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Top Mistakes When Buying A Domain Name

A great deal of thought and planning goes into starting a business. From market research to choosing just the right products or services to offer, the process can truly be overwhelming. In fact, entrepreneurs sometimes become so exhausted by it all that they may end up neglecting to put adequate effort into the smaller seeming details like choosing a domain name. A domain is the address of your website.

It should, ideally, end in dot com and be related to your business name or industry. Choosing a domain name poorly can have a more profound effect on your business than you realize. Before you buy a domain name, take a few minutes to learn about the top mistakes people make when buying a domain name.

Making It Too Long:

Names that are too long will be difficult for people to remember. Domains with more than 15 letters or characters should be avoided, when possible. Not only are they difficult to remember, longer names increase the potential for typos or misspellings. If a potential customer can’t remember your site’s name or is unable to navigate to it easily, they will simply move on to another business that can more readily meet their needs.


Being Unclear, Or Worse, Offensive:

There’s also no need to be cute or clever when deciding on a domain name. This can backfire by turning some visitors off. Avoid potential pitfalls involved in trying to be funny, especially if you do not have a background or experience in advertising and marketing. Along these lines, examine any potential names very carefully. Because there are no spaces in domain names, unintended letter combinations can “spell” trouble for you.

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Yes, pun intended. You could end up with an offensive word within your domain or one which invites ridicule. At the very least, such inadvertent issues can make things confusing for your site visitors.

Failing To Research A Name:

It’s possible that you may be purchasing a domain name that has been used in the past. Taking just a bit of time to research any names you’re considering can save you a great deal of future headache. You may not want to associate yourself with a previous owner’s site. A bigger problem you could encounter would be buying a name that has encountered penalties from Google in the past. Such things as being de-indexed or blacklisted can carry over to your new domain.

Related to lack of research is the possibility of getting your heart set on a particular name only to learn that it is an expensive premium domain only available through a broker or specialized service. Making a simple tweak in your desired name could save you a lot of money and offer the same benefits as the expensive name you initially wanted.

These are just a few pitfalls to avoid when buying a domain name for your business website. Avoiding them will put you on the road to setting up a successful home on the web for your business.

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