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How E-Mail Marketing Helps To Increase Web Traffic?

How E-Mail Marketing Helps To Increase Web Traffic?

You may write e-mail for an affiliate product and you provide your affiliate link. Then when they get that e-mail, they read your e-mail and they click the affiliate link if they purchase you make a commission. Now this is a way to start monetizing your list right from the get-go.

Now, if you need to pause this video or back it up, and watch this sequence a few times, or just look at it so that you understand how it all works together. It’s very simple, but it does take a little bit of time to understand how it does work. First up is the auto responder. Now you need a third party hosted auto.

You do not want a self-hosted one where you install it on your Web server. When you do that, you have a hard time with e-mail deliverability and getting your e-mails read and getting your e- mails even delivered.

With the third party services that sort of thing, they handle all of that for you and they guarantee your e-mails are getting delivered. You have a much better service and it’s very affordable — it’s like $20 a month. That’s not bad at all.

You only need to set up one main auto responder list. That’s one e-mail list. You don’t need one list per report as long as all the reports are in the same niche. If you’re working in just one niche then you just set up one simple e-mail list in which to add all of your e-mail prospects. What you want to do though is create one Web form, which is the opt-in form for each report so each report has its own unique Web form, but they all feed into the same e-mail list.

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Now, this Web form… each Web form will redirect the new subscriber to the report’s thank you page. That’s why you need a unique Web form for each report because each report is going to have a different thank you page with a different download link. Here’s a little example of what this looks like. Let’s say you have two reports.

How E-Mail Marketing Helps To Increase Web Traffic?

Report number one, they visit the squeeze page. The report one Web form adds the prospect to the auto responder list and then redirects the prospect to the report one thank you page. That’s handled automatically. At the same time as that’s going on, the report one Web form is adding the prospect to your auto responder e-mail list, which is triggering the thank you e-mail to go out and then a few days later, the offer e-mail.

That’s all done automatically. Now at the same time as that’s happening, on a different Web site with different traffic, your report two squeeze page is getting visited and your report two Web form is adding prospects to your auto responder list and it’s redirecting prospects to your report two thank you page. That’s handled automatically while at the same time they’re getting added to your e-mail list and then they get the same thank you e-mail and the same offer e-mail.

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