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11 Excellent Websites That Are Built On A Sole WordPress


WordPress was previously regarded as a mere blogging tool. However, now it has evolved into the world’s largest self-hosted website creation tool. Over a million sites rely on WordPress to deliver their content to the world around.

Furthermore, WordPress is also an excellent open source project that supports a wide array of themes and plugins. This feature provides the users with an ability to build and customize their website according to their whims and fancies.

Nowadays, users have come up with innovative ideas to make their WordPress site look extraordinary with clear-cut designs and functionality. The results of their experiments were nothing but astounding. Here are eleven perfect examples of websites built on a sole WordPress.

1.) The Obama Foundation:

Let us start this list with our ex-president Obama’s non-profit organization. The organization’s website features a unique design that does complete justice to the vision and mission of the foundation. The designers have used large fonts like Gotham SSM for heading, and Maintree for paragraphs.

Additionally, the website sports a collapsed navigation menu to the left. The menu flies in as the user hover the mouse over it. Aside from the typographical nature and clean simple design, the website largely uses page templates, multimedia, and social sharing to provide a refined user experience.

2.) Landlord’s Tips:

This website features expert advice on the key topics in Real Estate. It provides advance market analysis and overview of the hot investment opportunities. In addition, the website provides tips for the property managers and landlords on the upkeep and marketing of their property. WordPress enables clear and concise website design and effective delivery of the information to the readers.

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3.) We Virtually Are:

This boutique VR studio enthralls people and uses virtual reality to narrate emotive stories. Moreover, they utilize 360-degree video which drives people in and helps them sell their services like hotcakes. They also use WebGL to bring in an irresistible taste of their services.

A must visit services of WE Virtually Are is the VR test drives for Audi.

4.) The Next Web:

The Next Web is an online magazine that covers topic under the categories – technology, science, internet, and more. The homepage is designed to feature a magazine layout that puts the features stories on the top. The featured section is followed by the latest articles and recent posts that are listed by category.

The website uses technology like CDN, and lazy loading in order to improve their speed and performance.

5.) The Walt Disney Company:

Everyone knows what Disney stands for? We have all been their fanatics at some point in time, and this website is awesome example how you can make your century-old business more digital-friendly. Surprisingly, their wonderful website is also crafted using WordPress.Their website looks slick and bright with cartoonish characters.

The website helps Walt Disney Company’s mission to become the world’s leading producers and provider of entertainment and information by helping them showcase their portfolio of brands. The site also helps differentiate the services, content, and consumer products.

6.) Awesome Motive:

Awesome Motive – the parent company of WPBeginner has their newly designed built on WordPress. The website is simple and elegant, and features just enough animations mainly in the header, with the welcome message, and the company’s mission.Other than that the website shows their products, vital stats, job opportunities, and more.


7.) Katy Perry:

Even popular celebrities are fans of WordPress. Katy Perry, the pop princess’s website features parallax scrolling visuals that are tied up with large background images.  Users could scroll down to see the merch, tour dates and more.

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Moreover, the easily navigable link, clean cut, and edgy design and the glossy mag style functionality brings a personality to this website.

8.) Greenwich Library:

Public service websites don’t generally tend to be easy to use and beautiful. Nonetheless, Greenwich Library has proved to be a breakthrough in their sector by putting forward a mesmerizing website. The modern outlook and easy to use interface has helped is the fruit of their two years’ worth of hard work.

The color-code navigation elements and SVG line drawing has done a wonderful job in making the site look visually appealing without splashing too many colors.

9.) Fair Ivy:

The gift subscription website runs on the popular theme – The Retailer. Fair Ivy has done a pretty decent job when it comes to designing and has emerged out to look clean and elegant.

Furthermore, the website is easily navigable for the users who would like to sign up. Once the subscription is done, users can easily access their cart without having to watch an overwhelming amount of animation or visual effects.

10.) This Is Your Kingdom:

This Is Your Kingdom is a blend of style and substance. The main aim of the website is to help users find activities in their local area. Though their aim seems to be simple, its inner working potential is much more complex than we could imagine.

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Primarily, the site was built to handle the growing volume of content. The designer Kim Lawler has kept the interface simple to allow site editors, and guest bloggers to make updates regularly and easily. This, in turn, gives the visitors a lot many reasons to return.

11.) Tinkering Monkey:

This online shop that sells simple wooden goods utilizes CMS. The store is run through OpenCart – an open-source shopping cart system and the other pages are run using WordPress.

Paula Chang, the person who designed the Tinkering Monkey opted for WordPress as it had all the features that they wanted built-in. Additionally, it was easy to jump in and make changes at the back-end. On an important note, WordPress gave them full control without being too pricey.

All websites included in this list uses custom designs, and the only thing that they have in common is WordPress. Often blogs are that part of the website which helps drives in more viewers.  Thus, when you are starting up, adding a blog to your website would be a great option for more sales as well. We hope this article has helped you gain some inspiration.

Happy WordPressing!

Shirley LoweAbout the Author:

Shirley Lowe is a pro marketer and real estate blogger, residing in Burbank, CA. She’s keen on creative brand promotions, and is currently involved in work with apartment rentals website Rentberry.

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