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Social Media: Key To The Future Of Your SEO

Social Media: Key To The Future Of Your SEO

History of impact in social signals over SEO: Search engine optimization is constantly changing its direction day by day. For gaining website traffic and getting high return on investment in natural way is the main aim of SEO. Last year strategies couldn’t do anything on this year strategy. Because every year it changes it strategies and techniques that can helps to improve the traffic to the website. But social media has gaining reputation in according to get more traffic and user to the website.

Latest surveys noted that social media has continuing to grow its impacts of on SEO. Compared to the last year, these social signals are played a crucial role in ranking the website. Also the survey added that website that having good social media presence tend to have good SEO and online marketing so that they are get high ranking.

How Social Signals Improve Rankings?

Social signals haves both direct and indirect impact on organic search rankings.

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Direct Impact Comes In:

  • Number of shares in Facebook, pins in Pinterest.
  • Number of people that likes your brand or service in Facebook
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Numbers of mentioning tweets of your brand name or your website
  • Number of peoples in your Google+ circle

Indirect Impact Comes On:

  • Increased citations and inbound links due to increased online visibility and brand awareness
  • Increased positive reviews in Social signals like Google local, Yelp due to the happier customers
  • Decreased bounce rates, higher time on site and more number of repeated visitors to your website.

Social Media: Key To The Future Of Your SEO

Future Of Social Signals With Regards To SEO:

Companies don’t playing the robust social strategy to their business will be left alone in the last years. Social signals are becoming the new “link” in terms of overall importance in the ranking algorithm. Both direct and indirect impacts of social signals are most valuable ranking factors

Reason For This One Is:

  • World become more social. Even today’s kids are used social channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s customers. This generation ages, spending more time on social media channels and the result is that increasing the interacting with their favorite brands on the web. 
  • Most of the people trust the website that recommended personally by their friends compared to search engines. Website that having strong social presence can easily shareable and accessible and also easier to recommend. These shares also having impact of ranking factor of your website.
  • Website that having strong social presence having better conversion rate and brand loyalty are leading to more sales and greater brand awareness which lead to more positive review and inbound links to the website.

Steps To Improve Social Signals To Your Websites:

Similar to SEO the two different elements of social media are onsite and offsite. If you want to grow social media presence in right way means then you should concentrate on both things.

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Onsite Elements Have Include Are:

  • Share button (tweet, like, recommend, bookmark and etc.)
  • A blog
  • Connect buttons (Follow on LinkedIn, Follow on Twitter, Like a Facebook page etc.)

Offsite Elements Have To Include:

  • Guest blog posting 
  • Google+ account 
  • Twitter account 
  • Facebook account 
  • LinkedIn company page 
  • Pinterest account 
  • Other social media platforms 

Step By Step Quick Guide To Launch Social Media Presence:

  1. Registering of your business in the above social media channels. Simply having the presence at each social media can creates inbound links to your brand.
  2. Set your company blog if you don’t have already one. And start blogging at least once in a week. Don’t do that just sake of blogging also give valuable and useful content to your users.
  3. Set your onsite content engine or writer. This one is crucial because if you hiring good and experienced content writer to your website then your there is a possible to list more and accurate keywords for your website. This one also strengthens your inbound links.
  4. Hire offsite content writer for your social media channels if you don’t have enough time to spend on social media. Because social media updating and presence in very important one to build your brand reputation.
  5. Integrate your onsite and offsite content engines and whenever a new blog post is published promote the post in social channels. Similarly encourage your blog readers to follow you on Social channels like Google+ and Facebook. Add social media “share” buttons in your blog.
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These are social media impact on your SEO and ways to improve your social media presence to build your community of people for your website. If you done these things perfectly then your traffic will be automatically keeps on increasing.

About the Author:
Angelina Winselt is working as a web content writer in the DMC social media optimization training in chennai. She loves to share her innovative ideas and information to the famous blogs and websites.

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