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Paying Off Debt – Getting Back Financial Control With Debt Settlement

The best outcomes for debt settlement occur when consumers already have access to the money that they need before they make an offer to a creditor. If you manage to save enough money or benefit from an unexpected windfall, you can use the funds to settle your debts. Saving up is necessary when you want to make a settlement offer that requires you to pay a lump-sum amount.

Qualifying For Debt Settlement:

If you decide to settle your debt, you need to be able to convince the creditor to accept less than you owe as full and final payment. You may be concerned about falling behind your payments but if you have been current, you will not be able to settle. Creditors and collectors are not usually willing to accept a lower amount than what they are owed if they believe that you have the ability to pay the total amount that was initially agreed to.

Debt settlement is a practical option when you miss payments or have several late payments and collections accounts. In this type of situation your credit score may be damaged, you feel overwhelmed and you do not have enough income to fulfill your debt obligations. While exploring the possibility of debt settlement, find out whether it can work for your current circumstances and ease your debt burden.

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Unsecured Debt:

Debt settlement is geared towards reducing the amount that you owe, usually on unsecured debts like credit cards. It may not be a suitable option for debts such as assets that financial institutions can repossess.  A settlement offer works when the only remaining alternative appears to be not paying back anything at all. Read debt settlement reviews here.


Approaches To Debt Settlement:

There are a number of ways to approach debt settlement and these include working with debt settlement companies or debt relief specialists. Building up the money to make the settlement offer usually requires you to deposit a specified amount into an account that will enable the company to negotiate when you have enough to facilitate the lump-sum offer to the creditor.

Another approach is to handle your own debt settlement when you are behind payments. You can contact your creditor when you are sure that you will afford the lower payment options are offered. If you plan to negotiate a settlement, it is essential to learn as much as you can about the process and what may happen.


Gather the money you need for a lump-sum payment or offer. It can be challenging to raise the money but an extra source of income is worth considering if you want to get out of debt. Creditors are generally likelier to agree to lump-sum offers that lets them get the money immediately instead of the risk of waiting for payments that may not be delivered.

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Be sincere about what you are able to pay and depending on how financially challenged you are, the creditor may be willing to go as low as possible with the settlement When borrowers are overwhelmed by their unsecured debt, negotiating and settling can help them rebuild their finances faster.

Mandy BularAbout the Author:

Mandy Bular has extensive experience in debt management and has received many positive debt settlement reviews for her work. You can connect with him via LinkedIn and Twitter. For more information visit his blog here.

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