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Key Tips To Grab Traffic To Your Site With Twitter

Key Tips to Grab Traffic To Your Site With Twitter

This method of traffic is a more long term commitment for those wanting to build a base of followers to market to, which should always be a goal. You are going to set up a twitter with a user name and image related to your niche. Put a link to your squeeze page in your bio with a call to action for example:

Weight Loss Tips @weightlosstips
Everyone wants to lose weight but if you want to lose it fast click here! ‘Squeeze page link’

This will get you some traffic when people check you out however most of your traffic will come from the tweets you send out. To get followers you need to follow. First add some tweets to your timeline (you can use facts and quotes about your niche).

Key Tips to Grab Traffic To Your Site With Twitter

1.) Now go to: and log-in using your twitter account. Go to the top bar to ‘Follow Tweeps’ then ‘users followers’ this powerful tool allows you to follow a users followers with ease.

2.) Find twitter accounts in your niche with a good amount of followers, enter their user name on tweepi and start following their followers, this is how you will build a following who are interested in what you offer. I have found that roughly 1 in 3 people you follow will follow back allowing you to market to them.

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3.) There are limits for following, in your first week of having your twitter account follow only 50 people a day. After it is a week old you can follow 200 people a day. If you exceed this you can get banned. Tweepi will keep you up to date on how many you have followed and make it easy for you to follow them.

4.) It also allows you to see who is not following back, so you can easily unfollow them as well as show you how many followers are following you but you are not following them, these users are usually organic followers.

5.) If you do the above method with a new account for a month you will hopefully end up with:
(7×50)+(24×200) x 1/3 = 1716 new followers!

6.) If you market to these followers once a day with something interesting plus a link to your squeeze page then you are going to get some good traffic! In total using Tweepi it only takes 10 minutes a day to follow 200 people quickly and send out a tweet, the benefits in the end are huge!

7.) I would never direct offer an affiliate product on twitter as there is basically no conversion, however in every tweet you send include a link to your squeeze page, once someone opts-in they are there for you to market products to.

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8.) With twitter if your followers go to your squeeze page and don’t opt-in they might the third or fourth time if you are constantly giving them your link. For only 10-15 minutes of work a day this is a great method!

9.) If you are ever lost for content copy tweets from others in your niche and add your squeeze page link, or Google ‘your niche+quotes’ or ‘your niche+facts’ you will get some good content and don’t forget to add your link!

About the Author:
Charles West is a professional content writer and blogger since last 2 years. I have writing expertise in technology and certification topics specially. I love to share that recently I passed my 640-802 exam from SAS institute and CLO-001 exam from VMware. Thanks for reading.

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