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FashTech Where Technology Meets Fashion – Infographic

Technology today is not just limited to work places and labs where it used to be a couple of decades ago. It has grown a lot over the years and today it is everywhere even present at our living rooms, kitchens, bed-rooms and even in our toilets. It won’t be incorrect if we say technological revolution is endless. First invention of products, then invention of supportive things, then inventions directed to make things much better than the existing ones, and then we even invent things which replace the existing ones.

It’s an endless loop of inventing and evolving things to literally make life easier, simpler and better.
In last few years technology seems to be much directed towards gadgets, a lot of entrepreneurs are attracted towards mobile phones, applications and robotics. It’s not just limited to tech guys, but people who are from the non-technology backgrounds are quite interested in the gadgets as well.

One of the best examples are the wearable, these are fashionable things which involve technology. A huge increase in the demand of wearable has been noticed especially in the last five years, things like smart watch, smart belt, smart jewelry, smart shoes, smart clothes, smart helmets, and even smart cuff-links are not just wowing people around the world but also inspiring people to collaborate their specialties with technology.

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Below is an infographic which features few #FashTech products which are fascinating the world. These products are not just created for the purpose of including technology but also to serve to the needs of the consumers in a better way. All above products are either available in market or about to be launched at the retails.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Secret Vintage Collection

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  1. Fashion says:

    Fashion and technology both are successful things in any country.

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