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Top 10 Mobile Apps That Improve Productivity

Everybody’s level of productivity varies.  What works for one person may not work for you and your working style. That’s why software for increasing productivity is made.

With so many tools and programs available, it’s essential to be clear on your preferences. You may be a skilled note-taker, but you have trouble focusing when working on a project.

Knowing what you need or finding solutions to your weaknesses, can help reduce the amount of time and other resources on unimportant matters. You get to focus on providing instant results.

With the use of technology, you can easily manage what you need and your work no matter where you are now.

Mobile apps are one technological advancement we have been using to help in business projects. They aid in team collaboration, communication, and more. Mobile apps are essential if you want your team to grow, work efficiently, and get more done.

So, if you are looking for mobile apps that can help you or your team accomplish tasks even out of the office, here’s a list you can download.

Improve Productivity With These Mobile Apps:

1.) Todoist:

The best productivity app for streamlining and organizing the workday is Todoist. You may manage personal activities with this straightforward to-do list software and collaborate with friends, family, and coworkers. Subtasks, projects, recurring tasks, notifications, various priorities, and more features are included.

It’s like a to-do list but on your phone. You can manage your tasks by keeping track or setting due dates. In an overview, here are features that you might like to try.

Other Features:

  • Add tasks
  • Add reminders on the most crucial lists
  • Share tasks or projects with others
  • Allow notification to see if someone comments and finished a task
  • Add labels and filters
  • Send tasks via email
  • Integration with other apps

It is available for free for Android and iOS users. However, you can upgrade the plan to unlock pro features.

2.) Asana:

Project management tools are essential when working on teams. It delegates tasks, keeps track of progress, catches up with your team, etc.

Assigning team members to cards or to-dos within a project board is possible with Asana. Attachments, labels, subtasks, descriptions, and comments are all editable. Additionally, you may create relationships between tasks, label particular activities as milestones, and keep track of the due dates in multiple views.

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Other Features:

  • Workflow assistance to coordinate team
  • App integration
  • Gantt charts
  • Real-time insights and updates
  • Multiple ways to view tasks (Calendar, lists, timeline, and board)
  • Attachments
  • Creation of forms
  • Admin tasks

Available on Google Play and Apple Store for free.

3.) Evernote:

It is a note-taking app that fits individuals or teams. It’s a handy tool because you can just start writing down thoughts or ideas, jot down notes from a meeting, etc.

What even makes it a good productivity tool is its ability to integrate other applications to streamline work with your notes.

You can stay on track with your task by creating a to-do list, setting due dates, and adding reminders. In such a way, you won’t miss any details.

It is also possible to share your notes and schedule by connecting your Evernote app to your Google Calendar. However, aside from creating a list, you can also write notes, add images, insert links, and include a video.

Other Features:

  • Include scanned document
  • Search a file
  • Ready-made templates

Evernote is available for free with 60 MB monthly upload, sync up to 2 devices, etc. However, you can upgrade the features to their Personal, Professional, or Teams plan.

4.) Toggl:

One of the top online time tracking apps and software for independent contractors, consultants, and small businesses is Toggl. Users of this platform can monitor how much time they spend on different projects and assess their productivity.

It is internet-based and can be fully operational in under a minute from start. With PC widgets, smartphone apps, and web trackers, Toggl can sync in real-time.

You can check where you spend your time most, and learn how you can plan your schedule and tasks accordingly. There is also a detailed report on your performance and the sites that you use.

Other Features:

It has the following main features:


  • One-click tracker
  • Integration with calendar


  • A weekly report in PDF or CSV
  • Receive report via email


  • Track progress, budget, and timelines
  • Estimate project cost

5.) Hootsuite:

The comprehensive platform Hootsuite enables businesses to plan posts and campaigns across all of their social media networks. Teams can view the planned and scheduled post in a single calendar.

It gives campaign managers the big picture and helps them easily track the content they want to share.

Hootsuite assists businesses with content planning, posting, audience engagement, and building relationships with new clients. Users of Hootsuite can share other posts and promote favourable comments.

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This application has several capabilities to boost the efficiency of your team, including the possibility to assign client enquiries to particular team members and filter incoming messages based on importance.

But Hootsuite is not only about posting and scheduling. You can monitor how your campaigns are going. There are real-time insights to see what content people engage in the most.

Also, you can stay up-to-date with trends and keep up with what your audiences are talking about.

It is available for Android and iOS users. You can download the app for free and choose which plan you want.


6.) Last Pass:

Last Pass is a password manager tool that helps save complicated passwords for easy login and access. Instead of manually signing up, you can directly log in by using Last Pass.

The Last Pass mobile app is a lifesaver for folks who are always on the go, while its browser extension keeps everything safe on your PC.

Users get the freedom to log in automatically, create strong passwords, store other sensitive information (credit card number), share safely, and monitor the dark web.

You can try Last Pass for free, and save an unlimited number of passwords.

7.) Forest:

This application is fun but at the same time helps you concentrate on a task. If you have a hard time putting your phone down, install Forest.

Simply launch the Forest app and plant a tree whenever you need to concentrate. So long as you can be attentive and keep your phone away, this tree will continue to grow.

Your tree will perish if you exit the app at some time before the work is finished. Users can eventually create an entire forest out of these trees.

Players are rewarded with more tree species and relaxing sounds to go with their forest collection, which adds to the game’s enjoyment. Even better, Forest and Trees for The Future have joined to allow users to utilize earned cash to plant trees.

You can download the app at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

8.) Dropbox:

Dropbox is a cloud-based productivity solution that helps you focus on activities that increase productivity by reducing distractions. It is a popular file-sharing and storage platform.

You can share, store, access, and retrieve files anytime. No matter what your location is, as long as files are backed up and updated, you can check on them with an internet connection.

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Whether you are using your tablet, smartphone, or desktop, you can access, edit, share, and collaborate. In addition, Dropbox allows you to restrict some files and give permission to those who have links.

9.) Freedom:

The best instrument for the job is freedom. On all of your devices, it can prevent distractions—websites and apps—and runs on any platform. That implies that you cannot, for instance, disable Twitter on your PC only to look at it on your phone. You can create numerous block lists using Freedom and then start timers for any of them.

Aside from blocking apps and websites, you can use Freedom to block the internet if you won’t get distracted by your task. Once you have a list of apps and websites to block, you can sync them on all your devices.

You can set how long you want to block an app or site. In this way, you can concentrate on your task without distractions.

10.) Trello:

Trello is an excellent tool for folks who require a visual task management system. It serves as a to-do list and a tracking tool for projects, creating a visual workflow and process management system.

With its cloud-based platform, you can collaborate with others and upload documents right to each job, keeping everything well-organized in one location.

Trello’s user-friendly design aids with project organization. Smaller tasks can be organized into “cards” and “boards,” which can all be given to teams or groups of people and given a due date for simple progress management.

It is available for download at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Whether you are a freelancer or working on a team, using productivity apps on your mobile device can help you accomplish tasks. Unlike in the past, when you had to go to the office to finish a project, today even in the comfort of your home, you can work.

Get to know what application you need to help you become more productive. Most of these mobile apps are free for download at your device’s app store. Install and get ready to work smart.

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