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The Complete Guide To Ubereats Clone App For 2022

The food delivery apps like uber eats, zomato, swiggy are life-saving applications nowadays providing food delivery services to our doorstep. In the busy schedule of our today’s lifestyle people rely on an on-demand app to get their favorite food delivered from their favorite restaurant making less effort. Therefore many entrepreneurs are nowadays showing interest to start a food delivery business by developing their own uber eats clone application.

If you are also looking for how to develop an uber eats clone app effectively so that people choose your application, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Every Ubereats application comprises of four different section

  • Customer section
  • Restaurant app
  • Delivery executive section
  • Admin section

Customer Section

Login – The login procedure must be easy only by filling in single data either the user’s phone number, email address, or social media credentials.

Management of Profile – Before placing an order, customers can modify their profile details while simultaneously viewing the restaurant profile. While checking the order, the restaurant can also view the customer’s profile, and the consumer can choose which details the restaurant can see.

Restaurant search – With the help of different filters and categories, users may search for the dishes they want to get or find the restaurant where they want to place their order.

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Cart – The user’s selected item selections will be added to the cart, from which the user can place an online order.

Order status – After placing an order the customers can track the order status whether it is being prepared in the restaurant or is picked up by the delivery executive.

Ratings and reviews – Under reviews and ratings, customers can share their experiences with the food delivery app, the restaurant, the delivery executive, and the dishes.

UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) – To attract customers, it’s vital to make the application appealing. A good-looking, easy-to-use UI that provides a superior UX, helps to attract more customers. Gaining new customers necessitates a more innovative and distinct strategy.

Multiple Secure Payment Options – Supporting customers with secure, simple, and easy online payment by integrating all available online payment sources, such as credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, cash, m-wallets, amazon pay, and others is much needed to enable contactless delivery.


Restaurant App:

Menu management – Allowing restaurants to manage their daily menu with clear, attractive, and high-quality images, updating the list whenever a new dish is added, mentioning the day’s special, and the minimum order that can be placed for a dish is most important to manage their business leading to the promotion of your business.

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Management of Pricing – the costs of dishes are a necessary part of running a restaurant. Specific occasions necessitate special offers and price modifications. The food delivery app makes it simple to create fresh discounts for various occasions, unique offers and deals for promotions, personalized incentives, and tokens for customers, as well as manage all prices and details.

Section For Delivery Executive:

Availability Bar Toggle – A toggle bar is provided in the delivery executive’s app Dashboard to approve or reject the order pick-up request quickly.

Refer a Delivery Executive – This option allows a delivery executive to recommend another delivery executive who is nearby.

Notifications – notifications about the new order are sent out quickly. Because the program is running in the background, the executives can receive messages at any moment, ensuring that they do not miss any delivery orders.

Toggle Bar for Status – A toggle bar allows the delivery executives to alter their availability.

Analytics & Reports – The day’s earnings report, as well as all previous earnings reports, will assist them to keep on track with their commissions and earnings for the day.

Optimization of the Route – The optimal route optimization option towards the delivery address will be supplied to the delivery executives, allowing them to drive safely and deliver earlier.

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Admin Section:

Management of a Restaurant – Admins manage the app-enabled restaurants, diners, cafeterias, and bars. It’s now easier to add, remove, update, and activate/disable restaurants in the app through this option.

Management of Delivery Executives – Admins manage all of the delivery executives depending on their location and availability. Customer retention necessitates keeping track of delivery executives and their performance.

Management of Payments – From the Admin app admins regulate and set the commissions from the restaurant owners and manage authorization levels.

Monitoring of Results – Admins monitors every restaurant and delivery executive who has downloaded the app and receive real-time performance reports, reviews, and ratings, as well as other pertinent facts and details that must be documented to improve performance and upgrade services.

Besides these basic features, your uber eats clone application must be incorporated with advanced features to run in the market effectively. Check here for the top ubereats clone app.

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