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Top 5 App Store Screenshots: Things To Avoid

Optimizing your ASO ranking can be achieved through different, relevant strategies. So it is great that you know the things to avoid to ensure that your app store screenshots are doing well. Consider that even if your ASO strategies are implemented and executed by an expert marketing agency, positive results are not always the case. You can consult UxPlanet for more details regarding this.

Now and then, Google and Apple may change the algorithms of their respective app stores. There is a tendency that competitors are going to target some of your planned, researched and studied keywords. Consequently, the ranking of your competitors may go high, while yours may decrease because of some factors, like the influx of negative reviews which certainly affect the conversion rates.

How To Make Sure That Your App Store Screenshots Perform Well?

Generally speaking, it is a must that you do regular audits with the position of your mobile application. By doing this, you will be able to understand how your app is performing daily, weekly, and monthly. As well, you have to spend time to research about the performance of the competitors. You have to run multiple tests to determine the improvement of your mobile app’s visibility and ultimately the ranking of your app in the ASO results.

One essential thing that you should not forget to do is to know the most frequent mistakes related to app store screenshots optimization. By ascertaining these mistakes, you will be able to improve your strategies.

1.) Errors In-Text Optimization:

Committing mistakes is a typical thing to happen. In marketing, marketers usually commit mistakes by forgetting to implement some of the most needed techniques. With respect to App Store Optimization, errors in optimizing the texts are one of the clear factors of iOS screenshots low ranking. To remedy this kind of issue, you need to optimize the description text properly. You have to research relevant keywords and use them accordingly to drive traffic to your app listing.

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Build a semantic core because it is really working in favor of a high ranking of your listed mobile application. But you have to understand that doing so takes time and there is a challenge associated with it. Don’t just rely on luck because somehow it can complicate the matters that hinder the supposed high ranking. Instead, build your semantic core in a correct manner.

You can build a semantic core properly if you understand its proper definition. Well, let me define it for you. Semantic core refers to phrases or groups of words that the app users are usually using in their app store search. Basically, it refers to the relevant keywords that are coming from direct app users.

It is a daunting task to perfect this process because it requires intense research. You have to dig the details that emanate from the users’ queries. And the rule of the game is that when you’re able to look for relevant words or phrases, you can expect to have a better ranking. So it is the first challenge that you have to surpass if you want to drive more traffic to your listing in Google Play or App Store.

2.) Just Using Brand Name In The App Listing Title:

Some people would say that one essential requirement to have a well-optimized app listing is to limit the title with only the brand name. But to speak it clearly, it is a wrong notion. This strategy must be polished. Yes, it is great to include the brand name but there is more that has to be done.

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In creating an app title, you should:

  • Research for strategic keywords
  • Add such keywords in the app title with the brand name

Furthermore, you should utilize all the available characters and features. The users must be able to know how great your app is. That is why it is essential to conduct research and to understand the details that come from such research.

Using also a mixture of languages can be great for your ASO ranking. To create screenshots is important but you have to also reinforce the process by considering the language aspect. For example, in the US, using both English and Spanish languages can still be indexed by the app store algorithmic system.


3.) Repeating Strategic Keywords Multiple Times Is Not Good:

It is detrimental to your app ranking to repeat your strategic keywords a lot of times. The recommendation is that you have to use keywords only once in the Title and Meta Description. Otherwise, your listed mobile app can suffer from unfavorable impacts. There are more relevant details found in Ramotion store on how you can improve the chances to rank high using the most relevant and strategic keywords.

But there is a twist here. You have to keep in mind that in Google Play, it can still be beneficial to have repeated keywords in the metadata section. Notwithstanding, repeating your strategic keywords many, many times can be disastrous.

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4.) App Marketing Is Not Localized:

When it comes to marketing, you should understand that local marketing is applicable to all. According to this post, 2 of the countries that have the highest downloads in the world are China and the US. So by localizing your marketing approach, you can rank your app screenshots easily.

To do proper local marketing, you should consider the following:

  • Optimized Title, Subtitle, and Strategic Keywords
  • Proper Screenshots CTA and Annotations
  • Full App Description for Google Play, While Part App Description for App Store

5.) Errors In Visual Assets And Overused Marketing Messages:

You have to make sure that the visuals are correctly set into place. In Apple’s app stores, the screenshots must have creative icons as this approach can help you have a better ranking. Therefore, it is important that you optimize not only the screenshots but also the app icons.

Additionally, it is necessary that you don’t overuse marketing messages. The app searchers are simply looking for solutions to their problems. So it is better to provide concise yet information-rich visual content than to put fluffy and unnecessary marketing statements. And make sure that the font is readable enough.

Go to this article if you want to learn more things about more secrets of App Store Optimization.

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