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iBoysoft NTFS For Mac: Free Open/Read/Write/Manage NTFS Drives On Mac

The file system is an organized way in which files are stored and retrieved. In general, a portable storage device comes with a certain file system when it comes to the market. Sometimes, you need to format it by yourself by selecting and initializing the device on a computer. Most external drives come with FAT/exFAT or NTFS, because the former is universal and the latter is the most advanced file system for Windows computers which dominates the market.

However, as a user not knowing much about file system mechanism when you move to a Mac platform with your Windows drive, you will be very disappointed as you can’t read write NTFS in macOS free.

In this article, we will introduce an NTFS for Mac tool by iBoysoft that can solve the NTFS writing problem easily.

What Is iboysoft NTFS For Mac?

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is one of the products independently developed by iBoysoft, a company specializing in data recovery and disk management solutions. It is a tiny third-party app that needs to be download and installed for use. After being launched, it will appear on the menu bar for access instead of the Dock.

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The main capability of this software is to work as a disk drive to enable NTFS to write support on Mac. It will detect and mount NTFS-formatted drives in read-write mode automatically. Then you can freely use the NTFS disks as a Mac-friendly disk.

The software works on Mac running macOS 11 to OS X 10.8, covering over 99% of Mac machines in use.


How To Use iBoysoft NTFS For Mac To Manage NTFS Drives?

In addition to enabling macOS to write NTFS-formatted storage devices, the Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft can function as a disk management tool as well.

First, you click on the app icon and select Disk Management in the pull-down menu.

Then you will see an interface with two sections. On the left, it is a volume list with NTFS disk list and Other disks (APFS, HFS+, FAT, etc.) list. Mounted NTFS disks will have a blue Windows icon at the corner while the unmounted NTFS disk will have a grey one. On the right is a window that shows the main information of a selected disk including capacity, free space, device name, mount path, and file system. Also, you can see different buttons to manage the disk. If an NTFS disk is selected, the buttons will be Open, Unmount/Mount, Check disk, and Erase. If a non-NTFS disk is selected, the options will only be Erase to NTFS and Open.

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The software extends the Disk Utility’s job. You can finish some basic activities within the app without opening Disk Utility such as mounting and erasing. On top of that, Disk Utility can’t format a disk to Windows NTFS but iBoysoft NTFS for Mac can.

Ensure Data Security And Fast Transferring Speed:

As a tool well designed and programmed for mainly commercial use, it won’t corrupt your files or disks and it can handle large disk capacity as well as large files exchange. Meanwhile, the software provides a free 7-day trial with full features to all users. If you are just in a need of one-time NTFS write support, use iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is great. If you need to write to different NTFS drives on Mac frequently, purchase a reliable and cost-effective NTFS for Mac software like this one is also a good solution.


There still is no sign that Apple is going to fully support NTFS file system in its Mac ecosystem. If you are going to own a new external storage device, be sure that it is formatted in a Mac-friendly way. If you have already stored important files on it, try to use an NTFS driver such as iBoysoft NTFS for Mac to save time and work.

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