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Local SEO Vs Global SEO: Which Is Beneficial For Business?

Local SEO Vs Global SEO: Which Is Beneficial For Business?

Today, if you talk about SEO (search engine optimization) you will come across two intriguing terminologies- Local SEO and Global SEO. However, many may not know about these since mostly people call SEO a method to optimize any site to rank better over search engines, the local and global SEO is the recent addition. With the popularity of web as one of the important marketing media, the idea of presenting business (products and services) to consumers has simply increased. On the other end, the competition in business is on a steady rise, which has demanded the marketers to focus on their target audience better and smarter way.

Hence if their target audience for their business product or services happens to be of their local area, then their SEO efforts should seclude to that particular zone or area. There is certainly no point putting efforts to go generic and allow others to reap the benefits. Most of the businesses focus audience of particular geographical boundary hence speaking in terms of small and medium size businesses whose target is not the global audience, going for Local SEO would be a better bet than the Global SEO. Let’s check how Local SEO is better option than the Global SEO for businesses.

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Helps Your Target Audience Find Your Business Online:

If you belong to small or medium size business, you often are confined to a particular geographical boundary. This means you need local SEO rather than global SEO. If you check the reports, 39% of web users claim that they often face problems in finding out local business over the internet. Despite knowing that these exist online yet finding them over the web becomes difficult for the local people. If you check the reasons, many of the local brands simply have not adopted the local SEO strategies.

For instance, if you have a pizza store at Dallas, then optimizing for keyword -pizza restaurants in Dallas should be your preference not in pizza restaurants in US. By carrying out the same, you help the search engines to understand which results to portray for people searching in Dallas for Pizzas. However, if you have a global airline company then you need to focus on global SEO along with certain local SEO as well to meet your needs.

Local SEO Vs Global SEO: Which Is Beneficial For Business?

Local People Now Use Web To Search Local Businesses:

Earlier small size business never cared about SEO, however, if you look at the recent trends, the report suggest that more than 80 percent of consumers carry out local searches over Google, Yahoo or Bing. They now rely more on search engines to find local businesses rather than the older options of yellow pages or phone books. Now people prefer finding information online as it has become cheaper and simpler. So if you are operating locally targeting people of particular city or community, make sure your SEO strategies match with the way people search information over the web. If you fail to do so, your competitors will win the score and beat you in business.

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Local SEO Simply Adds More Credit To Your Search Engine Rankings:

If you use local SEO it has the capacity of adding benefits of boosting up your rankings over different search engines much better than the older methods of organic results. You can find more number of screen real estate that is being added over the local results especially at Google. This simply means that all those businesses that are listed over the local spaces would be appearing more often and come across to the potential consumers at different search results, which rely over local SEO. The fact is in global SEO the competition is tough, which is not the case with local SEO; hence coming at the top with competent local SEO efforts is no big deal.

Local SEO Vs Global SEO: Which Is Beneficial For Business?

Local SEO Is The Ticket To Mobile Traffic:

With the features including Facebook Nearby for the social networking users and similar other tools and ways the popular search engines are now structuring their local mobile search result pages. With the little help of local SEO strategy and leveraging these tools you can end up getting a good mobile traffic. As you know accessing web via different mobile devices have become a new fad of the day hence targeting this crowd is important, which can be easily carried out with the help of local SEO. However, for this, the basic requirement is to have mobile friendly website design along with displaying your business name, address, phone number and other required details.

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Final Words:

Local SEO plays an important role in bringing close your potential customers to your business sites. Its use is not just limited to smaller or medium size businesses but even the bigger brands do use along with the Global SEO for getting traffic over their site. The above are some of the key ways in which the local SEO plays a vital role for businesses than global SEO.

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