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How To Make Money Online Via Your Links Using

Adfly is a URL Shortener like But adfly also pay you for your page views by simply displaying their ads for 5 sec on your URL. Adfly will pay you $4 for 1000 unique pageviews. If you get bored by trying to earn something from PTC sites so its way better than PTC websites. Adfly pays when you reach the minimum limit of $5 and paid each month on the 5th of course if you reached the minimum payout limit.

What Is are a free URL shortening service. Get paid to share your links on the Internet! Just register for an account and start shrinking. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. Isn’t that sounds good?

How Works?

Earn more than $4.00/1000 visitors to your links. Get tiny URLs, great for when text space is limited. All advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups. Real-time statistics with revenue breakdown.

Safe Advertising:

All advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups. Anti-virus and malware servers are scanning the adverts 24/7.


Pay for real visitors on your website, our comprehensive fraud filters ensures high quality traffic. Campaigns start at only $5. Thee are many differnet type for ads like full page, top banner etc

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Low Minimum Payout:

Minimum payout rates for PayPal is $5.00 and Payoneer is $20.00 Now you can get your earning fast without waiting for large balance.

Payment Procedure: payment is via PayPal And Payoneer that are free to open there account. They also support Payza and LibertyReserve earlier but now they are banned in

How To Make Money Online Via Your Links Using


A Detailed statistics realtime dashboard is available that is monitinring every click n your link and showing the accurate result with perfect earning. Allowing you at a glance see the amount you’ve earned, referring URLs and countries.


Easy-to-use API that allows your website, widget or app to create an link instantly and securely.

Website Scripts:

They offer a selection of simple to install scripts, now you can easily get paid for every visitor who comes to your website. If you have a lot of links thanen you not have to worry to change all link to Just add there script and one time in your template and all of your blog/site link will be changed from that ou can earn more. You have also choise to add link on only external, internal, or seleted domain or also exclude selected domains easily.

Referral System:

They also offer Refer users and get a massive 20% commission. Just use there high defination collection of awesome flash and image banners to attract your visitor to be in through your referral mto earn extra beyonds your link. Don’t worry about to be a referral because they will not cut any amount from your account. They just pay extra to your care taker.

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High Ads Rates:

They also offer high ads rates from different country. You can easily check that how much you can earn through it by conidering your top country and there rates at Rates.

Full Customized Links: provide full customization to your links like your can get or or also change the domain from to or

Where The Ads Comes From?

People pay to advertise with, and people who shrink their links with get a cut of the profit every time someone clicks an shortened link.

How To Make Money Online Via Your Links Using

How To Join With Facebook?

1.) It’s A Free Registration. Go To And Click “Login With Facebook“.
2.) A Facebook POPUP will Appear With Asking “Adfly would like to access your public profile, friend list and email address.
3.) Then Click “Okay“.
4.) Now You Are In, Here Update Your Account Details.
5.) Now Shrink Any Long URL Via There Shrinker And Post Them Or Send Them To People As You Usually Would With Any Shortened Link.
6.) Now You Have Started Earning Money…

How To Join With E-Mail?

1.) Firstly, You Need To Go To To Register For An Account By Clicking “Join Now“.
2.) Fill Up The Application Form. For The Column “Account Type“, Choose “Link Shrinker: Create shortened URLs and earn money“.
3.) Then Will Send An E-Mail To You To Activate Your Account. You Must Do It Within 3 Days.
4.) In Your E-Mail You It Will Enclosed An Activation Key. It Is Just A Combination List Of Numbers And Letters.
5.) Once You Click On Link To Your Confirmation WebPage, It Will Open A Blue Color Page With Title “Account Confirmation” With An Empty Box For You To Fill In The Activation Key As Mentioned Above.
6.) Copy The Activation Key And Click “Submit” Button.
7.) Then Immediately Your Will Be Successfully Confirmed. Click On “Click Here” To Log In To Your Newly Signed Up Account.
8.) Now Login And Update Your Account Details.
9.) Now Shrink Any Long URL Via There Shrinker And Post Them Or Send Them To People As You Usually Would With Any Shortened Link.
10.) Now You Have Started Earning Money…

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Last Words:

If you like this review and want to be in with supporting us than just use our referral lin to get an account by click on the below banner.

If you have any quires, fell free to contact us and leave your views in our comment below.

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8 Responses to “How To Make Money Online Via Your Links Using”

  1. Pramod Choudhari says: is a good program for people having blogs with high traffic and earning pennies from advertisements and affiliate marketing schemes .


    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here And Thanks For Leaving A Positive View About This. Yes, It’s A Best Way To Earn Some Buck From Link That Can Be Posted Anywhere.

  2. shrink adfly says:

    PC/Windows tool to create & manage your links.
    Try it there :

  3. Johny Depp says:

    Ad-Fly is the latest trend among websites and blog owners to Make Money Online
    .Ad-Fly redirects the website and blogs within few second which provides a good way of earning online money.

  4. Captcha Money says:

    Get paid to share your links on the Internet!

    I just started but i already love the easy way to make money. I am referring my friends to so they can earn money and I can earn my 20% commission!

    Just copy this link and past at yur browser and make free account.

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