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Most Helpful Advanced SEO Methods In 2020

In the digital marketing of the world today, the advanced SEO techniques include the higher technical updates, data-driven content, to the link building of a business platform. All these are different optimization techniques that fall under the high-level organic search engine marketing. Over the past years, SEO has dramatically transformed in the sense that it is not only limited to keywords, spamming links, and back-end code. There are always rules, limits, and ratios for everything, and the same case applies to the SEOs. The quality of search engine results is usually enhanced by the new advanced SEO techniques that keep in line with Google as it improves its algorithms regularly. A reason enough as to why the SEO specialist methods that were used in the 21st century are never applicable today. Therefore, the online business owners must keep up with the current algorithm of the search engines by updating their techniques with time.

To help you understand more, in the following section, we, as the SEO Service providers, have provided out the reader with outstanding advanced SEO techniques that will help you in generating leads in 2020 and beyond. Without further ado, let us get started.

Prioritize Mobile Ranking:

Since the end of 2016, the number of mobile internet users has increased steadily, exceeding desktop users. It is one of the main reasons that every market should make their website mobile responsive so that mobile phone users can access their online stores. Therefore, if there is anyone with a website that is not running on mobile devices, it advisable that purpose to make their site mobile responsive. This is because internet users will be over 75 percent using mobile devices in five years.

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The mobile-first indexing refers that Google uses the mobile version of the content for both ranking and indexing. Having the fact that many people are accessing their Google searches through their smartphones devices, it is likely that Googlebot has begun indexing the pages that have the mobile agents. The mobile indexing since its launch was enabled by default to all the new websites. But for the previous existing site before it came up will require continuous monitoring of the web pages in regards to the best practices.

Undoubtedly, the optimization of your platform for mobile devices will work for you in 2020 if you involve these practices.

  • Switch to the responsive sites
  • Ensure both your mobile devices and desktop versions of your platform have got the structured data.
  • Separately verify your mobile site in Google search console
  • Create readable content.


Optimization Of The Loading Speed:

Today every business wants to offer the best user experience the loading speed of a website is undoubtedly an issue that you should consider in 2020. Besides, a site that delights new clients is likely to perform better than those that do not. The behavior of a user when it comes to the internet has been evolving, and for that reason, you cannot overlook the loading speed of a website bearing that in mind, it may affect the online buyers. Slow loading sites will not attract customers, and they will instead switch to a different platform that faster than yours.

Apart from that, the loading speed of a website is a vital ranking factor as it is considered and monitored by the search engines. For instance, Google has observed all the signals that its algorithm uses in ranking pages, and speed is one of them. Again the first counter experience determines how the customer will like the site because if it is slow, it will de-motivate their moods into ever visiting the site. Some of the ways that will help you improve your website loading speed include:

  • Optimize the image sizes on your platform by compressing them using the JPEG tool.
  • Move your site to a better hosting option
  • Reduction of the redirects
  • Detect 404 errors
  • Eliminate unnecessary CSS files and JavaScripts.
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Also, consider using the speeding test tools like the Google page speed insights, speed test, webpage test, among others.


Schema Markup Or Structured Data For Optimization:

The primary top ranking factor in search engine optimization is the website content, but what has changed is how the search engine understands it. Currently, search engines have gotten much better and improved such that they know the user’s intention in offering them the relevant result for their queries. In that sense, schema and the structured data markup helps your platform in relaying the information the web crawlers and search engine faster and more orderly. This gives your customers a better understanding of your information on the web page. In a situation where the search engines like Google or let’s say Bing can show direct answers to the questions that are because the schema and the structured data are in those websites. Markedly, it is a very powerful SEO tool that every business owner should strive to have in their sites.

Improve The Voice Search Ranking:

This is another significant aspect that you cannot ignore in 2020 when it comes to SEO. About 50 percent of all searches conducted by the end of 2020 will be through the voice. The voice search allows the website users to speak into their devices instead of typing keyword in the search box to get results. It significantly improves the user experience since it offers considerable attention to the optimization of the voice search. You all will agree with me that technology is growing day by day. Here are some of the ways that you can use to improve voice search ranking:

  • Write content depending on how people speak
  • Focus on the local search
  • Target the long-tail keyword since voice search queries have many words.
  • Ensure your website loading speed is quick
  • Your website must be responsive and working well with all devices
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Search engine optimization is an essential tool for online businesses’ survival in the contemporary competitive market. This is because it aims at improving the search engine ranking of your site while still boosting the conversion rates. Apart from this, it is the only affordable way of bringing your brand into awareness naturally.  This is because, once you present your business in the top ranks in the search engine results through SEO, you will get many visitors into your site. However, to maintain that there is a need for your website to keep up with the latest advanced SEO methods discussed in this article.

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