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Hottest Top Tips About Android App Development

Hottest Top Tips About Android App Development

With over 1 million apps developed and 25 billion downloads, the market for Android Application development is getting bigger and bigger. Whether you are a beginner or an existing app developer, here are some tips and tricks for developing Android applications.

Create A Unique Identity:

The name you decide for your app should be unique so that it appeals to the masses. Check out the niche you plan to release your app in—games, health, shopping, edification, security, etc.

Value Feedback:

In order to gain success, respect your users and welcome the feedback you receive from them. Try and incorporate the suggestions. This not only builds a customer base but also a reputation in the app development market. Users love the fact that their feedback is appreciated. You can also ask for reviews by creating social media community dedicated to your app. This would give you an insight into the views and reviews of the users. This even provides an estimate of your user base, their needs and their expectations.

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Devise For Multiple Devices:

Devices supporting Android operating system have different screen sizes. It is difficult to test the software on every screen size. To sort this issue, the developers can use density-independent pixels. Different Android devices measure the correct pixels for the user’s specific device. This provides uniformity in different devices.

Community Learning:

Be a part of the huge Android community. By connecting with like-minded people you can hone your skills. Check social networking sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. A beginner can get inspiration from such sites and an existing app developer can work on his/her skills. Some examples of such communities are Android Developers, Android Studio, Android AppDesign and Android Developer Tools.

Hottest Top Tips About Android App Development

Download ADT Bundle

To start developing an Android app, you must download ADT bundle. It comprises of Android SDK Tools, Android Platforms-Tools, Eclipse IDE version with built-in ADT (Android Developer Tools), the latest Android Platform and latest Android System image for the emulator. It has everything that makes Android App Development efficient.

Follow Latest Google Rules:

Google lays down certain rules from time to time. Not following the rules may get you expelled from the Google play store, like collection of data from children aged below 13 is prohibited. Before you make your app public, read the guidelines and follow them strictly. The new updates of Google offers new design concepts and trends that also incorporate translucent and navigation bars. The developers must update their apps by following Google updates. Users appreciate this gesture. This helps in building credibility in the app market.

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Don’t Make App Access Distressful:

Users have become ultra cautious these days while downloading apps from Google Play. Many apps extort data from the users that is unnecessary and unwanted. Beware of such practices. This may turn away many potent customers from downloading your app.

Pay Attention To Performance Oriented:

Users often interpret the performance in terms of the speed. Do not utilize memory space that is not required. Adding extra objects in the app force a periodic garbage collection, thus creating little hiccups in the user experience. Avoid unnecessary work.

Support Multi-Languages:

Describe your app in as many languages as you can. This will lead to more search results and therefore more downloads. Alternatively, create an app that supports multiple languages. For example if you have made an excellent game app but the user cannot read the instructions because it is in a language that he cannot read, then all your effort goes in vain. Now, only if the app had supported multiple languages, your app would have travelled far and wide.

Deal With Android Fragmentation:

Fragmentation is a big problem with Android. Therefore, the developers must keep in mind the number of users for the android software versions. This is vital as the app developed for the new version won’t work on the old version. Whereas an app made for an older version will work even if a user decides to have an OS update. It is recommended that you design for at least three versions at a minimum.

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Add Graphics To Hold The Viewer:

If the app takes some time to load, then engage your viewer through a progress bar or a loading graphic so that they do not assume it to have frozen and move on. A loading graphic informs them the app is getting loaded.

These were some tips for Android App Development. Work hard to develop quality apps that users love to use.

About the Author:
This article is contributed by James Brown. He is a professional blogger and expert content writer in a mobile app development company. His interests include web technologies, literature, painting and writing.

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