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Want To Make Money During Quarantine? These Business Ideas Will Help You

It might not seem like it is the best time to start a business, but it really is. “But everyone is stuck at home, and with no income, people won’t spend money,” you may retort. This is why it is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet in a new entrepreneurial venture.

Starting Up:

Businesses sometimes have a soft opening. It is a common practice to help work out the bugs before going big. Feeling bored and running out of shows to binge, people turn to the internet for a respite from the doldrums. Online shopping has become the only way to buy goods and services. And online classes are booming.

People still need their essentials, workouts, Krav Maga lessons, and their mommy-and-me time. All of these and so many more are available, some of them for free, online. And this is your chance to add your interest, passion, and merchandise to the mix.

Business Ideas That Help:

You can go two directions with your business ideas during coronavirus. One the one hand, you can try to profit from the crowds of internet shoppers, figuring out how to market goods that will be useful while a person is sequestered to their home. On the other, you can market yourself as a helpful entity, teaching and advising on something you are good at.

For those who want to give back, there are a few business ideas that will keep you engaged, provide a potential revenue stream, and assist others with their needs and desires. Business ideas to start a buzz about your signature brand will carry over after the virus is in the past, so these are sustainable.

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1.)  Blogging:

You have thoughts, feelings, passions, concerns, and dreams. Why not share them? During the quarantine, many people feel alone. Knowing there is someone out there who is also hurt or scared can be helpful. And if you get enough buzz and followers, you might get advertising dollars from companies wanting you to shill for their products within your demographic.

2.)  Teaching:

Do you have a unique talent like riding a unicycle or playing a pan flute? Or maybe something less abstract, like origami or tap dance? Then there is someone looking for that. And you can monetize it. With enough traffic, just like blogging, ad companies will be eager to post on your feed. Or you can place a nominal fee on your site.

3.)  Consulting:

If you have a particular skill or unique knowledge from the previous job that someone might find especially useful, then profit from your years of expertise as an online consultant, for example. Just like surgeons can teach via video chat, you can instruct and inform those who need a little help in your chosen field. That way, you can charge a rate and don’t feel that you are wasting time while sitting at home.


Business Ideas That Sell:

Along with these online businesses primarily done via Zoom, the other side of the coin is the online store. Selling your pottery, jewelry, or consigning your stuff in a digital yard sale has become immensely popular. And the eCommerce stores popping up are growing exponentially and raking in huge profits.

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Shopify alone has seen tremendous growth over the past six months. And some are doing broad niches, where others are more specific, but the common thread is they are making money with dropshipping. It is not for the faint of heart, and not all succeed, but those who do will get immense rewards.

Ecommerce Ideas:

What is dropshipping? It is a storefront with tons of products picked from particular online vendors. You never touch the product, you never ship it yourself, and you do not have to keep it in your inventory storage. You are the face of the products, and you set the prices.

It seems simple, but there is a catch, and if you want business ideas without money invested, this is not the path you seek. Traffic is derived from advertising. Even if you never get a sale, you still must pay for the advertising. And you can have a great store with tons of traffic and no sales.

It can be very frustrating. But not as frustrating as angry emails from customers who have not got their goods yet. That is a shipping issue. Now you have two headaches. And what if it gets sent to the wrong place? Now you are replacing it out of your pocket.

These businesses can be very lucrative, and being stuck at home, maintaining them will be essentially your full-time gig, but beware, because they can fail if you do not handle the essential details. If you do dial it in, though, this is one of the all-time great business ideas after lockdown, too.

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Making The Right Choice:

How much time do you want to invest in your home business? If you do online classes, there is prep time and time teaching. That is approximately 6 hours a week. If you want to go bigger, writing can take 20-30 hours a week. Setting up an eCommerce shop will take a lot of time initially, but eventually can be automated.

Before choosing a future profession, decide how much of yourself you want to throw into it. This is a great time to spend with the family. If you do not need to work 9 to 5 again, maybe a business that does not require you to be much involved is the way to go.


Considering the time available, whatever business you choose to start for yourself, you can focus on it and make it great. If you want to do something not mentioned in this article, business ideas to work from home abound on the internet, and we are sure you will find the one that speaks to you. Have you had any experience with a work from home business?

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Alex Norwood has many irons in many fires, including starting an eCommerce store and his own marketing company. He is very busy, but the work is rewarding, and the freedom has allowed him to fish, see friends more regularly, and play Convertus Aurum on his phone.

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