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How To File An Insurance Claim For Your Home In 5 Easy Steps?

Are you a home owner in Houston? Are you looking for a reliable and highly professional roofing and construction company you can entrust your roofing needs? Did the last storm finally get to your home’s roofing system? Well, you are lucky because you aren’t the only one facing this problem. This also means that you will get the best company to hire easily.

Just like many other home owners, you will be looking for a roofing company that can process your homeowner’s insurance claim. In most cases, you will have the insurance claim processed once. If you have had previous experience with insurance companies, then you know that they can be a complicated lot. However, with a licensed, insured, and a qualified professional company, your insurance claim will be processed easily.

The steps involved in home insurance claim processing include:


1.) Get a roof inspection:

Just like the thorough inspection that is given to your car by the insurance company and the valuers, your house also needs to be thoroughly inspected to ensure that every nook and cranny in the roof is identified and listed for repairs. The roof inspection must be carried out by a reputable and a highly qualified local roofing company.  You should always consider getting a free, no-obligation roof inspection especially if you think that the storm caused damage to your home. You may be wondering about where to find a reputable roofing company in Houston. This can be a challenge at first. However, you should get referrals and recommendations from your co-workers, friends, or family. You may also look up reviews on the internet.

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2.) File The Claim:

If the roof inspection reveals that there is damage to the roof, then you have to file a claim with your insurance company. The best roofing companies have professionals who will help you with the roof insurance claims processing. The insurance company will want to know if the roof has been inspected, so provide this information.

3.) Inspection By The Insurance Adjuster:

Your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to inspect your roof again. This is just protocol, but you should have a professional roofer present as the insurance adjuster conducts their inspection. It is important to have the roofer and the adjuster inspecting the roof at the same time since it is more likely for them to find the damage covered by your home insurance easily. This saves time spent on re-inspections and constant back and forth phone calls that waste your time.

4.) Schedule Roof Replacement:

Once the insurance claim is approved by the insurance company, schedule a roof replacement. Normally, this should take five days from the day of receipt of the first check by the insurance company. A typical roof replacement takes between 1 to 2 days.

5.) Pay Your Deductible:

This is the only out-of-pocket expense expected from you. Your insurance company will give a detailed scope of loss that is used as the monetary guide for completion of repairs by the roofing company. Note that the best roofing companies in Houston do not cover, absorb, or waive your deductible.

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In conclusion, you need to follow these steps to get the insurance claimed within a short time. Work with a reputable roofing company always for the best quality services delivery.

Walter MooreAbout the Author:

Walter Moore is an insurance consultant for roofing and construction companies. For comprehensive information on roof insurance claims, check out his blog.

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