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Digital Marketing: The Next Frontier

Billions of people access the internet every day, be it to get information from news websites, see what’s trending on Twitter, or search for work on freelancing websites. It, therefore, benefits you as an entrepreneur looking to sell products or services to find a way to connect with your target market online.

But digital marketing is about much more than simply establishing an online presence. After all, there are millions of websites and oodles of other brands vying for people’s attention the second they go online. So how do you harness the power of digital marketing to establish a long-term relationship with consumers in your niche?

Digital Marketing Is Storytelling:

One of the most effective ways to establish this connection is to use your brand to tell a compelling story. When you’re able to tell a narrative that your audience can connect with emotionally, you’re halfway to closing a sale. If your story resonates with viewers or readers in a way that those of your competitors don’t, you’ve given yourself a chance at dominating your niche.

To begin creating this connection, tell the backstory of your brand in a captivating way. How did you come into existence? What unique circumstances led to the birth of your enterprise? How did you come up with your business name or logo? What challenges or successes have you encountered along the way? Tell stories to tug at the heartstrings of your audience and put your brand at the forefront of their minds.

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Digital marketing in New York can be particularly competitive, with several big brands selling the big apple dwellers compelling stories through well-executed digital marketing campaigns. To make your digital content stand out in New York, onboard an experienced, reputable marketing agency that has crafted visibly successful campaigns for enterprises in your niche.


Recharting Your Digital Marketing Journey:

Any reputable digital marketing agency will emphasize telling a cohesive story about your brand across all channels. The experience of your brand on Facebook, for instance, should be the same as what consumers will find on YouTube or offline media.

If you rebrand and have new theme colours on one medium and have not updated them on another platform, the trust people have in your business will be dented. They will have the impression that your marketing (and therefore your business) is incompetent. Or they will get the idea that you’re unsure of your brand identity.

The right marketing pros will help you develop an integrated marketing strategy that takes into account your branding on all channels. This approach ensures you have a unified brand image across all platforms, which builds the confidence of your intended audience in your brand. It will also help cut down your marketing budget as some resources can be reused on multiple platforms.

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Agile Digital Marketing Is Your Friend:

You may have heard the term ‘agile’ used in many contexts and may have thought it sounded unique. But what does it really mean for anything to be agile? In the context of digital marketing, it refers to how quickly your business can respond to opportunities presented by the various online marketing platforms, using them to maximize reach to your target audience.

If you wait for these opportunities to present themselves, you will find yourself well behind the pack in the super-competitive space that is digital marketing. You have to proactively sniff out these opportunities by continuously collecting and analyzing data from your prospective buyers. Digital marketers that have mastered the art can quickly come up with surveys, collect data, test, and deploy brand messaging quickly to anticipate and respond to emerging/evolving consumer needs and wants.

Your agile team needs to be cross-functional so that time wasted seeking sign-offs from different departments is minimized to be truly effective. Studies have shown that businesses that can be fully agile stand to increase their revenues by up to 40 per cent.

Digital Marketing Can Work For You, But:

You have to be fully invested in the marketing process. Digital marketing has to be an integral part of your marketing strategy from the get-go, not something you tack on to existing campaigns after succumbing to the hype. Developed from the ground up, your online marketing strategy will help you create consistent branding to channel a compelling story that will help you build an emotional connection with existing customers and prospective buyers. If you can touch their heartstrings, you’re not that far from tugging their purse strings.

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