they cannot perform their necessary task according to their needs.

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