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Your Business Websites Needs Cloud Hosting 2019 – Infographics

Cloud hosting has increased to a great extent and popularity in recent years. Considering its sudden rise, you would have raised lots of questions in your minds. Being a high performing hosting solution, it’s a flexible and scalable featured the best alternative to host websites on single servers (dedicated or shared servers).

Below we had explored the main benefits or call it as the best Cloud hosting features that can probably encourage all of us to choose it for our websites. Since websites are considered as your online business portal, your site must perform consistently with least or no downtime.

“Using Cloud hosting solutions can be very helpful because efficiency in the business process improves to 18.80% and the business growth increases to 19.63%.”

Since Cloud hosting is not limited to more prominent IT companies and custom software development companies, SMBs (small & medium businesses) also use it to boost business productivity.

Let’s discuss some benefits on Cloud hosting solutions in 2019;

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Pricing Structure Is Quite Flexible:

In various hosting solutions, we pay monthly rates whether we utilize all of the server resources or not. However, in cloud hosting, we need to pay only for those what we use!

Suppose your one blog post is viral and is receiving a large amount of traffic, then you mustn’t upgrade your package completely if using Cloud hosting.

You only need to scale up your resources during the traffic surge, and when traffic levels return to normal, you can freely scale down the resources. Also, the price of server resource is less as compared to upgrades.

Scaling Server Resources Is Easy:

For most of the Cloud servers, you can easily access a site management dashboard, that views your site’s entire real-time performance. Also, you needn’t wait for the approval from your hosting providers before scaling up or down.

Easy Availability And High Uptime:

Your website’s uptime depends upon your physical servers environment. In traditional hosting solutions, if the server goes offline, then the site faces downtime. However, as Cloud hosting use CDN, your site’s overall downtime reduces.

Cloud hosting’s built-in structure has high uptime, which virtually multiple the server’s resources. Thus, if one server goes offline, others are there to manage unexpected traffic surge.

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High-Speed Servers:

Unless you have signed up for a shared hosting package, Cloud hosting solutions always take some time to deploy your web server. For a moment, it looks hassle, but then it becomes super speedy and takes upon the charge with full force.

Less Server Hardware Issues:

Since Cloud hosting is more secured, physical server issues such as hardware failure, hacking, malware attacks and system overload are less experienced.

This is why;

“85% of global enterprises trust Cloud to store the most sensitive data.”

Fast Website Speed And High Performance:

Most cloud servers effortlessly increase your website’s capacity, by providing you with fast web speed, easy load balancing among different server environments, and put less strain on a single server resource.

As the built-in structure of server influence the speed of your website, Cloud hosting servers are the low-density servers that increase the site’s performance.

“Also, if traffic levels are up and down, then scalability of traffic is easy in Cloud hosting and gives the best value to your money.”

The Server Management Dashboard Is Simple And Intuitive:

A few years ago, maybe a decade ago, Cloud servers were a little challenging to manage due to the lack of required technical expertise. However, today’s cloud hosting is seamless, friendly for teamwork, extend efficiency for Big Data and complicated applications.

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Cost-effective PAYG (Pay As You Go) model makes Cloud hosting more user-friendly to access. Additionally, automatic updates relieve employees anytime, anywhere.

There are some serious advantages and benefits of Cloud hosting in 2019. All these value-based flexible, scalable, high uptime, control, and performance features make Cloud hosting a key player in 2019 in the business of website and online software development.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Everdata

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