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Top Social Networks For Graphic Designers And Look For Inspiration

Being creative, having new ideas and developing projects with a certain artistic and technical level takes time, hours of training, work and above all a lot of dedication. But it is not carried in the genes. It may seem innate, but like many things, it is really a balance between effort, passion, and inspiration. However, creative thinking can be improved by external forces and does not necessarily depend on “good genes” or natural ability.

To believe that only certain unique and talented beings are creative (from birth) and that only they can dedicate themselves to the world of graphic design diminish our confidence and our creative abilities. That said, fears and prejudices outside.

Social Networks For Graphic Designers:

We begin to focus on the social networks that every graphic designer must know for their day to day. It isn’t necessary that you are a professional in the sector or that you are a full-time graphic designer. But if you are looking for new designs, an inspiration for new ideas, or simply want to change your image and develop your creative thinking these social networks will be of great help in your day to day.

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Inspiration is found in an unexpected corner and is stronger when least expected. But do not focus on looking for it only when you need it. Nurture every day of new designs, follow new styles, break patterns and expand your horizons will make you grow day by day as a designer and make your projects shine alone. This does not mean that you should copy someone else’s work, you just need to generate some new ideas, new inspiration bases based on the creative works of other designers.

“Imitation is the most sincere form of adulation.”

Social Networks can be a huge source of inspiration and can help you promote your most creative side to grow as a graphic designer in your career.


1.) Behance: One Of The Best-Known Social Networks For Graphic Designers

It works like most social networks. It ensures you create a personal profile as a portfolio where you can expose all your projects and your professional information. In this aspect, it is similar to LinkedIn. When uploading a project, it gives you the option to add labels to segment by categories (graphic design, photography, illustration), also add the program with which you have designed or edited it, and its subsequent copyright protection.

All your graphics projects will start to be part of this wide network. They can be viewed, evaluated and commented by other professionals and thus begin their dissemination worldwide. It will help you to publicize your projects and learn from the assessments to continue growing in your career as a graphic designer.

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This social network not only allows you to expose and evaluate projects, but also allows you to follow other profiles, discover galleries of your interest where you can look for inspiration (like on Pinterest), and even publish and apply to job offers in the sector. Without a doubt, it is one of the most complete, useful and professional Social Networks in the Graphic Design sectors and you should not think twice if you want to start to dedicate yourself to it.

2.) Meetinarts: Social Network For Graphic Designers With Artist Profiles

Meetinarts is an online platform similar to Behance but is geared towards a more artistic sector. The categories are for a search of portfolios Music, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts, Cinema & TV.

The projects that are uploaded to the profile or personal portfolio are visualized and valued by other professionals as in the previous social network. This will help you move your designs through a new network and thus gain more diffusion. It is not a social network so oriented to graphic design but also helps to make your projects known. You can explore projects of other creatives and artists to find inspiration for your work. Another difference with Behance is the interface since it is not so intuitive, but you will do with it fast.

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Apart from working with a social network, Meetinarts is a platform that promotes culture and art. That’s why you can also find a section where you can participate in contests, casting, and auditions depending on your profile.

3.) Instagram: How To Interact With Other Graphic Designers In This Social Network

Instagram is the application converted into the social network most used by everyone to share photos instantly and interact with them. The application features photographic filters, effects and edits the images to give it a more professional touch. Instagram users are not graphic designers or professionals of the sector as was the case in other platforms, but if you can find professional accounts and follow their work, evaluate them through a system of likes, comment their designs. Instagram features amongst highly utilized social networks currently and that is why there are tools that facilitate the dissemination and growth of your profile.

You can fashion a strategy that allows you to position yourself as a designer, photographer, creative. Uploading your projects and following a more professional line, supporting you through a good system of hashtags, and free Instagram likes you can create a network of followers related to your style and generate interaction and visibility.

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