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Trends & Tips For Starting & Marketing Your Service Business

Having a great business idea is only the first step in what can be a long journey. However, if you don’t take this step you’ll never know just how far you could have gone. Just imagine if Richard Branson had decided to stay at school and not start Virgin records!

But, in order to succeed it is essential that you get good advice on starting a business and combine it with the following trends and tips. You have to be prepared to ask for help in order to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition:

Know Your Market:

It actually doesn’t matter if you’re trying to start in the service industry or products; you need to know your market.

This means thinking about who your service will appeal to and how you can get their attention.

In the modern age it is common to use digital technology to get your presence known. But, before you can do anything you need to search on the service you’re offering. This will give you an idea of the competition and allow you to devise a way to stand out from the crowd.

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The best way to sell your service is not to sell it but to sell your brand. You need to become established as a person or a firm that people can trust. This means talking to people on social media platforms and networking.

The idea is to promote who you and your business is; not your service. Once people trust you and know your name you won’t need to market your service; they will come to you.


The Website:

Of course any reputable business needs a website. This will cost as you need a domain name relevant to your business. It is essential to make your site mobile friendly. This study shows that mobile is now more popular than desktop.

You also need to produce quality material for your site and link to other related sites; although not usually with direct competitors. This will increase your exposure.

In the early days you’ll need to market your services through paid adverts as well as the social media mentioned above. As you become established your content should do most of the marketing for you.

Be sure to create a customer and potential customer it and stay in touch with them regularly. But, you shouldn’t appear to be constantly selling them something; you just need to remind them that you’re there.

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Free Stuff:

A great way to market your business and tell people that you are reputable is to give away something for free. For example lawyers often give the first hour for free; this encourages people through the door and gets them to trust you.

In turn you’ll get their business and if you look after them they will recommend you to others.


Following the regulations in your state and getting your name out their will help you to build a good business. But, the downside of digital media I how easily your reputation can be damaged by one unhappy customer.

You need to stay on top of all complaints so that other potential customers can see you deal with issues quickly and fairly; you don’t always have to favor the customer!

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  1. Intrepid says:

    I agree with your points. Primary focus of your is Clients. Of course, You sell your services or solutions on your brands’ name. And are many things. You covered approx all, I impressed. Thanks.

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