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Top And Trending 10 Ways To Earn On YouTube Views

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the most popular and effective ways to earn money on a popular video hosting service. You may not earn millions, but you can count on a stable income compared to the average salary.

1.) Contextual Advertising On Youtube Channel:

The most obvious way to earn money is to start your own channel, upload content, and monetize it.

You can earn money on Google contextual advertising. Advertisers place ads on Google advertising network, choose YouTube as their advertising platform, and specify channels with a specific theme. But this is not suitable for novice video bloggers since you must already have an AdSense account approved to display contextual ads, and the channel itself must meet minimum YouTube requirements. To monetize content, you must have at least one thousand subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of views over the past 12 months. If you do not reach those requirements – get YouTube views.

2.) Placement Of Direct Advertising On Youtube Channel:

This is one of the most profitable monetization methods for promoted YouTube channels. However, this method is not relevant to novice bloggers. To receive commercial offers from major advertisers, you must first promote your channel. To do this, you need to create interesting content. If you want to earn money immediately, it is better to connect partner programs.

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3.) Earning On CPA Networks:

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Examples of partner networks:

  • AIR is one of Top YouTube partners
  • ScaleLab is a certified YouTube partner. All a blogger needs to do is activate their account and enable monetization. Ads are broadcast automatically.

Even with small channel coverage, you can earn a good income due to a high Commission (usually from 5 to 30% of advertised product cost).

4.) Earning On File Partnerships:

This method is similar to the previous one, with the only difference that the partner link leads to downloading the file.

Example of how the scheme works: you place a trailer/teaser on your channel and a link to a file-sharing site where users can download the full version of the video. For each target action, you’re charged a percentage. And if a user downloads a file from an affiliate link and pays for turbo access, you get an additional reward.

5.) Earning Money By Completing Simple Tasks:

There are many similar services today, and here are some of them:

  • QComment
  • Forums
  • Prospero

6.) Sale Of Goods

YouTube is a great platform for increasing sales if you sell products (online or offline). Record advertising videos, and in description place links to social networks through which you can be contacted. Example: you can sell gadgets, record test drives, and integrate an ad offer into each video.

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7.) Earning On Your Services:

This method is similar to the previous one, only you do not sell physical goods, but your services. You can host an expert channel, share useful information, publish free webinars, lessons for beginners, master classes, etc. Records of selling webinars work especially well.

This method is suitable for different directions. For example, you can run a beauty channel and sell your makeup services; or talk about repairs while working in this field. The main task of such videos is to present you as a good specialist. This type of advertising works great and brings a lot of orders. To make your promotion more effective, place a link to your portfolio and other social media accounts in the video description.

8.) Earning Money On Other People’s Videos:

This method is not completely honest since it is based on using someone else’s content. But some channels earn money by re-uploading videos taken by other people. You must obtain permission from the author to use their materials.

But there is one loophole. On YouTube, you can find a lot of videos that don’t belong to “anyone” – for example, funny videos taken on the phone by ordinary people. So, searching sites for videos about cats, jokes, videos from registrars, you can make interesting selections.

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The main drawback of such earnings is that if you use a video without the author’s permission, you can sooner or later get a complaint from him, and your channel will simply be blocked.

9.) Earning On Donations (Donates):

On YouTube, you can conduct streams (live broadcasts) and earn money from transfers from viewers. Most donations are sent to streamers who shoot passage of computer games. Youtube video hosting itself pays money for streams by adding ads. More viewers watched your broadcast, higher your revenue.

10.) Earning On Master Classes:

If you have some skills and are ready to pass on your experience, you can invite your viewers to attend your paid webinars or masterclasses. This type of earnings is based on the sale of information products via YouTube. Such content is quite popular here, so you can count on the viewer’s interest.

The level of income depends on how competent you’re in a business that you’re going to teach. What matters is how you communicate with the audience, whether you have professional achievements. It is important that the audience trusts you and perceive you as a specialist – then they will be willing to pay to learn something from you.

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