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Top 10 Business Analytics Courses In Kolkata

Business Analytics courses in Kolkata are among the best and are in high demand. Are you considering enrolling in business analytics courses for training? The course teaches students how to use data analysis and statistical models to solve various business problems. The business uses a variety of tools to handle extensive data collection. Using business intelligence, business analytics forecasts the trend. Business workers can operate more effectively in their professional careers by taking advantage of top business analytics classes in Kolkata.

Lists Of Business Analytics Training In Kolkata:


1.) Henry Harvin(Best Business Analytics Classes In Kolkata):

In Kolkata, Henry Harvin is rated as the best company for offering business analytics courses. The institute receives an award from BestCoursesNews for providing the top class in the area. The institute aims to incorporate “Value Creation” into every subject. Henry Harvin Education is the primary learning platform for various excellent programs. The platform is well-versed in many beneficial features that improve learners’ experiences. Henry Harvin Education has widened its influence to several nations and made a difference locally and globally.

What Makes Henry Harvin the Best Course for Business Analytics?

  • Receive the best in-depth instruction from a subject-matter authority.
  • It gives students the most excellent job support when they complete the course.
  • Obtain many benefits by joining the institute for a year. Clear the queries from the top mentors with the doubt sessions provided to every student.
  • IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay recommend it.
  • All new course participants are given a gold membership.
  • Through an internship, students can work with numerous businesses. They will be able to use various tools and better understand the course.
  • Placement assistance is provided to every student for the business analytics course in Kolkata.

Details for Business Analytics Training in Kolkata

  • The business analytics course lasts thirty hours, including twenty-four hours of review sessions and fifty online access.
  • After completing the training, students are awarded the CBAP certification.
  • The instructor demonstrates various tools, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn the interviewing techniques covered in the free lessons.
  • The institute covers more than five projects, teaching pupils various subjects.
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Check Other Courses

For students looking to advance their careers, Henry Harvin offers additional courses. View the best programs the institute has to offer:

  • Content Writing
  • Management Courses
  • Data Science Course
  • Medical Writing


2.) ExcelR:

A leader in the world, ExcelR offers students a variety of training courses. To meet the demands of the sector, they offer students courses at various levels. ExcelR offers online classes so users can receive training while remaining seated in their location. In the business analyst course, the institute covers a variety of subjects and tools. Participants receive access to recorded classes and course notes through online learning. They collaborate on various tasks and projects to gain experience. Other models for blending training can be used to watch missed lectures.

3.) upGrad

The most extensive ed-tech program in South Asia, upGrad offers a variety of courses for executives. With the most excellent course format, the organization aims to provide career success and foster professional trust. In 2015, UpGrad was established with a focus on achieving its objectives along the way. The institute offering the Executive PG program in Business Analytics is called LIBA. Three hundred hours of instruction using the best course materials are included in the institute’s duration. The institute also provides tasks to finish during the training sessions. Professionals who complete the course can choose to be hired virtually.

4.) My Great Learning:

It belongs to Byju’s group, one of the top international tech firms. There are other programs available that were created in association with prestigious international universities. They provide the best learning programs with instructors from the most significant industries. The institution offers a variety of free courses to students to support them in achieving their goals. The students learn about and use various tools in the business analytics course. There are no additional costs for the course materials for candidates. The students can participate in live virtual classroom sessions thanks to great learning. Additionally, by delivering certificates, it enables them to upgrade their resume.

5.) Seven Mentor:

If you have yet to discover the Business Analytics course with R in Kolkata that is the most excellent suit for you, Seven Mentor will undoubtedly lend you a persuasive hand. The school is very committed to providing top-notch programs led and overseen by experts in the field. The crucial minor to major learning components related to business analytics is integrated into the curriculum. Top-performing experts in the area use a variety of activities and teaching methods to feed learners these components effectively. These experts have a minimum of eight or more years of professional experience. Numerous theoretical and practical elements will be incorporated into the learning process here.


6.) Proschool Platform:

Students looking for Business Analytics courses in Kolkata have much to choose from on the Proschool website. The platform is meticulously set up and works tirelessly to meet the demands of the students. After enrolling in the Proschool program, you can access a list of opportunities. Here are just a few of them:-

  • (Optional) Joint certification from IMS Proschool & NSDC from NSE Academy
  • qualified and knowledgeable educators
  • active learning techniques implementation
  • introducing Python, R, SQL, and Tableau as tools
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7.) COEPD:

The primary goal of COEPD is to reduce the number of business analyst project failures. It aims to educate the businessman about business analysts and their advantages. The institute holds four-day programs every year in various large cities. The knowledgeable instructors combine other tasks with the workshop training. Multiple mediums are used to conduct training so that a wide range of professionals can learn it.

8.) Techcanvas:

A professional training program for several courses is called Techcanvass. It offers business analytics training with internationally renowned credentials in Mumbai. The students receive the best industry training from them. 180 days of courses are now accessible through Techcanvass.

9.) Techgyan:

All business professionals, including those without prior analytics knowledge, are introduced to big data analytics in our online business analytics course. You will learn how data analysts define, forecast, and guide corporate operations, finance, marketing, and human resources decisions. You will also gain a fundamental understanding of data and an analytical attitude to support strategic decision-making. The Business Analytics course at Techgyan gives managers and executives the tools they need to stand out from the crowd. Learn how to use data to give your company a competitive edge as you gain valuable skills to advance in your profession. Using applications like R, Python, Tableau, and TensorFlow.

10.) Data Brio:

The academy provides business analytics courses in an offline classroom setting. You will receive training on tools like Power Bi, R, MS Excel, Python, and others from financial, clinical, and marketing analytics experts. In one of Kolkata’s top business analytics institutes, the employee members have extensive experience. BE/BTech/BBA, MBA, MCA, Master or Graduate Degree in Eco, Bio, Commerce, Statistics, or Math are required for this program.

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One of the top courses any businessperson wishes to take is the business analytics course in Kolkata. The name of the institution offering both online and offline methods is mentioned in this blog. Are you still debating which institute to choose? Make a note of the course’s elements and your requirements. Choose the finest program and institution that meets your needs. The proper direction for the business can be determined by taking a business analyst course. Through strategic choice, many tools facilitate the work. Therefore, the best assistance for enhancing the entrepreneur’s skills is provided by business analytics courses. Decision-making is aided by utilizing several sorts of information in business analytics. The information is actionable, data-driven, put into practice, and adapted to different decisions. Data sets are used in data analytics to find trends and current information. Making informal organizational decisions is the main topic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What requirements must one meet to become a business analyst?

The prerequisites for the various institutions vary. Some institutions require a 10+2 degree to enroll in the program. The business school also demands that the applicant possess specific course-related competencies. To fully comprehend decisions and course structure, work experience is also necessary.

Will the business analytics course in Kolkata be beneficial to me?

Regardless of the learning mode, the course’s benefits are the same. Even institutes provide online training to the students to watch the missed sessions. There are different weekday and weekend batches supplied to the students.

After completing the business analytics course in Kolkata, can I use the business tools?

Yes, the course covers a variety of business tools like Excel, which are used by both small and large businesses.

Does the business analytics course in Kolkata enroll in award certifications?

After the course is over, the institute grants certifications. Students can easily show their certificates on their CVs and get job opportunities in different markets.

Will I get any placement assistance from the business analytics training in Kolkata?

Yes, Henry Harvin has a placement assistant who assists the students with top companies. Also, students can practice mock sessions to clear the interviews and get the job.

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