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How Ecommerce Sites Present Price Comparison?

Are you shopping on the internet? A little research can help you save money. Although clearly knowing what you are seeking for, you have to choose among dozens of available products, brands and online sellers. Use these recommendations as an aid to finding the most suitable deal online – and to avoid falling into the trap of a false offer published by scam performers.

ECommerce Price Comparison websites connect with multiple merchants selling online the same product, occasionally changes the prices of the product. As an alternative of comparing the net rates of the products, compare the total prices, contains shipping, delivery charges, taxes etc. Additionally, each online shopping website has its own return policy. You have to do a little research on the policy if it will charge extra for shipping and if you can return your purchase. The Price comparison website also has option to notify you when prices changes or you can set an alert according to your budget.

Some Of Unbeaten Advantages Of Price Comparison Website:

  • Is an excellent platform for traders who want to get their products in front of potential customers
  • Is one of the best options for online sellers to list their products for extra sales
  • Allow buyers to compare prices, read reviews and opinions and simply find the best possible deals easily
  • Some of the Comparing Engines are free, the will charge through PPC or Actions per Click. With PPC, sellers will pay a fee on each offer from potential customer clicks on the refer link.


Region In Which E-Commerce Market ‘Booming’:

E-Commerce is now becoming a key driver of a trade growth in some regions, radically improving the business process in the retail sector. Over the past years, online shopping market in the Middle East grew by 300% among the highest rate of growth and now even pushes more smart methods to buy online. Have a look on Middle East focused price comparison engine brings price comparison module, user reviews, and retail locations of online shops covering range of products (consumer electronics, clothes, accessories etc.)

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Over the past years a lot of new online shopping web portals arrive so far; Souqmobi listed 200+ online shopping portals spring up in the Middle East. Also from a visitor perspective; they get many of the options to find out what they are seeking at the best value. Even though in the United States and other developed regions ecommerce industry has made its appearance since 1990’s; that is another reason why in all developed countries ecommerce market trends booming in the past years.

How It Works?

Most Comparison Websites require buyers contains format product information. This resource must be defined by itself and use scripts to organize the data feed and list them, showing the details in the results pages as suitable.

Here is a simple guide to how to sale your products through comparison shopping engine (CSE):

  • Upload your product catalog and set your budget
  • Shopper see your ads on CSE
  • Shopper click to product pages on your website
  • You pay a CPC fee (If charge)
  • Shopper purchase from your website directly

How To Collect Data Feed For Your Comparison Shopping Engine?

You can collect data directly from the seller stores, who are in seeking to make the extra sale; list products on your website and match their listing from your original database. Another way is to grab a data feed through different formats; XML code will guide you for that and you can import data file in your system. At the other side you can also crawl the data of each seller; this mean you have to first collect data, scan products, make product match up with your categories which is one of the independent method to direct collect data and use as comparison.

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Price comparison website get wider product data feeds gathering a lot of differing online retailers from associate networks like LinkShare (affiliate program) and Commission Junction. There are as well, some companies that offering services of data collection alliance for the purpose of comparison and charge users to gain access to data. When products from the given listing are displayed on the website they earn money through impression, click through actions and also offering other business method.

Muhammad Khalid MakkiAbout the Author:The article authored by Muhammad Khalid Makki, Souqmobi; Working in Webiz Media – an online Advertising & Marketing Firm, the best web development and SEO Company, which is extremely popular in the web optimization industry. We offering all tech support, training and necessary shortcut tips to enable IT technocrats to upgrade their web portals.

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  1. The good news is that the G-Buss global business directory works with virtually any good or service.

  2. charan says:

    Am an official online seller on eBay India, selling women’s wear. but, when i come to shopping on the internet i mostly depend on the price comparison and coupon websites.. i saved decent money and the best part is can check our favorite product prices list from different websites at one place. thanks for sharing your knowledge on how to shop online and save lots of money.

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