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Top 6 Highly Flexible & Free Tumblr Themes For 2020

Are you looking for a popular platform? Tumblr is the right blogging place for you. It has creative themes that you can use. Free Tumblr themes guarantee you precisely that.

You may be someone who has a soft spot for artistic content. Tumbler has you covered. You will enjoy its beauty, whether you are a blogger, writer, or photographer. If you have blogs or many accounts that need a different style for each, free Tumblr themes cater to you. It will offer your website an edge. It makes it attractive in a unique way.

You can try these Free and highly flexible Tumblr themes for 2020. It is a collection of hot trend themes. They will make your website super cute. Just read through the list and make your appealing choice. But they are all fantastic for you to use.

1.) Salvia:

It is a stunning theme. You will just like it. It has a hipster style that makes it unique for you. You will enjoy a wide range of tools if you make this theme your choice. You can select many details from if you have a robust website, this simple Tumblr theme that will serve you.

It offers you a chance to manage your website display. It is possible to store your links within a secret menu. It is when you use Silvia also enables you to edit the header. Apply this free Tumblr then, and you will have your main page clean and spotless.

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You may be looking for a theme where you can read and write content online. Go for this choice. Its color palettes and fronts support you to read and write. Salvia functions on all browsers smoothly. Your readers will see post tags. It can help them to filter content.

Are you a writer? You may be looking at providing an immersive reading experience for your views. Salvia is the theme you can confidently is a fantastic choice for you and your viewers.

2.) Wicked:

You have an idea of your Tumblr account. Try wicked them for free. It will help you to present your photos attractively. You can use this theme to post your pictures in multiple column grids or a single one. Using a wicked Tumblr theme enables you to make posts. It is whether you have captions or not.

It has an infinite scroll choice that suits you. Wicked is compatible with many browsers. You don’t have to incur costs searching for new browsers. The one you have is good to start with. It makes it an efficient theme you can plug to your website. Do you run a white or black styled account? This theme suits you the best. It will work best in such styles. The latest update of this theme offers you a smart lightbox effect.

You can make your website engaging to your audience. You just need to reblog. After that, you can add the Disqus comment section. Wicked stands out among many photography themes. It is because it offers you excellent all-round performance.

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3.) Indy:

It is among the simple Tumblr themes. It offers you a beautiful interface. It makes it stand out among the themes. Are you a beginner? It is the right, elegant, and minimal theme you can use. It will allow you to navigate easily. Besides, it is easy for you to customize. Indy is ideal for you if you are looking for creative content.

Being mobile-friendly is a good reason why you need to try it. You can use it to post your texts, videos, and pictures. It makes it a unique theme for your elegant and stylish website. Do you want something stylish? It matches your precise style.


4.) Yuki:

Yuki is among the simple Tumblr theme yet aesthetic. Do you run a photography website? It is the best and well-suited theme for you. You can use it to establish impressive photography on your site .it is well designed for you to share pictures. The Yuki layout is well organized. Its grid lined designs are smooth. It makes it good for you to apply it to your account.

5.) Oscar:

Oscar theme is well suited for you. This if you are a personal blogger. Are you looking for a straightforward and professional theme? Look no more. Oscar, the theme for you. It is well designed to offer your viewers the optimum reading experience.

Oscar theme has different t colors. You can use them to define the mood of your is easy to achieve this. Just change colors by using Oscar free Tumblr theme. It enables you to change pictures and backgrounds as you choose avatars and higher resolution visuals. Oscar is driven by super responsive and Disqus. It can produce a Meta title for your blogs. You can try it to enjoy the best services.

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6.) Ten Toes:

You may be looking for hottest them. It is the best Tumblr theme for the photo gallery. The photos you are going to post will communicate a thousand words to your viewers. They will confidently scramble for a space on your website. The grid of this theme lets the sized photos display within gutsy mosaics ten toe them with a minimalistic sidebar. You can expand the single line embedded in it by tapping.

You can use this theme to what YouTube videos directly. It has a special video banner. It adds your website to a stunning visual. You will enjoy a separate version for mobile phones when you use this theme. Being minimalistic allows you to adjust the quality of your pictures. You can make their quality low to high and vice versa.


Make your website extra attractive. These are among the best free Tumblr themes you can use. They will surely make your views to try and get a space on your site. Any above choice you make from the list will surely suit your preference.

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