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An Ultimate Guide To Add A YouTube Subscribe Button On Your Videos

Are you just getting started on the YouTube channel, and you are stuck at zero subscribers? It is quite frustrating. Are you wondering about which ways to employ to attain more YouTube subscribers? Worry no more. You don’t need to buy YouTube subscribers to have your channel going. There are several ways you can employ to get subscribers free of charge.

As a part of employer branding, several people are usually in charge of their company’s YouTube channel. Therefore, you will always want to ensure it is easy and possible for potential candidates to subscribe to your channel and view your available content.

In this article, we offer you several guiding steps that you should incorporate as they will help you initiate your viewers to press the subscribe button hence YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Channel Theme:

Before you begin uploading your YouTube video, you need to decide the kind of videos you want to create for your channel. Avoid uploading random videos on different themes. It points to a situation where you upload gaming videos, cooking, vlogs, and many more to the same channel as users will not know what to expect from your channel, which is a big turn-off. Once people do not know what your YouTube channel is all about, they are less likely to subscribe. It is because different people love and enjoy watching different things and niches.

There is a need to give your viewers reason to subscribe to your channel through choosing a specific channel theme. Selecting a niche for your channel will provide it with more focus and help you find the target audience easily. For instance, in a popular known Nikkie Tutorials is known for its informative and entertaining makeup tutorial and reviews.

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There are various types of YouTube channels you can create depending on what you love doing most, as that where you will get more content and creativity to keep your channel lively. Some of the most popular genres you can try when starting include; Vlogging, cooking, tech, comedy, beauty and fashion, reaction and commentary, travel, gaming, among many others. However, the examples have pointed should not limit you as there are several other things you can venture into. As long as you have the intensity for doing something, create a successful YouTube channel and go for it. When you are passionate about something, it will be easy for you to use your channel to inform, educate, and entertain.

Finish Your Profile And Produce A Channel Trailer:

Once you are done selecting your YouTube niche or instead theme, you need to attract your first subscribers. It is achievable by completing your profile and making a channel trailer. At this point, you may be wondering what a channel trailer is-it is a short video uploaded to help viewers understand what your channel is all about. They also help in setting auto-play for the users who are not subscribed to a powerful way to turn your viewers into subscribers.


Make An Upload Schedule And Announce It:

If your users find out that your channel’s last video was uploaded several months ago, they will probably not subscribe. Viewers on YouTube need consistency. Therefore, to acquire more subscribers fast, your channel should be more of a TV series where viewers can tune in regularly to view your content. Upload new videos frequently to attract several new subscribers and maintain the ones you already have. You can put up an uploading schedule that works for your ad and your audience and always remember to announce it in the new video. Be specific and ensure to meet the promises you make to your viewers.

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Eye-Catching Thumbnails:

Thumbnails of your videos are the first thing your YouTube users will see and decide whether to watch. Thus, there is a need to create eye-catching thumbnails if you want many people to click on your videos. Besides, if no one gets to watch the videos that you make, you will hardly get new subscribers. Just a look at a thumbnail will tell the viewers a lot about what to expect from that particular video.

Make Searchable Video Titles:

The standard way through which viewers find interesting videos is through typing keywords into the YouTube searching bar. By doing this, you will get users interested in the content you are making to easily find your videos. Thus it is essential to create searchable video titles using relatable keywords and phrases.

As Your Viewers To Subscribe On Your YouTube Channel:

Probably you might be having people watching your videos at the moment. It is always great to remind them to subscribe to your YouTube channel if they haven’t. Therefore, if you need more-which of course you do, always tell them to subscribe. You can do this in the introduction part of your YouTube videos or as you end the videos. Adding a subscription watermark to your YouTube videos works magic to convince your viewers to subscribe to your channel. The subscribe watermark is a small icon that displays in the bottom corner of your video to remind viewers to subscribe.

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In most cases, it is red, just like the subscribe button, as a clear indication to direct the viewers on how to do it. You can also try reaching out to your close friends, family to subscribe and like them to convince people they know. It can quickly bring you closer to 100 subscribers as a beginner who is right and will keep outsourcing more and more with time.

Promote Your YouTube Channel On Social Media:

Another way that will encourage people to hit your subscribe button after all the mentioned above is to begin promoting your videos. Instead of just waiting for people to discover your videos on YouTube, promote them to the target audience. Some of the best platforms for this include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, as many people use them to do their other things will likely come across your YouTube link. If the video interest they watch is likely to hit the subscribe button, always to get notified. For this to work best, ensure to include eye-catching images that are relevant to the video, a short description, and a call-to-action with a link directing to the video.


Although you may not meet your target subscribers in a day, at least they are effective ways to acquire new subscribers for your YouTube channel. Ensure to utilize them well for better results.

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