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Using Videos To Market To Hungry College Students: Effective Ideas To Try

College students tend to be simultaneously short on cash and time. Those realities must be kept in mind when your cuisine-related company is weighing ideas for influencing the college market.

If you need more convincing, consider that an innovative startup has attracted headlines because it’s created a concept where people can order and receive pizzas as quickly as they might currently request a popsicle from an ice cream truck. Consumers are intrigued because robots make those pizzas. Thanks to that process, it’s possible to get pizzas faster.

Robotic Pizza Delivery Fulfills A Need For College Students:

Robotic pizza delivery is a new trend, but the college students who’ll likely become loyal customers to companies that deliver pizzas by robot are almost inevitably starved for time. They may have limited resources in other ways too. Those are things to be aware of when using videos to try and make the college crowd hungry for what you’re offering.

Make Brief And Relatable Videos:

Winning over college students and making them want to buy your company’s products means shooting videos that speak to the struggles they face. That’s precisely why the idea of robot-made pizzas is so promising.

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College students often don’t have much disposable income, so if they’re going to order pizza, they want it made to their exact specifications so the cost is worthwhile. Robots will theoretically reduce errors, and might also drive down the overall pizza costs for consumers since the company doesn’t have to pay so many employees.

Furthermore, college students are traditionally strapped for time, while managing assignments, social gatherings, and other obligations. Robots might make pizzas faster than humans can.

When creating a promotional video for your company, you probably won’t get the amount of engagement you’d hope for by focusing on a product that’s very out of reach for the majority of college students. For example, if your company sells a type of granola that costs $10 for a relatively small bag, it might be hard to convince college students your food is a must-have item. Most would probably rather consume foods that are cheaper and easier to handle, like Pop Tarts.

That’s why it’s important to relate your content to genuine challenges and make your products as accessible as possible. If students get the impression whatever you’re selling doesn’t meet their needs, they probably won’t want to watch a 10-minute video about the product. Getting them to buy it will likely be even harder.


Remember College Students’ Living Arrangements:

Ideally, a video you make to promote a food that’s marketed to college students should be sensitive to the fact that many members of your audience are probably dealing with shared living arrangements. Also, they may not have access to extensive kitchens, or even basic cooking tools.

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You may find it useful to make a promotional video that shows people how easy it is to cook scrumptious things, even if they’re not skilled in the kitchen, or have limited means of making appealing foods. Check out the YouTube channel for a company called Hampton Creek if you need some inspiration. It offers short and easy-to-digest videos that encourage viewers to make tantalizing things. The videos show them what’s possible when time, a lack of skills, and few tools create potential obstacles.

Use Videos To Show How Your Product Solves A Problem:

For many students, college is the first time they’ve had opportunities to solve problems without direct intervention from their parents. The university lifestyle also gives people a tremendous amount of freedom that can sometimes be overwhelming.

Be mindful of those things and consider creating videos for college students that give them options for solving the food-related problems they deal with daily or at least frequently. In some cases, the issue at hand may just be that viewers are hungry and want good food for cheap. However, you might also create videos that offer inventive ways of cooking and enjoying the foods you sell because they’ll help students avoid getting bored by eating the same things all the time.

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You may discover your company isn’t yet sufficiently aware of concerns that college students have. However, that just means there’s room for the company’s collective knowledge to grow. Hopefully, the information you’ve just read provides some direction if you’re interested in tapping into the often-lucrative college market, and aren’t sure how to get started. You may make mistakes at first, but being aware of audience feedback and responding accordingly can help make things right.

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