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6 Mistakes That You Make With Your ECommerce Website

6 Mistakes That You Make With Your E-commerce Website

Having a successful e commerce website takes lot of skill and effort. Apart from all the things that you can do to make your e-commerce website successful, there are a number of things that you must avoid to remain in the race. One thing that every e-commerce website owner must realize is that the sales are being made to a real person as it happens in a physical store.

Here are 6 mistakes that you make with your E-commerce website:

1.) Not Including Product Descriptions:

There are no two ways about the fact that high quality photos are very essential for e-commerce SEO. However, what is even more important is the description of the product accompanying the photograph. If there is no such description, you stand a lesser chance of being picked up by a search engine. It must be noted that the description, side bar, text and footer all are included in the final word count. Unique and descriptive content can make you more visible on search engines thereby assisting you market your wares.

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2.) Duplicating Product Descriptions:

Another common mistake made by most e-commerce website owners is copying the product description given by the manufacturer as it is. This is generally done to avoid the mistake of skipping product descriptions. While it is true that such a practice will give you a very accurate description of the product, eventually it might work against you. It is because your rivals, who sell the same product will be using the same description too, thereby giving rise to the problem of duplicate content. It is hence recommended that you reword the description or make an additional editorial of your own underneath the description. The same problem arises when you want to list your products on third party sites such as Amazon. If you use the same description that you have on your site, you risk duplicating content.

6 Mistakes That You Make With Your E-commerce Website

3.) Lack Of Related Content:

Of course it is the product description that takes the lead in terms of SEO of an e-commerce website, it is not the only thing that matters. There are many people who may be interested in knowing more about your company, products and activities. It is hence recommended that you include some information related to your company such as its history, policy on shipping and return etc. A good way to implement this strategy is to open a business blog and throw it open to customers for reviews.

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4.) Unfriendly URLs:

Another SEO trick that most of the e-commerce websites ignore to exploit is the presence of a URL that is optimized for search engine pages. An unfriendly URL declines the sales in the same manner as stuff hidden from buyer’s view does in a physical store. The capability to have full control over the URL is a must for every e-commerce website.

5.) Not Adapted To Mobile:

There are no two ways about the fact that mobile shoppers are increasing day by day and mobile shopping is going to be the future of online shopping. All e-commerce websites need to be fully functional on mobile devices in order to generate expected sales. With more and more users switching to mobile devices for internet needs, no e-commerce website can afford to make the mistake of being absent on mobile platforms.

6.) Not Using SEO Optimized Themes:

There are a number of e commerce website owners who have chosen amazing templates for their websites without knowing whether the template assists in the SEO of the website or otherwise. A theme for an e commerce website has to be intelligently coded to assist your website in organic promotion also. It is recommended to survey the web thoroughly in order to find the template that suits your e commerce website’s SEO the best. WordPress provides a number of SEO optimized themes which can be obtained at little or no investment.

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For an online e commerce business venture to succeed, it is utmost important that a strong and flawless SEO strategy is incorporated into the design of the website. If the website is out of sight, it is definitely going to be out of mind of its prospective users. No matter what your level of SEO efforts is, if you cannot get rid of these common mistakes, you are less likely to get results with your efforts.

By avoiding these 6 common mistakes, you as an owner of e-commerce website, can hugely boost your presence on search engines and take your e-commerce SEO to new levels reaping greater benefits.

About the Author:
Levi Herris is an online consultant for CJ Pony Parts . He likes to blog on various areas of Online marketing and ways to boost business.

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