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The Best Marketing And Advertising Jobs Right Now And How To Get There?

If there is one industry which pervades all spheres of our life, it is the marketing and advertising industry. Each product we buy from the super store to every little choice we make, right from clothing accessories to eatables, it’s a result of the influence of advertising and marketing that the company manufacturing these products engage in. Some of the most creative brains make sure that through their advertising campaigns the products and services remain in the public consciousness. If you also want to be a part of this exciting industry, you will find this information useful.

Think about all the products and services that you have bought till now just because you liked the particular tagline or headline or because you identified with the particular celebrity endorser for the product. What if you could be the one who would influence the decision of others into buying a product or service?  Great marketing professionals promise performance and results for their company.  A typical marketing job will involve creative problem solving and free expression, tight deadlines, shifting priorities owing to new market intelligence, high stress and very less public recognition. The weight of responsibilities might seem too much at first, but the rewards are totally worth it.

Here are some of the top marketing jobs with the best salaries and future. These jobs have been judged on various metrics such as income, job outlook, environment and stress amongst others. The compensation and job outlook is based on BLS and predictions.


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Advertising, Promotions And Marketing Manager:

The head of the family, an advertising and marketing manager is in-charge of the entire campaign. His is a much coveted role and therefore the competition to get to this position is also fierce. Mediocrity will not be tolerated. Anything less than excellent communication and computer skills, creativity and related experience will fall short of the basic requirements of the job. With an annual median pay of $115, 000, these marketing jobs do pay well.  The ongoing decade will witness a rise of 12% in these jobs, which is as good as average.

Market Research Analyst:

If you have ever wondered why a certain product isn’t able to light the imaginations of customers while others have blazing sales, you might be thinking like a market research analyst.  MRAs are extremely employable as they are required by most industries before, during and after product launches to examine potential sales of a product or service. A Market Research Analyst has an average median salary of around $60,570 which is not that bad considering you will have greater personal satisfaction developing new products.

Advertising Sales Representative:

The work of an advertising sales representative is to sell spaces to companies who want to advertise themselves on various media such as print publications, websites or billboards. The responsibilities also include selling air time during radio or television broadcasts. If you are looking for a job that doesn’t needs you to be a highly qualified individual, and still earn a good salary, to the tune of $45, 350 per year. The job outlook also looks pretty fine with a 13% growth over the decade between 2012 and 2022.

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Graphic Designer:

This might appear as a surprise entry for many. However, a graphic designer’s job is one of the most vital in designing a print or a web ad campaign. His knowledge of colors, shapes and sizes come to use when it is applied to workout designs that will have the maximum influence over the customer. Visual communication is more powerful and has more impact than any other form of communication. It’s a graphic designer’s prerogative to use the power of this communication and lure customers into believing that the product or brand resonated with customer’s needs. For their creative abilities, these professionals get paid well. As per, their median salaries are in the range of $43,500 and the job prospects for the next one decade also look promising with a figure of 13%.

So you want to become a part of this marketing industry? Here are some important things to keep in mind

Assuming that you are wise enough to equip yourself with at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, your next steps should be having a customized resume and leveraging the power of social media for seeking jobs. Joining professional associations like American Marketing Association and developing a network of contacts in the marketing industry should be your next priority. An important stride towards getting a job of a marketing manager is keeping up with the latest in the marketing field. Staying current with the latest trend and keeping a tab on the ever changing consumer practices should be one of your daily habits. An informed decision is always a wise decision and works for the good of the individual.

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Saurabh Tyagi has written this article keeping in mind the needs of the job seekers community, to help them be a better professional.  His write-ups extensively cover all the aspects of job searching and working life, right from subscribing to new jobs, to getting ready for interview, and working at an office.

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