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Domain Name Statistics: Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Leverage Them

What’s in a name? Well, for a website, lots. We are talking about domain names, of course. First of all, this address helps people locate a web page. But aside from that, it carries different valuable pieces of information, like domain owners’ activity footprint and contact details.

Today, WHOIS database download services compile such data, and by doing so, they enable reaching the distant corners of web locations. So what is it about domain name statistics and domain records that make them so crucial for many companies’ endeavors? What are their potential upsides for your analytical efforts? Let’s take a look.

Top Level Domains, Learn The Differences:

It’s important to understand that all domain names operate under the “address book” of the Internet represented by the Domain Name System (DNS). Its highest level is comprised of Top Level Domains (TLDs) and includes generic, new generic, and country TLDs.

Generic TLDs are the primary ones such as .com, .org, .net, .edu, and .gov, and they were first used when the Internet spread in the 1990s. Country TLDs are those reserved for nations, like .uk, .us, .kr, and .ca. New TLDs like .baseball, .tokyo, and .media are the latest generation ones introduced in the 2000s to provide website owners with more options.

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Now let’s see how companies can utilize TLDs’ statistics for business purposes.

New And Generic Tlds Are Rich:

Generic TLDs are perhaps the most in-demand domain types and exploring the data involving these can be beneficial because of their targeted reach on the Internet. Since generic TLDs tend to be thematic — .net, .edu, .int, .gov, .mil, etc. — they allow experts to narrow down their research and explore numbers across specific industries of interest. For example, how many domains were registered under the .edu extension? What does it say about the state of this particular industry?

New generic TLDs make the new niches they belong to easier to determine. Specialists possessing the data about new TLDs can check what new domains have appeared recently, and infer any news or emerging trends these may bring.


Country TLDs Go Local:

Country TLDs also carry a lot of practical information and can cater insights for various professionals. Examining statistics regarding these allows researchers to learn how different industries evolve on a local basis, as well as help spot possibilities for economic growth in certain areas.

Additionally, brand specialists and domainers can monitor country-related domains with the objective of acquiring strategic ones, while SEO specialists can look into such domains to boost their SEO network and develop sites in different languages.

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Registrar Data Is To Watch Out For Too:

Registrars are those who provide the means for website owners to register domain names. They also have the responsibility to keep the accuracy of such information as the contact details and IP addresses of domain owners. Statistics regarding the registrar’s market share can be quite insightful.

Reviewing these numbers before acquiring domains can help businesses check who the best providers in the industry are — i.e., understanding if a particular registrar is trustworthy based on its competitive position — before making a commitment.

Domain Records Can Help Provide Context:

Domain data encompasses registrations, ownership transfers, and other details and can be accessed through a WHOIS database download service. First of all, it can help businesses get a better understanding of the online entities they deal with. This is one of the crucial aspects to consider these days with cybercrime on the rise.

WHOIS domain records can also be helpful in a variety of cases from combatting brand infringement issues to providing insights such as criminals’ location or even their contact information during cybercrime investigations.

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