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5 Hot Tips To Name Your Domain Without Any Strain

Deciding how to call the direct connection to your website is usually an exhausting process, especially if you are launching your website today, when many combinations with the .com and .org extensions have already been taken. Over the last decade, these two extensions were among the most popular ones. However, as the world online market is growing, they simply cannot handle all the requests for the domain names; there are not enough combinations. That is why today the domain market is getting liberalized and extensions of different kinds will be possible. But the difficulty for new website owners still exists – how to choose a proper name for your domain?

1.) What Are You Aiming At?

Since the top level domains (TLDs) like .org, .net, .gov or .info are going to be replaced by more detailed ones, today it is very important what you are aiming at as your target audience. The governing body of the world domain system is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Of course that not each and every person or business who wants to launch a website directly contacts this huge corporation, but these procedures are done by smaller organizations called domain name registrars.

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2.) Local Start For Global Race:

If you want your company or business to get started on the Internet, it is impossible without a proper name of the domain, which is then going to become the name of your site, i.e. the part of the web address that refers to the site itself and its recognizability. That is why you should not overrate yourself and the perspective of your site. Instead of wasting time and money on devising a name that would suit the top level domains, you should try and go for local domain names, with the country extension (which needs to be accompanied with one of the top level ones, two) or, even better, a TLD that is specific for your city (such as an already existing .nyc domain). That will make you literally closer to your potential visitors and increase the visibility of your site.

3.) Domain Auctions – Affordable Domain Names:

If a business or an individual has decided that they do not want to renew the right to use their old domain name (the situation when you come to a website you know and the content is completely different), the domain name registrar that owns the rights to that domain name organizes an auction for that name. It could be a relatively inexpensive way of getting a fine name belonging to old-school TLDs. You need to get to know for the auctions. That is achieved through registering and paying an annual membership on one of the domain name auction sites.

4.) Make Price Limit Budget-Fit:

The drawback of the effort to gain a catchy and search-friendly domain name is the fact that the price can rise up to a few thousand dollars. It does not have to be so, but the hottest names can go that high. Generally, there are some free domain name providers websites. On the other hand, the average yearly fee for a domain name registration ranges from $20 to $50. However, that method should be tried. The only thing that everybody should do is determine the auction limit above which they will not bid.

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5.) Better Design From Domain Saving:

If you want to hire web designers who know how to make a visually appealing and not appalling website and also get the best web hosting provider, so that your server does not start choking when the traffic on the site is high, you will need a few hundred dollars, maybe even a grand. Wasting thousands of dollars on a domain name might be too much at the very beginning. For a small business, it could be too high an expense.

If you decide to go for one of the traditional top level domains and try to register your original domain name in such a combination, you might experience a lot of obstacles and used combinations. However, opting for alternative ways, such as a local city domain, a country code domain or not-renewed domain names from auction sites could turn out to be a faster strategy of getting into possession of a memorable domain name.

Dan RadakAbout the Author:Dan Radak is VPS security specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in a couple of Web Hosting companies. Also, he is a web writer and co-author on several technology websites, like Crucial, Australian website hosting company. In his free time he makes homegrown beer.

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