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How To Make Money On YouTube? An Infograpic Walkthrough


Yes, You Too Can Make Money on YouTube! So, you want to make money on YouTube? Join the club! Ever since YouTube enabled monetization, it has become the new niche for Internet money-making. After all, you can have fun making your own videos, be the star or the director, and make money at it. As the infographic below, shows, getting started is pretty easy…it’s making the money roll in that is more challenging.

Once you’ve set up your account and turned on monetization, you need to decide what sort of videos you want to make. You can do some keyword research to see what’s hot (and what’s not), and focus your efforts around things that really interest you. Remember, if you don’t have some passion about what you’re doing, you probably won’t make the best videos in the world around that topic.

When you’ve uploaded your first video or two, you should start marketing yourself. Twitter is a great way to market yourself, if you follow solid strategies for Twitter marketing, so plan your marketing efforts carefully. Just make sure you’re getting the word out about your great new videos.

If you plan your videos and marketing well, you will find yourself gaining a following on YouTube. With that following will come the money, so have fun and put in the hard work required to make it all count!

How To Make Money On YouTube?

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  1. Romeoshine says:

    thanx for dis great tutorial

  2. As i always told that my search of articles end on your site and always you post amazing articles on your site. Now i have a very small question.

    I have an approved youtube adsense account, but when i apply for blogger adsense (through blogger) it says your account is not approved. But i have a approved adsense account.

  3. Nick Carter says:

    What can I say another great article ! I must really thank you I have learned so much from you! From the way you write and explain things, you must have been a great teacher!

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