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10 Worst Fonts Or How To Not Make Your Website Look Like A Disaster?

In this post we are going to tell you about the worst fonts you should never use for your website design. In a word, it contains the description of 10 various worst web fonts that can make your website look like a disaster. It is not a secret that these days you can easily find a huge amount of different unusual and good-looking fonts. Still, not all of these web fonts are good and readable enough to be used in the design of your online project. All in all, typography is a quite important thing for every website as well as for every successful project. In the end, would you like to figure out what are the bad web fonts you don’t need to use? For these simple reasons, don’t hesitate to check this article, showing the list of top 10 popular fonts that will not suit your site’s design. Without a doubt, here you will find all the answers.

Without a doubt, font is the thing, which performs a huge role in the visual look of every website. Seeing that, you should think twice which fonts to use while designing your long-awaited online project. Thus, you can just open your browser and type ’10 best fonts to use for your online project’ in Google. Needless to say, you will certainly find a lot of various interesting and helpful articles. Thus, you may think that now your main task is to stay unique. So, you will want to manage a beautiful and inimitable site for your needs. Unquestionably, the one that lets you stand out from the crowd. Generally speaking, you will search for the most unusual web fonts to use for your future online project. But what are the fonts you should not use at all? Well, we have already told you about such things as: 7 most essential WordPress plugins, top 4 trending core elements of content marketing, top 5 sites for internet marketing, 6 social media behaviors to avoid and the default fonts in Android. Thus, today it’s time to tell you about 10 worst web fonts.

To begin with, these days there are over 55 000 different attractive fonts you may find. On the other hand, not all of them are not good and readable enough to be used for your site’s design. Actually, it is not a secret that sometimes a website looks like a disaster because its owner didn’t choose the fonts properly. How is it possible? Well, here is a fact you should remember about: rare and unusual fonts are not the ones you should use. What is more, don’t forget that usually such fonts are not readable or comfortable for the guests of your online project. All in all, leave all the sad thoughts behind your back, as you can’t make this mistake when you already know what the worst fonts are. So, what are they? Let’s see!

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Table of Contents

1.) Impact:

Basically, Impact is another popular font that has its pluses. For example, it is quite easy to read, so Impact is good for headers. Still, we are talking about the worst fonts, so here are the minuses of using Impact. Firstly, the font is too thin. Secondly, it is too focused. What is more, Impact is too amateurish to stand out. Gently speaking, this font is the standard choice for office handouts and amateur mailing list items. Seeing that, we do not recommend you to use Impact for a professional logo as well as for public documents.

2.) Vivaldi:

Needless to say, Vivaldi is one of the most charming and popular fonts. It was designed by F. Peter as a script font, so we can usually see Vivaldi in different buckets, wedding invitations and other formal things. Just take a closer look at this font’s appearance! Without a doubt, it is pretty calligraphic which makes Vivaldi so elegant and formal. As you can see, here the characters tend to get crowded, as they are not full scripts. As a result, Vivaldi is not readable, so you will not want to use it for your posts. In addition, caps is another problem of using Vivaldi for your web design. In a word, you can’t read the letters or even discern the difference between them when you capitalize a word in Vivaldi.

3.) Courier New:

First of all, Serif fonts are the most useful and pleasant ones. Still, even here you can find the fonts that you don’t need to use for your desired website. As you can see, one of them is Courier New. To make a long story short, it is a slab serif font that looks like a typewriter print. Historically, Courier New was sold to IBM and this fact clearly explains the appearance of the font, as IBM originally made typewriters. To sum everything up, Courier New is pretty good for old-fashioned newspapers, movie scripts, tattoos and various arts. In the end, would you like your website look like this? Or maybe this font doesn’t suits your design? Therefore, be sure you have thought twice before using Courier New.

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4.) Lobster:

To begin with, Lobster is an attractive retro font, which has definitely been abused and overused by web designers. Yes, you may think that your website will look cool and unusual with a little help of Lobster… Actually, believe me, Lobster is not the font that will help your online project to stand out from the crowd. All in all, it is too popular and even mainstream to use for these reasons. To summarize, Lobster looks worthy when you use it as a title font. On the other hand, you don’t need Lobster for your regular content, as today this font is so recognizable.

5.) Bradel Hand ITC:

As you may know, Bradel Hand ITC is a handwritten font and that is why sometimes it really looks unique. Still, how something can look unique when it is so popular? In a word, these days Bradel Hand is literally everywhere! Thus, don’t you think that it is not a great idea for your online project? What is more, we do not suggest you to use the handwritten fonts at all. Firstly, they are difficult to place together with other elements of your online project’s design. Secondly, all of the popular handwritten fonts are already more than overused. In addition, they are good for headers, not for articles.


6.) Comic Sans MC:

To begin with, this famous Windows font was made for speech bubbles, not for general use. Furthermore, Vincent Connare designed this font in 1994 as a child one. What is more, these days Comic Sans MC is am undeniable cliché, so here is the most vital reason telling you not to use it for your website. All in all, Comic Sans MC seems to be the worst font for business website.

7.) TheSans:

Well, just take a closer look at the letters of TheSans to realize that you will never want to use this font for your website. Without a doubt, TheSans looks creative and, as all the creative fonts do, it is good for headings. Actually, some users think that TheSans is just perfect for body content… The problem is that it’s uppercase ‘Q’ was not styles properly.

8.) Curlz MT:

In 1995 Carl Crossgrove and Steve Matteson made this curly and inimitable font. Needless to say, it looks cute but try to type something using Curlz MT and then simply read it. Unquestionably, your eyes will be tired after the first couple of sentences. What is more, we do not suggest you to use Curlz MT in coat-and-tie events, warning signs, etc. Without a doubt, such choice will just give your readers an impression of a joke, so here is one of the worst fonts for your web design. As a result, do not use Curlz MT in the body in case you want to make your body readable.

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9.) Kristen ITC:

Well, the same thing is with the second font – Kristen ITC. This cute font is quite asymmetric and resembles the handwriting of a toddler. All in all, the original purpose of Kristen ITC creation was to attract the children to the child target market. Don’t you think that the potential clients / customers of your service are not children? For these simple reasons, we do not recommend you to use Kristen ITC for your business website.

10.) Symbol:

To finish with, let’s take a closer look at Symbol. Actually, you need no explanations because your visitors will not be able to read your content at all. Without a doubt, Symbol is definitely one of the worst fonts to use for your future website.

So, for today there were all the information. As you can see, rare and beautiful does not always mean a good one. Thus, focus on the readability of your web fonts, if you would like to have a popular online project. To sum everything up, below you can a couple of examples that show you how one may successfully use modern fonts for their site.

To finish with, what do you think about these 10 worst fonts we shown you in this post? Maybe you have already used them as an owner of a website or seen them as its guest and now have your opinion to share? Or maybe you have something to add to this list? For these simple reasons, don’t hesitate to leave all your thoughts and questions in the comments below this post, as we are always happy to hear from you!

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