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SEO Tips: Must Follow On-Page SEO Techniques For All Webmasters

SEO Tips: Must Follow On-Page SEO Techniques For All Webmasters

As the Google’s chase continues with the continuous algorithm updates of its lovable animals, Panda, Penguin and now the tiny little bird Hummingbird, it is a big confusion for the SEO people dealing diplomatically about how to improve their search rankings. SEO can be complex as the Google is constantly employing its scientists to make their algorithm to work as effectively as possible!

So, it’s in your hand to keep your website as stronger as possible to stand unique on the effect of any unpredictable disaster. Instead of stressing out yourself, start thinking deeply about the ethical SEO strategies that works the best. Are you worried about how to hunt for latest SEO strategies?

Here are few SEO strategies that let you find beneficial and very helpful in attaining your goals for more or less in an easier way:

Optimizing Title Tags:

Provide a unique title for every page of your website. A good title tag should contain:

  • Not more than 70 characters (with spaces).
  • You brand name or Product or Service related keywords.
  • Interesting and exciting title that tempts the users to click through your page.
  • Simple and exact meaning that implies your service or products.
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SEO Tips: Must Follow On-Page SEO Techniques For All Webmasters

As the title tag is the first impression of your website that is displayed on the search engine results page in the form of snippets, it must be taken extra care to provide the accurate information.

Remember not to “stuff keywords” which results in over-optimization penalties.

A Compelling Meta Description:

The next section that is important is the meta descriptions because along with your title tag, the description will also be displayed on the snippets. People will click on through your site only if you have compelling information that lets them to enter your website.

  • A customized meta description must contain 150-160 characters in length and should contain at least one of your targeted keywords or phrase.
  • It has an impact on the overall click-through rate (CTR) of your site.
  • Writing a compelling description that captures the attention of the visitors will lead the increased number of visitors resulting in the rise of traffic rates.

SEO Tips: Must Follow On-Page SEO Techniques For All Webmasters

Make Use Of H2, H3 Tags:

As I said title tag and meta description must be included on every page of your site, so what about the rest?

Content Matters The Most: When it comes to the content which is the page’s body, the best thing you can optimize it is using the heading tags that in turn improves the overall value of SEO. The <h2> and <h3> tags must contain the targeted keywords in your content.

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This provides a visual relief for the visitors to give a glance at your website and as well as it is efficient for the search engines to add weight to the words found on these particular tags.

Internal Links Between Pages:

A smarter way of making the search engine bots to catalogue all the pages of your site is by creating internal links which connect your different pieces of the website.

For Instance: If you run an SEO Company, instead of simply instead of simply linking to your SEO services page or Contact us page from the navigation bar, you can consider on including text links of these pages within the content body on your Home page or some other pages.

By doing so, will provide a major SEO boost to the content on your site, as well as it will greatly help your visitors to find the information much simpler and easier.

Apart from the above techniques site map inclusion, adding ALT tags to the images, regularly updating your content is also essential which will profit you in increasing your website traffic.

Hope this information is found useful. Thanks for spending your time on reading this article! Happy SEOing!!

About the Author:
Amy Jasmine is a web enthusiast, a passionate blogger who loves to be a net savvy. She writes content for the UK SEO services company and she is also crazed on ghost writing about the innovative and exciting information.

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  1. SEO is must need which ever websites. The psst providing a very useful information for starters and excepts. H1, H2 and H3 also very important tags for all kinds of website. Thanks for sharing a valuable content on your readers.

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