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How To Get 1 Million Followers On SoundCloud?

In today’s time, online music is one of the most common sources of entertainment on the internet. Lots of online music platforms are starting to gain more users, subscribers, and followers. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to get 1 Million followers on SoundCloud. However, do not expect to get this huge number of followers in days. Everything takes time, and so is getting your followers’ trust— the foundation of building an online authority.

Before we discuss our topic, let us first give a brief background on what SoundCloud is. SoundCloud is an online music or audio platform on which people are able to listen to their created music or sound. Their users are able to record, upload, share, and promote their music. It was launched in 2008 and since then, the platform has gained such popularity.

There are a lot of strategies to gain 1 Million SoundCloud followers. Always remember that the key in order to gain many followers is by creating quality music. Your SoundCloud followers will be a deciding factor later on, especially if their numbers continue to soar high.

Make Quality Music Regularly:

What makes music someone’s favourite depends on its quality. No one will be able to appreciate it if it’s not good. You need to invest time and effort in order to make quality music. Make it sound awesome and epic. You may need to find some inspiration in order to get it going. Avoid being repetitive and don’t make it too complicated. Put your own trademark on it, which will let your SoundCloud followers identify you from the rest. Be original and make it stand out.

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Be Consistent:

Do not just settle for a few releases. Though you need to remember that quality always outweighs quantity. It is not a competition on who has the most number of sounds. You need to put more weight on quality and improvement. When you are able to get going, continue to impress your SoundCloud followers by delivering in a time consistent basis. Don’t leave your SoundCloud followers hanging. One you deliver consistently, then everything will follow and that includes your SoundCloud followers.

Create A Good Biography:

This has similarity to the previous tip, but it focuses more on your biography. You need to have your creative juices going on this one. Start with thinking of a catchy introduction for your visitors. People will be able to read first your introduction before deciding if they will be able to become your SoundCloud follower. You don’t need to be lengthy at this one. You just need to stroke their attention in order to get interested. It can be a photograph or a logo symbol.


Make An Epic Profile Picture:

If you settle for a logo, make it unique and memorable. You will also need to have an awesome profile picture. Make your picture support your catchy introduction. It needs to show and express what kind of artist you are in a visual way. Always use high-res images. It is recommended to use images with 1000×1000 pixels.

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Promote Yourself:

Your friends will be able to help you in this part. They are the ones who will help in promoting you. Avoid spamming and be genuine. People will lose interest once they find out you are using spam in order to get SoundCloud followers. Again, this will depend on how genuine you are and on the quality of sound or music that you deliver.

Utilize Other Social Media Platforms:

In other instances, you may need to make use of the World Wide Web as an important tool in promoting yourself. Start creating your own artist accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and other musical forums and groups. Determine your target SoundCloud followers and create content that will interest them. Always update your Soundcloud followers by posting interesting content from time to time. The more exposed you are on the internet, the greater the chances that people are able to become your follower.

Explore And Learn To Use Soundcloud Effectively:

You won’t get as famous in SoundCloud unless you devote more time to it and explore the basic features that it offers. You need to be aware most of the time for fresh profiles and make sure to follow them on the instant. If there is an artist who catches your attention, make sure that you interact with them by showing them your true interest. Show them that you value them and don’t just think of yourself. Comment, like, and repost on their songs.

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Try Collaborating With Different Artists:

Keep in touch with artists that have the same style as yours. Ask if they are interested in a collaboration. Having collaboration has a great potential of having an increase in listeners because you are also reaching out to the listeners of your collaborator. Make sure that you use proper tags in describing your songs so that curious listeners will easily determine it. You can enable listeners to download your songs.

Be Honest:

Avoid some desperation measures like thinking that you are exchanged by a follow once you follow them. Be genuine with your compliments so that you won’t sound like begging for an attention.

Upgrade To Pro User:

It is recommended to upgrade your account into pro because it can download 1000 free tracks as compared to 100 in a standard account. One benefit of having a downloadable track is that it provides convenience to your listeners and followers so that they can listen to your tracks anywhere even without internet. Always remember that the farther your sound goes the more exposure it gets, thus more listeners and more SoundCloud followers.

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