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5 Teaching Techniques To Improve Your E-Learning Experience

The perfect model of training was also considered to be one of the reasons for students to learn a lot. But the face of education is starting to change due to various factors. Online education is prevalent right now, and regarding perfection in online teaching, more effort and preparation has been made. Online teaching is advantageous, as different types of learners will be on the same platform. But, the disadvantage for educators will be the process of identifying and incorporating new teaching skills.

Importance Of Blooms In E-Learning:

Bloom’s taxonomy is the required method founded and adopted for analysis in 1956. Though the concept of e-learning didn’t exist at that time, the idea of Bloom’s taxonomy appeared to be useful in 2001, which marked the advent of online learning. When applied to the area of e-learning, Bloom’s taxonomy helps analyze the cognitive demand of the learners. The teachers can use the concept to know the learners’ pattern and their behavior towards learning. They can also create study material and assessments according to that.

The first step is to provide content to the learners in the correct form. The next step will be comprehension analysis. Educators will test the learners to know their understanding, translating way, summarizing concepts, etc. The following step will be an application of the ideas, as instructors will make learners apply their knowledge in practical tests. The fourth will be the analysis made through complicated concepts. The last two steps will be the synthesis and evaluation based on the above four steps that the teachers will process and evaluate.

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Use Of Concept Mapping In E-Learning And Professional Space:

As mapping is for geographical analysis, the conceptual framework can be used as a psychological method to understand and store various concepts and contents, called concept mapping. Students and learners can use this technique to condense their lessons and assignments for learning processes. Concept mapping for students includes lots of benefits such as new concept learning, clear understanding, communication, integration of classes, evaluating errors, etc.

Not only for students, career development, and knowledge gaining is easier through concept mapping. Concept mapping is used to analyze the facts and work description by drawing a concept map. Through concept mapping, various vital ideas can be generated for working and structured as per requirements.


The 5 Teaching Techniques:

1.) The Direct Presence Of Educators:

For an effective learning process, there must be a direct communication between the teachers and students. Proper interaction and direct communication are essential for educators to bond with students. Teachers cannot set up a parent-teacher meeting to understand their students. They have to make them know the presence of a human on the other side of the screen. Making students feel more comfortable coming to class and learning is something teachers are accustomed to whether it involves reshaping education through technology. The emotional bonding between students and teachers is one of the possible ways to have direct communication with a proper response on the other side.

Effective management of time is one of the essential factors in an online teaching platform. Teachers have to be prompt in online meeting rooms, increasing the feedback on their performance in the right way. The analysis in knowing the behavioral approach of online teaching is through performance evaluation. Evaluation of performance in online education serves as valuable feedback.

2.) Patience Along With The Progress:

Teachers in online classes should have another principle known as patience. Educators should have patience in conducting the online class. There are various levels of students who come to attend and learn based on their subject in online courses. The learners and students may belong to multiple categories such as slow learners, smart students, late bloomers, language barrier people, disinterested ones, etc. It may not seem comfortable teaching these students, but it improves team structuring and development within the teachers. Online classes also help track students’ information in an easier way when compared to offline ones.

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The only difference between offline and online is during online; students will have an opportunity to participate in the poll conducted by teachers after finishing the class. This patience while teaching will help teachers monitor the behavior of students. Moreover, behavior issues and student problems will also be identified by the teachers.

3.) Adding Talents And Interests In Teaching:

Another success driving factor for efficient online teaching is the use of talents and skills. It is considered successful as teachers can incorporate talents to make subjects even more impressive than before. Usually, students tend to go after the friendly method of teaching. By the way, it is a regular discussion between teachers and students without any fear or shyness. It is also a golden opportunity for ice-breaking among students, and it helps them grasp the subjects quickly.

The method of inserting various techniques in lessons involves psychological issues and the use of creative skills that enable students to study the subject in a tension-free manner. Teachers can give grammatical activities to students to understand the subject concepts, so they attend class regularly.

4.) Providing Study Material For Subjects:

Teachers in online classrooms hear difficulties expressed by students regarding the collection of study material for learning. One teaching technique on how teachers can optimize their teaching level is by giving students the necessary study they want. It will provide students with the convenience of approaching classes, and it helps teachers track their students’ information quite easily. Further, he or she can be given some study materials for additional readings. They will also be provided with class notes and assignments to work on.

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Some of the famous online institutions are now following the process mentioned above when they teach students. Students also study from extra resources to know more, and study materials are used as a hint for them to get study resources quickly. Hence, teachers will help students improve their e-learning and enable them to work independently to gain experience.

5.) Better Translations Resulted In Objected Assessments:

Another teaching technique in education that is used for students is by enabling translation options for them. Students may sometimes hail from various parts of the country and even from different parts of the world. The delivery of study material and contents in their mother tongue will be easier for them to read. It is also a technique to earn the trust of students, so they rely more on teachers.

Next will be conducting assessments where students have to participate in those tests conducted by the teachers. It will be an opportunity for the teachers to know the capacity and the knowledge of their pupils in every subject through these tests. At the same time, students will be careful and will study more to keep themselves updated.


The online learning platform seems to be a bit strange, but the practice of teaching and learning has been the same. Online platforms are considered to be a recent trend for educational purposes. The educators are also welcoming it as various people are getting recognized through learning.

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