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7 Things To Remember When You Recruit

Nothing is more important than hiring the right man for the right job. Well if you are a recruiter you would know exactly what does that means. You look for people who can dedicate their heart and mind in making the company grow. In the end, it’s the manpower that brings the difference of success and failure through their actions.

In any business firm/ organization hiring and firing is a part and parcel of operational its domain. To recruit quality manpower is what firms aim for. The domain of recruitment is not restricted by geographical constrains anymore.  Indian chef wanted, Indian cook wanted, Indian Accountant wanted, etc are some common vacancy posts of firms operating abroad.

The expansion of the domain of recruitment doesn’t mean that the job is easy for you a recruiter. Proper assessment of the candidate’s skills, abilities, and personalities is a crucial factor that can make or break the situation. To get the deserving on board requires some effort.

Well before you hire any one it is important that you know what you are looking for and how to choose the right candidate for the job. If you are wondering how to do that then bother yourself much. We are going to discuss some important points that you must note while recruiting a person. So, carry on reading and go through these essentials.

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1.) Companies Requirement:

It is important that you know what your company needs before you start to look for a potential candidate. As a recruiter is your job to understand the companies hiring needs. You must maintain proper communication with all the departments of the company. This way you can make sure if there is a need for a new employee or an empty position is needed to be filled.

2.) Candidates Aptitude:

Well, it’s obvious; there is no use of hiring a person who neither has the qualification or the skillset for the job. Indian chef wanted, waiters wanted are common job vacancies at a restaurant. However, it would be futile for you to even interview these people for a job in IT sector. Make sure that your candidates are expertise and have the relevant skillset.

It is also important that you make sure that the candidate is capable and compatible with your companies work environment. Apart from the core skills he/she should have the apt mindset, attitude, communication skills and ability to handle work pressure.

3.) Job Importance:

Every employee you hire can either make millions for you or make you lose millions. It all depends on one good or a bad decision. Every candidate you interview might become an important part of the company in the near future. So it is important that your candidate realize the importance of the job or the position he/she is applying for. It is your responsibility that you make them realize that their action can have a great impact on the company. For instance, if a hired head Indian chef wanted they should realize the importance of the job they are applying for.


4.) Clear Job Description:

The job description is a very important aspect of the recruiting process. You need to be brief about the job description when putting a notice for engineer wanted, Indian chef wanted, Chinese chef wanted, the manager wanted, etc. Putting up a bad description of the job requirement and everyday responsibilities might confuse the candidates. These types of rooky mistakes will only increase your work and make the interviews more awkward for you and the candidate. So always remember to be clear as a crystal and honest while giving the job description to attract the right candidate for the job.

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5.) Conduct A Friendly Interview:

Interviews are like the first insight into your company’s culture and work environment. Based on the interview both the candidate and the recruiter have to decide if they both want to work together or not. If you want the candidate to be friendly and really open up with you then you need to have a friendly attitude during the interview. This way you will get to know all about the candidate you are going to hire their habits, nature, mentality, etc. Always remember people reveal they’re true selves when they are comfortable with someone.

6.) Don’t Recruit On The Basis Of Cultural Compatibility:

You need a candidate with a proper skill set, it doesn’t matter who has it. You must never reject a candidate because of his culture, race, gender, cast, and language. If he/she has the required skills and determination then that is your guy.

7.) Employees Salary:

It is a sensitive topic to touch as you wish to save more; however, your employee wants extra. It is important that you discuss the salary of the employee during the interview. It might be a sensitive issue, however, it is also the most important one. Both the company and the employee need to find common ground if they want to end with a successful business trade.

KyraAbout the Author:

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Kyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – Best Agency For Indian Chef Wanted. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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