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8 Important ECommerce SEO Tricks To Get Natural Traffic

The number of eCommerce websites is rapidly increasing, and it drives competition in the industry. Today, it’s getting more and more challenging to rank high in Google’s search engine and get natural traffic. In fact, only those online businesses, which focus their efforts on SEO, are able to achieve outstanding results.

If you also struggle to attract visitors to your website, you should update your SEO strategy. Check the following useful SEO tricks, which will help you to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Choose Keywords Wisely:

Let’s be frank. It’s unlikely that your new eCommerce website will be able to achieve great results using high competition words.

No matter in which niche you operate. There are always a few huge rival companies, which use aggressive SEO strategies and don’t let other websites be on the top of the search results. If you don’t have enough resources, don’t even try to compete with them.

The best solution for you is to select high-volume core keywords with low competition. Or you can also utilize LSI Graph to define the most profitable semantically related keywords, which will help you to optimize your content. This is the simplest, yet effective way to boost your SEO efforts.

Produce 100% Unique Content:

Everyone knows that content must be unique. It seems to be obvious. However, not so many online business owners understand that uniqueness should be exactly 100%. They believe that it’s ok if a uniqueness of the article is around 90%.

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The point is that if you want to increase natural traffic to your website, you should put a little bit more efforts and raise uniqueness up to 100%. Probably, you will not see any significant difference, if you edit only one single piece of content. However, if you improve all texts published on your website by 10%, the overall result will impress you.

Proofread Texts Twice:

Is your website full of unique content, but doesn’t generate enough organic traffic? Probably, this problem is caused by the low quality of content. If your texts contain a bunch of spelling errors and typos, Google simply doesn’t trust your site.

Fortunately, you can fix this issue pretty fast. You can hire a freelance proofreader to edit your existing textual content. Or you can also use such services as Grammarly, which help to correct errors automatically.

Localize Content:

If your eCommerce website operates globally, you should localize your content. You should customize currencies and units of measure, edit visual content, and make sure that the core message of the text will not be misinterpreted. All these improvements will make Google love your site, and you will get more natural traffic.

It’s unlikely that you will be able to localize content without outside help. For this reason, you should find professionals, preferable native-speakers, who will perform this part of work instead of you. You can pick from some of the trustworthy translation agencies and localization companies through PickWriters, an online platform which specializes in this niche.


Add Visuals:

If you want to make your eCommerce website extremely popular among the users, you should make it visually appealing. To hit this goal, you should publish product photos, unboxing videos, informative infographics – any visual content, which is relevant to your online business.

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High-quality visual content will grab the visitors’ attention and make them stay at your website for longer. As a result, it will help to meet one of the most important Google ranking criteria – to extend the session time. If your website lacks visuals, try to fix this situation, and you will see that organic traffic will start growing.

Boost Loading Speed:

Adding images and videos to your website, you should be very careful about choosing the right size and formats. If you make a mistake, web pages will become too heavy, and the loading speed will drop.

As you know, modern users are too impatient, and they don’t like to wait even one extra second. They leave a website as soon as notice any problems with loading. For this reason, if you upload huge media files, it will cause a rise in the bounce rate.

As a consequence, Google will penalize your website and worsen its placement on the search results page. To overcome this problem, you should compress every image and video you post.

Start A Blog:

If you haven’t started a blog yet, it’s time to fix this big mistake. If you publish high-quality, unique blog posts on a regular basis, you will drive natural traffic to your eCommerce website and improve ranking.  Be sure that results, which you can achieve with the help of blogging, are definitely worth your efforts.

If you have neither money to hire a professional copywriter, nor time to write articles by yourself, you still can run a blog. You just need to add “Write for us” page to your website to invite writers to collaborate. If you establish adequate guest blogger submission requirements, you will get high-quality content for free.

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Get Backlinks:

Backlinks are important for SEO because they help to build web credibility. If your increase number of backlinks, which come from the aged trustworthy domains to your web pages, it will you allow you to improve your Google ranking. The more often your website is cited, the higher it’s placed on the search results page.

However, if backlinks come from the unreliable domains, Google will penalize your site. To overcome the possible challenges, you should use backlink checkers to identify and delete the links, which might harm your business.

Wrapping Up:

Today, Google uses more than 200 ranking factors, and it’s almost impossible to satisfy them all building an SEO strategy for a small eCommerce website. For this reason, it’s important to identify the most important criteria and use some SEO tricks to increase your chances to succeed.

Keep watching the SEO trends and continuously improve your content marketing strategy. Remember that you should embrace changes in the digital world to keep your online business afloat.

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      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. This will be very helpful to us to let us motivate to provide you more awesome and valuable content from different mind. Thanks for reading this article.

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