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6 Styles To Create Cool Animated Video For Business!

Ok. We all know the good stuff or to be precise, how an animated video can benefit you and your business in numerous ways, from driving supplementary sales to user sign-ups to drawing visitors to your website. So, putting that aside, this article is dedicated to how many types of animated video styles are available if you happen to make one for your company.

Want to make an animated video for business? Here are some of the well-known animation styles on the basis of suitability, for a wide spectrum of audience.

2D animation – The Veteran:

Yes, it can safely be called the veteran style of animation. Perfect for start-ups, an extremely flexible technique when it comes to characterization and choice of colors. Though it’s a repetitive style, its flexibility in character replication makes it an affordable, quick and easy technique to create corporate explainer videos. Best for informative videos with a message. All in all 2D animation videos are exceedingly effective and trusted business marketing tools.

Whiteboard Animation – Aka Telescribing:

Traditionally drawn on a whiteboard, while a camera records the entire process. Fully digitalized in today’s day and age but retaining the traditional touch of drawing and capturing, it’s an absolute youth favorite. Conveys complex business ideas and message in a barefaced manner. An ideal technique for computer softwares, IT solutions or even B2B campaigns.


Motion Graphics – The Techy Style:

The first step in bringing graphic elements to life with animation. Different fonts, shapes, colors move and come to life in a chic manner with Motion graphics. For businesses with abstract, content-driven concept, this style of animation is highly recommended to them. A stand-out motion graphics video adds elements of sophistication to any product or service being explained in it.

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Claymation/Stop Motion – The Classic Style:

If you want to give a warm vintage feel for your video then this is the style for you. But time is the luxury you have in stop motion. If you want quick results go for something else. Takes longer time but is a classic style and will never fail to impress. A great marketing strategy that fetches audience attention tremendously.

3D Animation – Newby Cool Style:

Goes without a saying that it’s the most technology oriented style of video creation. But can’t ignore the fact that it’s a costly and lengthy affair. So businesses with limited budget may want to keep this out of the list. But the results will not only “wow” your target audience but put you straight away in the public eye. 3D animated videos have place of their own in the web- market.

We all by now know explainer videos for startups or biggies, be it any, are in vogue. So before going on and creating one for your business it’s best to know the range of styles which you can choose from for the best results. Good Luck!

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of “6 Styles to Create Cool Animated Video for Business!”, PitchWorx, 2d Animation Company. We create custom 2d animation videos, corporate presentation design, infographics to summarize your strategic intent as you go about explaining your product/services.

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