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Grow Organic Traffic In 8 Steps: DIY SEO Tips And Hacks

If you are reading this article, chances are, you already know what SEO is. So, we will not delve deeper into how great SEO is and how it can help with your website. What you do need to know is that you do not always have to chase after affordable SEO services whenever you face a web traffic dilemma. As it turns out, there are certain tips and trick that you can implement on your own to get desirable results.

So, in this article, we will take you through some of the helpful tricks that, if implemented correctly, can increase your organic traffic by a huge margin. So, let us get down to business!

1.) Study Your Audience:

SEO may be about search engines but it all relates back to how your audience feels about you. So, it is extremely important that you get inside your potential consumers’ mind and try to think like them.

Unless they are looking for something specific, consumers never search for a product through a brand or a company’s name. This raises a question about the searching pattern of the consumers, i.e. ‘if they are not searching for you, then how can they find out about you?’ Of course, the answer to this question lies in keyword research but that is not all!

You need to hang out at all the places that are popular among your consumers, i.e. forums, discussion groups, and communities, etc. on Facebook, Reddit, Quora, and Twitter. This will help you realize all the troubles associated with your target audience and will aid you in gaining a better understanding of their needs.

2.) Master Keyword Research:

Keyword research is important since it provides entrepreneurs with valuable insights regarding what consumers want and how they want it. The only problem with this is that not enough marketers know how to perform proper keyword research.

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Sure, you can log into Google Keyword Planner, select the most popular keywords, and incorporate them into your content. This strategy works but with short-tailed keywords only, the majority of which are generic in nature.

To really narrow down the search funnel and to ensure that your website secures a desirable rank in the search engine pages, you need to treat long-tail keywords as a top priority. The best place to start is by looking at the suggestions that appear when you are typing a query in the search box. In addition, you can also look for long-tail keyword suggestions at the bottom of the search pages. Both of these methods will provide you with enough material to start your long-tail keyword strategy.

3.) Understand The Competition:

Once you have found all the desirable keywords, you need to search them up to see what are your competitors up to. Remember, every search result in the list, whether they provide dissimilar services, is your competition. So, you need to analyze their strategies to find out why they are ranking so well for a specific search term.

The best place to start your competitor research is through a tool called Buzzsumo. Once you get to know all the ropes of this tool, you will be able to do much more than simple competitive keyword analyses!

4.) Focus On NAP:

NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) serves a higher purpose when it comes to driving local organic traffic to your website. Having an international online business is great but you must have roots somewhere; which is essentially the local place from where you started it all!

Because of this, you need to mention your location, address and contact information into every little section of your website. This way you can cater to the needs of the local customers. Additionally, target and integrate location-based keywords into your content as well. To increase the flow of organic traffic, you should list your business on Yelp, and Google My Business, etc.

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5.) Build A Social Media Network:

For businesses, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. are more than just a leisure pastime. If used correctly, these social platforms can provide entrepreneurs with crucial information regarding their current and potential consumers.

Another way of benefitting from such platforms is by sharing snippets of your content with functional URLs that lead to your website. Through this way, you could direct the flow of traffic from social media to your site. However, for this step to bear fruits, you must create interesting yet educational content; something that proves useful to your readers!

6.) Consumer-Friendly Content Marketing Strategy:

Great content must be backed by a strong marketing strategy. That said, you need to customize your content to fit the needs of any particular social platform. For instance, LinkedIn and Twitter cannot be held to the same standards since one caters to professionals and the latter one caters to relaxed, young individuals.

Keeping this in mind, you need to modify your content marketing efforts according to the nature of the platform to make the most of your posts! On top of this, you should create a content posting calendar that keeps you updated with your posting schedule.

When devising a perfect content strategy, keep in mind that great content is not limited to blogs/articles only. Videos, infographics, gifs, pictures, etc; all come under the umbrella of website content.

7.) Get Familiar With Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a useful tool since it tells you about the marketing efforts that are yielding positive results. This kind of information is important since it points at all the weak spots within your SEO efforts. Additionally, it brings your attention to elements that could be optimized further for better results.

On top of this, Google Analytics informs the entrepreneurs about where, how, and when the visitors are visiting your platform. From the most visited pages to the most clicked item, helpful informational bit is covered by Google Analytics. So, you need to understand how GA works since it will help you with the SEO aspect of generating organic traffic!

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8.) Set Up Google Alerts:

We will conclude this list with another Google tool, i.e. Google Alerts. The idea behind Google Alert is simple; you receive online pings whenever someone mentions you or your brand on social media. Be it a blogger, a website, ordinary consumers, etc; for every social mention, you will receive a notification that you can use to improve your website’s existing areas.

If you are being mentioned in a negative context, you can reach out to the person behind the mention and try to work out a solution. On the other hand, if it is a positive mention, you can contact the person, thank them, and ask them to consider linking to your website.

Through this way, you can not only become a consumer-conscious platform but you can also grow your network. Not to forget all the organic traffic that you will generate from the mentions and links that lead back to your website.


Once you realize that you need to enhance your organic traffic, opting for search engine optimization services may pop into your mind. However, you do not always need to bring in a third party to deal with your problems. Also, you do not need to rely on cheap SEO tricks to get desirable solutions. Although they generate results, the solutions are usually short-termed and may lead tosevere penalties from Google. We do not want you to go through such misery!

To bring an end to your woes, we have mentioned 8 DIY tips that anyone with little SEO knowledge can implement. So, go through them, experiment with them, and get ready to bear positive organic traffic results.

Qurat-ul-Ain GhazaliAbout the Author:

Qurat-ul-Ain Ghazali is a system engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech related.Currently, she is the digital content manager at Dynamologic Solutions, a leading website design company.

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